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Because it’s YOUR time to be moving UP in the world

For new and seasoned online coaches and entrepreneurs

READY (like yesterday) to:

Be KNOWN in your industry
Attract a HUGE online following of raving fans
Get Booked SOLID with clients AND
Create IMPACT through work you love

(and the freedom to do it on YOUR terms)

Join me for this chance

to MAJORLY elevate

your business, income,

and impact


14th - 16th


New York


Let’s cut to the

chase, shall we?

The wisest part of you is certain that your dream biz is possible NOW, and not sometime in the distant future.

You KNOW you are meant for powerful coaching that makes a difference in the lives of your clients.

You feel COMMITTED to making some noise in this world, in a REALLY GOOD way.

Yup, you’re ready to be COURAGEOUS, shake things up, and be that woman who means business in her business.

(If not, Ascend Live might not be the right event for you. #justsayin’)

You’ve seen other online entrepreneurs kicking major buns and you KNOW, that you have just as much skill and expertise to offer.

BUT, let’s keep

it real, huh?

Although you may have had some wins here and there, consistent paying clients (at the level you desire) isn’t happening for you and you’re ready to DITCH the “revving up to make money” part and MASTER the essentials that’ll have you not just makin’ bank, but making a dent (a BIG one) with your MISSION.

The TRUTH is…

Whether you’re just beginning OR looking to scale…

It seems like there are about 1 million things you “SHOULD” be doing (like endless “expert” advice, freebies GALORE, etc.) to make it happen.

But navigating through the never-ending options hasn’t YET lead to the success you KNOW you were born for.

And when you listen in to the WISEST part of yourself, SHE knows that you’re not here to be a mediocre Jill of all trades.

No. You’re here to bring your skills and success to MASTERY level. You’re here to be a COURAGEOUS leader, and to WAKE UP the world with your gifts!

You’re ready to bust past the MYTHS about being a successful online entrepreneur, and start makin’ the MONEY.

I get you.
I couldn’t agree more.
I’ve created an experience that’s EXACTLY what you need.

Your Exclusive Experience at Ascend Live Includes:

Transformative Environment and Location

We’re hanging out in NYC, yo! Need I say more? The magic that happens when you put yourself in an inspiring and creative environment truly has the power to elevate your mission and business SO quickly. Get ready to welcome in money-making ideas, and be in a place to implement right away.

A Full Weekend of Game-Changing Trainings

that focus on the EXACT support and next steps that you’ll need to skyrocket your business. From owning your voice and positioning yourself as an expert in the online world, to growing an incredible following of raving fans, and majorly multiplying engagement and revenue online. Plus so much more!

2.5 Days of High Level Coaching

and customization around the 5 Part Client Attraction Framework and how it applies directly to your business, so you know what to do, each day, to attract a ready stream of clients and multiply your revenue online.

Connection & Relationship Building

that focus on the EXACT support and next steps that you’ll need to skyrocket your business. From owning your voice and positioning yourself as an expert in the online world, to growing an incredible following of raving fans, and majorly multiplying engagement and revenue online. Plus so much more!

Support From Me & My Team PLUS Dance Breaks like WHOA

My team and I will be there to support you every step of the way. Whether that’s providing feedback, busting out Q&A time to get all of your burning questions answered, and/or giving you time to implement the gold that surfaces during your time at Ascend Live! Yes, Dance Breaks WILL happen AND you (and I) never know what shameless SNL style interpretive dance might reveal itself when I get excited during our week together! #aintnojoke

MP Ascend Live Logo Black

New York City, September 14th -16th

Just imagine...

***An EPIC Gathering in New York City with other like-minded lady entrepreneurs who get you, share many of the same desires, and are super pumped to make an impact and grow their online businesses!

***A chance to get a front row seat AND access to all of my behind the scenes best practices that I’ve used to create 100s of $1000s as I expand my online empire and reach!

***Spending 2.5 days with me LIVE, where you’ll receive personal feedback from me about YOUR business. There will be laughter, unfolding, bonding, inspiration, creativity, expansion, and maybe even some dance breaks?!

***Connecting, socializing, and playing big with other women who value sisterhood, camaraderie, and community, to take each other higher in a beautiful and high vibe environment!

Ready to hang with me in NYC?

RSVP Now! Limited spots available!

Your Ticket:



2.5 days of step by step training, implementation

workshops, and connecting with other

entrepreneurs and influencers!

Sexy content can feel good in the moment, and trust me, you’ll get some of that, but do you really need MORE information?


What you REALLY need, is A SIMPLIFIED plan that focuses on MONEY making, CLIENT ATTRACTING inspired actions and space to get feedback and IMPLEMENT!

It’s time to map out your SPECIFIC game plan for getting KNOWN and making a difference online.



WAKE UP Your Voice

Discover what sets you apart, makes you unique, and magnetizes your dream clients online. Being LIVE in our room and getting in the moment feedback allows you to identify and OWN your unique voice. (So you can show the value of what you do long after our weekend ends, while being YOURSELF.)

PINPOINT Your People

Gain laser clarity around who you desire to serve. Get to know your crowd like the back of your hand and learn to speak their language to more easily attract clients you adore, who respond to your call.

REVEAL Your Results Roadmap

The magic you create with your clients can be exponentially powerful and FREEING when you’ve got a step by step system that unleashes your gifts whether you’re serving your clients with products, programs, courses, 1:1 coaching, etc. Feel confident in the transformation that you provide and the unique way that you inspire change within those you serve.





