My simple step-by-step system for creating quality content FAST!

True story: It used to take me 9 hours to write a newsletter to my list and now it takes me about 8 minutes.
In fact, I have clients who have struggled endlessly in writing to their list, who have implemented this system and been able to send out great content in a matter of minutes.
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The clients of mine who fill my group coaching programs aren’t just reading ONE email and saying YES to my $5K offer right away…

They are reading MULTIPLE emails.

They HAVE been reading my emails for weeks, sometimes months.

It’s not rocket science, but you might NOT be surprised that mailing my list was the thing that I DREADED MOST when I first began my journey as an online entrepreneur.

Creating content that BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS and TRUST was something that I was didn’t know how to do and it took me FOREVER.

After struggling with writers block every time I went to create content or write to my list, I discovered this simple process, and it works!

Now I create content so fast it’s just plain silly. I don’t say that to rub it in, but to let you know that I’ve found that QUICK quality content creation (the kind that magnetizes clients) is a muscle you can strengthen and learn.

In fact, I’ve broken it down into a step-by-step process that saves me HOURS

During a launch I might create between 35 - 41 emails. 

Back when it took me 9 HOURS to write one email to my list… you can do the math and see how the hours add up quickly.  It was a NIGHTMARE.

Now with my step by step process, I can bust out a winning email to my list in a matter of minutes… 8 minutes or less to be EXACT.

My clients say that they feel like they’re turning into content machines as well, and finally making the switch from chasing clients to attracting clients!

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