Jenn Scalia

Business & Online Confidence Coach

“Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no B.S. Just like I like it”

“Before working with Mel, I was a little unclear on how to direct the conversation and how to make the most of the time on the phone. When objections came up, I would usually just accept them.

Now, I feel that I can confidently sell my services with my ‘sexy phrases’ that show the value of what I do, and get a YES every time!

Mel is very knowledgeable and was able to deliver information in a way that I understood and that I can now use to confidently ace my sales call.

Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no B.S. Just like I like it. I wanted direct answers.

Heather L. Makar

Lifestyle Alchemist

“She is blowing my mind!”

I’ve been working with Melissa Pharr for the last month or so, and she is blowing my mind!!! We got clarity and a direction for my business. I come away from each and every conversation inspired, and with an action plan.

Without her, I don’t think I would even be on the path to launch, I would have no idea about a lot of things it takes to get rolling, let alone getting this far along this fast.

Kelly Atwood

Success Coach for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

“She is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity”

I want to give a testimonial to the powers of Melissa Pharr! She’s amazing! Before I started her group program, I was having a difficult time holding space for my clients during discovery calls, and really walking potential clients through discovery calls so that they could have really powerful, transformative conversations that lead them to the best decisions that they could make for themselves.

Before MYMC I was nervous and a little panicky, but after the program, I was able to hold that space and go through that process in a really calm, systematic way. This resulted in me booking $40,000 in 7 weeks working with Mel in this group program. What I loved about Mel in particular and her style of coaching is that she is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity.

What was cool about the program is that we not only talked a lot about wealth consciousness and who we were showing up as in our businesses, but we focused a lot on the the masculine structures, and on taking action! I can’t say enough good things about this program. It did so much for me and my business. To anyone who needs help with their discovery calls, money conversations, with booking discovery calls, and even being visible on social media, take this program! Thanks Mel, you ROCK!

Jennifer Blanchard

“You helped me get clarity”

Melissa Pharr – I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I listened to the replay from your free call on Wednesday (twice!). It was PACKED with so much valuable information! You helped me get clarity on a lot of things and I am even creating a new VIP offering that I’ve been thinking about but afraid to put out there. You are totally amazing. Thank you!!!

Joanna Turner

Transformational Life & Success Coach, Advanced EFT & NLP Practitioner

“I brought on 2 clients in 3 days. That’s $7Kin 72 hours!”

My sales process was a big block for me, I knew I could help people and that I’m a great coach, but I wasn’t able to show the value of what I do, and I was letting my own fears get in the way.

When Mel showed me the easy step by step process to go through, it all fell into place and made sense. I finally knew what I was supposed to do.

Since I started talking to Mel, my sales calls have been transformed! I have nailed every one since we began! I brought on 2 clients in 3 days. That’s $7K in 72 hours!!
Plus, the sales calls felt easy, they flowed, and they didn’t feel sales-y. I’m so happy right now!!!My confidence has increased and I love how Mel focuses on developing your mindset too.

Mel is awesome, she is a straight shooter that cares. Her confidence and passion rubs off on you and you feel empowered to get out there and rock your calls! If you’re thinking about working with Mel, just do it! You’ll never regret it! She knows her stuff!

“Within the first 3 weeks, I doubled my prices and brought on 4 new clients”

My first call with Mel was a Discovery Session and one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever had. Mel recognized my ability to create wealth. I felt seen and acknowledged for my value, when I couldn’t quite see it. She made saying yes to myself feel like a gift and in turn, I became willing to hold that space for my clients to thrive and say yes!

Working with Mel helped me value myself enough to ask for and receive what I’m worth. Within the First 3weeks, I doubled my prices and brought on 4 new clients.

Trisha Cullen

Bodyworker & Energy Coach

Shari D Teigman

Soul Explorer, Transformational Coach & Sparkle Maker

“I love her authentic blend of feminine energy”

Mel is not only knowledgeable and chock full of amazing and approachable tips and techniques for upping your sales and following, she is so warm and open! I love her authentic blend of feminine energy as she teaches mindset, intention setting and wealth consciousness in a down to earth doable way mixed with the masculine ‘get it done fast!’ straight forward methods to build your business and create real connections.

Thank you Mel for reminding me that building my business does not have to be hard or time consuming- being me and spreading my message consistently is the winning combo, as modeled by you!

I listen to your calls over and over and learn new tidbits each time. Looking forward to learning more!


Melissa Pharr – WOW just WOW!!! I have a coach crush on you! Thank you so much for your clarity, sharing your knowledge, and that POWER HOUSE phone call.

You are FREAKING AWESOME! Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are!! So lucky for that call today! I know Evanye Lawson thinks you rock out too!!!

Jen Wells

Naomi Calderon

Health & Vitality Coach

“Melissa Pharr… Love her energy, her style, her straightforwardness and her coaching BRILLIANCE!”