ATTRACT an Audience

Truth: a profitable and impactful business needs an audience of peeps who know like and trust you, right? Otherwise, WHO would you make your offers to? We’re diving into HOW to create an online following of BUYERS, who are invested in learning from YOU and supporting your mission.

INSPIRE Connection

No matter how things change in the online world, there is something that remains timeless, and that’s RELATIONSHIPS. If you’ve been wondering how to create REAL, human connection with the peeps in your community and inspire off the charts engagement, I’m glad you’re here. Not only will you SEE and feel it at Ascend Live, we’ll dive into how you can master connection, and nurture your following into loyal fanship, with integrity./p>

Feature Your FLOW

It’s time to stand in your ZONE (of genius)! Think about the moments when you’ve made a decision to become an online follower of, or invest with, a mentor. Chances are you had a sneak peak of, or content sample that showcased, this leader in action. It became clear that their gifts could help spark your next chapter of success. We’ll be diving into your Visibility Language and the best way to deliver and showcase the work you do in an irresistible way that attracts high level clients who are willing to invest!






Keep the End In Mind

Align all of your inspired actions with your ultimate vision. That means that the moves you make day to day, and week to week in your business, ALL directly support YOU bringing your current goals to fruition. (It’s time to do LESS better and create quantum leaps in your income and impact.) In order to attract a steady stream of clients, it’s all about reverse engineering every offer and action, with the end in mind. #savvyandsmart

INVITE Easy Yeses

Discover how to design a pathway to your high level offers that quickly transforms leads to raving fans, and fans to high paying clients. We’ll dive into the art of establishing trust with your audience by presenting offers that feel like a no brainer to your followers and DELIVER incredible value./p>

Finally FEEL Confident Making An Offer

This is my FAVORITE part where we reveal the TRUTH about sales and what it really means to extend a life changing invitation to another human being who is in need of your support. It’s time to end the legacy of shame around money that so many feel when making an offer and receiving financial compensation for the gifts they share. (I bet you’re a big believer in women’s financial empowerment. Then Ascend LIVE is definitely for you! <3)

What you really need to know about this weekend?

Those fears and doubts that have been playing up in your mind about whether or not you’ve got what it takes to do this? They get louder when you don’t have a roadmap. They get amplified when you feel like you've got to do #allthethings!

By the end of our time together, you’ll learn the FRAMEWORK that I’ve used to go from Newbie with NO Clients, to a multi-6 figure online business owner, and then on to blazing my way to 7 figures.

You’ll know WHAT to do WHEN to finally start seeing that steady stream of clients who are HUNGRY to work with YOU and grateful that you’ve decided to step out and support them.

The best part, I’ll be telling you what you don’t need to give 2 HOOTS about too! It’s time to have everything you need and nothing that you don’t so you can:

Become an EXPERT in your industry

Create the INCOME that allows you to fulfill your MISSION

Experience the FREEDOM of a women entrepreneur on the RISE (financially, geographically, and otherwise)

Meet me in the Big Apple?

Your Ticket:



2.5 days of step by step training, implementation workshops, and connecting with other entrepreneurs and influencers!


When is Ascend Live happening?

Ascend Live will be happening in New York City, Friday, September 14th - September 16th from 8:30am - 5pm ET, except on Sunday which will end at 1pm ET. VIP participants will have an additional half day closed-door session with Mel the afternoon of the 16th.

Is there a dress code?

For Ascend Live, we suggest you go with business casual, keeping in mind that this is a great opportunity to meet others and look your best. Fall in NYC is beautiful but could be humid, or a little chilly so bring a jacket or something to cover up with so you can adjust.

How much are the tickets? What do they include?

General tickets are $197 and VIP tickets are $397. Both tickets include 2.5 days of step by step training and implementation workshops. VIP tickets give participants access to a special closed-door session the afternoon of Sunday the 16th of September.

What is the agenda of the event like?

Each day we’ll be walking you through a different part of my 5 Part Client Attraction Framework (Clarity, Build and Nurture, Offers and Sales) and focusing on how to spend your time day by day and week by week to gain major traction in your online business. The days will feature high level trainings, Q&A, and implementation time.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

No. Tickets will not be available at the door. All tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure there are enough materials for all attendees.

Does the event sell out or have a limit in size?

We have a maximum capacity of 150 seats available (and they’re going FAST!).

Do you have a refund policy?

No. We will not honor refunds for tickets or transfers. Tickets cannot be transferred from the applicant to another individual who has not applied to attend the event.

What is NOT included in the cost of the ticket?

Tickets only include admission to the event. What is not included in the tickets are: airfare, room accommodations, meals, and travel.

Where is Ascend Live happening?

Ascend Live will be happening in New York City, in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Law School.

What airport should I fly into?

You’ll have your choice of 3 different airports: LaGuardia Airport (LGA) John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Newark Airport in New Jersey (EWR)

Where can I stay while I attend Ascend Live?

There are plenty of places to stay in the area, including a Marriott Hotel, The Nu Hotel, The Hilton Hotel, and AirBNB is a popular way to find accommodations as well. We’ll send you details about these locations shortly after you RSVP for Ascend Live.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, our event space does provide Wi-Fi.

What’s the parking situation?

There are several parking garages within walking distance:

  • 75 Smith Street Garage at 75 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (
  • Icon Parking at 85 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (
  • Edison ParkFast at 92 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (

As an alternative, there are also several subway stops within walking distance:

  • Bergen Street on the F, G lines
  • Borough Hall on the 2, 3, 4, 5 lines
  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn on the A, C, G lines