An Intimate 2 Day Group Intensive with Mel Pharr in NYC

Are you noticing that your desires are becoming much larger than just signing the next 1:1 client?

Is building your list and your online presence, and leveraging your business through group programs and passive income, becoming more of a priority?

I’ll bet that figuring out how to:

  • Build a team
  • Free up more of your time
  • Leverage your business while still increasing your income
  • and Have more people in your life who “get it”

have become your biggest concerns.

While you love coaching your 1:1 clients, and you’re proud of your success, now that the mad scramble of finding the next client is over, you’re realizing that you have new goals in mind.

Not just any goals, big ones! You’re ready to take every aspect of your freedom to the next level, and increase your resources all around. More money, more free time, more clients, (in a more leveraged way!!), and big time impact.

You’re ready to focus in on leveraging like WHOA, and maybe even have some business besties beside you who are ALSO working on their online empires in beyond inspiring ways that might blow your mind and give you exciting ideas.

You might be busting at the seams doing all kinds of tasks that you know you can’t keep doing if you want to grow the way you desire... Psst, afraid that you can’t find anyone else who can do those tasks better, or faster?

I hear you, and I know what it’s like to be ready for the next big level of leverage and impact, not to mention, abundance!

While in some ways, it’s a great problem to have, it doesn’t feel great if you don’t have the right support, team, guidance, and leveraging know-how!

I’ve been able to create an absolute DREAM team, meet other like-minded women, support more clients than ever, travel whenever/wherever I want, free up my time, and be on my way to my first 7 – figure year.

I continue to leverage and build in a way that allows me to enjoy my life, spend time with friends and family, and love what I do.

What would your life be like if you could make the transition to this next chapter and up level in a big way?

If thinking about it excites you, then I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how to guide you in leveraging your business.

It’s time to create the impact that you so deeply desire, along with the the team, community, and leverage!

Join me LIVE in NYC to take your Leverage, Abundance, and Impact to the Next Level

Just imagine...

Gathering in New York City with other like-minded, high achieving lady entrepreneurs who get you, share many of the same desires, and are super pumped to make an impact and leverage their businesses!

Getting front row access to all of my behind the scenes best practices for launching, team building, and creating passive income. That’s right you’ll have forever access to all training modules that share my deets about the strategies I’ve used to creates 100s of $1000s as I leverage my online empire!

Spending 2 days with me LIVE, where you’ll receive personal and customized feedback from me about YOUR business. There will be laughter, unfolding, bonding, inspiration, creativity, expansion, and maybe even some dance breaks?!

Luncheoning, socializing, cocktailing, and playing big with other big players who value sisterhood, camaraderie, and masterminding to take each other higher in a beautiful and high vibe environment!

Here’s How Our Days Together Will Go...

You’ll receive my brand new trainings and behind the scenes deets on the following topics:

  • Dream Team Building
  • Launching
    - Smaller Group Online Programs
    - Larger Group Online Programs
  • Passive Income and Automation

Day 1 Session - Friday, October 21st

9am Opening Hour
10am Launching Leveraged Group Programs
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Passive Income & Team Building
4pm Closing Hour

Day 2 Session - Saturday, October 22nd

9am Opening Hour
10am Hot Seat Coaching
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Hot Seat Coaching
4pm Closing Hour

Plus We'll Have A
Business Girl’s Night Out!

To celebrate your next level and the conclusion of our 2 days together we’ll live it up NYC style and head out for drinks and socializing together Saturday evening!

Who Is This For...

This high level 2 Day In Person Intensive has been designed specifically for the Online Entrepreneur and Coach who:

  • Is consistently creating 5 – figure months in her business
  • Desires more free time and knows it’s time to build her team and improve her delegation skills
  • Is feeling passionate about leveraging her business in a way that suits her lifestyle and creates a positive impact
  • Knows that building leverage, and her launch know-how skills are her top priority
  • Is excited about spending time with a community of inspiring, high performing women
  • Is ready to create multi-6 figures in her online coaching business
  • Desires to leverage her business by launching sold out group programs
  • Is excited about creating passive income and becoming more financially abundant

Our time together will be full of amazing discussion, coaching, and camaraderie that’ll keep you feeling connected, inspired, and ready to expand.

Your Ascend 2 Day In Person Group Intensive Experience Includes:

Total Investment = $5,000
or 2 Payments of $2,750 

Life Long Access to all training modules on the topics of Launching Group Programs, Team Building, and Passive Income

1 X 30 Minute Private Prep Call with Mel

2 Days of Live Training and Hot Seat Coaching with Mel

1 X Follow Up 30 Minute Private Coaching Call with Mel

Lunch and afternoon snack for both Day Sessions

The chance to network and mingle with other high performing entrepreneurial women

Personal Coaching Time with Mel during our Group Hot Seat Sessions

You know you’re a top performer.

You know you’ve got a message and impact that’s bigger than what you can reach with 1:1 coaching alone. It’s time be the empowered businesswoman who spends her time doing what she loves, with the team, community, and impact that she truly desires.

Please complete your application to speak with Melissa about one of the remaining seats.