Ute Benecke

While in U2U, Ute created 2 x $13K months, and then went on to launch her first group program resulting in over $7,000 in sales. She later relaunched her group program and tripled her prices AND her sales, creating between $20K and $30K for the launch.

Naomi Osemedua

Since starting U2U, Naomi has booked 22 discovery calls in 1 month! For every call that Naomi has had, 1 out of 2 people have purchased a product or program. Naomi has had her first $5K month just a little over halfway through her U2U journey.

Michelle Knight

Michelle had her first $15K month in U2U! She built her Facebook Group to 1200 members and her email list grew from 40 to 2200. Michelle is creating consistent 5-figure months and 3 of them this year have been $25K sales months! As Michelle has continued to work with Mel, she created a signature program that resulted in a $45K launch.

Andi Forness 

Since Andi began U2U, Andi has converted 100% of her sales calls into YES's. In fact, she has not gotten a NO since 2016 and consistently signs high level clients each month! She can easily fill any offer, be it a profile webinar offer, a private coaching program or her mastermind. Now she feels happy, confident and relaxed in her sales conversations.

Dihessa Bodjona

Once she applied what she learned in U2U, Dihessa started having $5K, $10K and $15K months. She's confident that she can book 20-30 discovery calls/month, ANY month that she chooses! 

Carla Biesinger

Carla sold her first $1200 package in month 1 of U2U and doubled her email subscribers from 1200 to 2400 within 4 months. She celebrated her first $5K month just a little over halfway through her U2U journey. From Carla’s continued work with Mel, she was able to close her last 4 discovery calls, resulting in $1000’s in sales. Using the outreach strategies she’s learned, Carla created an additional 11 sales during her most recent launch. 

Mary Munteh

Mary made my investment back and more after starting U2U. And the level of confidence that she's developed is priceless.

Michele Rosenthal

 When Michele started in U2U, she had 120 people in her group and now she has over 550 people and they are really engaged. There has been over 400% growth in her community. She also earned back her investment in the program in the second month.

Julie Anne Jones

Julie has had several 5-figure months since being in U2U. She has never experienced this kind of community of badass amazing women to give and learn and support one another before and says that the community alone is worth the investment.

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Brooke Lawson

As a BRAND NEW business owner, Brooke nearly earned back her ENTIRE investment within the first month of U2U, when she landed her first $4K client.

Pam Washington

Since she joined U2U, Pam has grown her list 2.5 times over and made 3x the amount she paid for U2U and she's only 2/3 of the way through the program! 

Christina Providence

Christina earned back her U2U investment within 1 month of being in the program. With what she learned in U2U, Christina made six high-end sales and had a $30K month less than half way into her U2U journey.

Chelsea Fournier

Chelsea made back her investment for U2U within 2 months of being in the program!

Deb Farina

Deb has had her first 5 figure month while being in U2U. The tools she’s learned in U2U have allowed her to attract cold leads into her high level coaching program.

Adelina Tancioco

Within a 4-day period, just weeks into the U2U program, Adelina signed 3 clients out of 5 discovery calls for a total of $9K.

Anna Rakoczy

Anna’s making 10 TIMES more than she was before she began working with Mel. She created $16,000 in sales in April doing half the work that she previously did in a typical month. Now she's having $50,000 months and she’s grown her list from 3,500 to over 27,000 subscribers!

Jackie Hershfeld

Since the start of Jackie’s U2U journey, and with a couple of months still left in the U2U program, Jackie has enrolled and worked with over 17 women. She’s also doubled her prices and made back her investment in U2U 9 times.

Lexlee Overton 

Within two weeks of joining U2U, Lexlee had her first $10k month.

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Binu Alag

Binu created over $2K right away after joining U2U, and in her 2nd month of U2U had her first 5-figure month, bringing in $11k!  

Debbie Drum 

In U2U, Debbie really found her messaging and as a result, she started to get more sales, more connections and everything starting happening for her. Now she feels unstoppable.

Jodi Bullock

Jodi generated almost $13K her first month coaching with me while using the U2U modules. Within just 2 months she brought in $28,500  

Annie Letourneau

Within 2 months of implementing what Mel teaches in U2U, Annie started getting traction and results. In the last 6 months of U2U, she made around $80K. She’s made her investment back 13 times. 

Kavita Arora

Once Kavita implemented the strategies that she’d been working on with Mel, she created her biggest month ever; resulting in $50K booked revenue.

Jennifer Zundel

Since the start of her U2U journey, Jennifer has created $15k in sales with 2 months left in the program. She’s booked as many as 30 discovery calls in a single week. Jennifer also grew her email list by 1300 people, and her FB group by 300 people. 

Gaelle Lecourt

During her time in U2U, Gaelle had her first $10K month and $17K month. Gaelle's list has grown 10x in size since she first started U2U.

Caren Baginski

Since she’s been in U2U, and prior to finishing the program, Caren has landed 5 new clients and made back her investment 3 times. She books more discovery calls now than she ever did prior to U2U.

Taylor Manning Lee

Taylor created her first $16,000 month during U2U.  

Melinda Kitto

Since starting U2U, Melinda landed 3 new clients right away and feels super confident about her sales process.  

Ma'ayan Greenbaum

Before working with Mel, Ma'ayan was terrified of being on camera and now she regularly does Facebook Lives and has created a super engaged Facebook community of ideal clients. She's also grown her list to over 700 subscribers.

Pauline Delany

Pauline booked 13 sales calls in one week during her time in U2U. She's also signed several $5K clients!

Jo Davidson 

In less than 4 months, Jo took her online empire to the next level, completing her first 5-figure group launch and creating $16k in sales!

Nichole Causey

Nichole has found absolute clarity with her business and marketing message. She's started a membership site and is consistently signing clients!

Jessica Meland

Jessica landed her first paying client in U2U. Prior to U2U, it took her about 2 years. Her Facebook Group has grown about 10x in size after only 2 1/2 months in U2U.

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Amy Robeson

In the first 2 months of U2U, Amy booked 41 coaching calls with new leads and signed multiple high end clients!

May Flam 

May just recently left her job and began her online business. Shortly after going through Mel's Mindset course in U2U, May signed her first high level client.  

Vickie Gould

Vickie's confidence has skyrocketed since working with Mel and being in U2U. She's able to speak her price confidently, without shrinking, and she's completed a sales funnel for her course with messaging that she LOVES.

Valerie Scott

Only three months into U2U, Valerie attracted 4 new clients and has been booking tons of discovery calls!

Hilary Hartling

Hilary created her first $17k month! 

Karine Laroque

In U2U, Karine began booking high paying clients as a health coach.

Stacey Portugal

Since she’s been in U2U, Stacey has doubled her practice. She retains nearly 100% of her clients by enrolling them into a 2nd offer, and she’s attracting more and more new leads. Since U2U, her Facebook group has grown by 30% and her list has doubled in size. 

Kate Hucheson

Through U2U, Kate created great packages that are exactly what she wants to be offering. She’s hired 2 subcontractors and a copywriter. She’s now fully booked and she even has a waiting list.

Ann Gentry

While in U2U, Ann has booked 1:1 clients and she shared with us that U2U has been an incredible community to experience with other women business owners.

Shelley Davidescu 

During our time together, Shelley created $17,000 over a span of 10 days and over $46,000 in revenue in her coaching business.  

Madeline Rinehart

She took some time to find her true niche and message, but along the way she still had a $6K month as a love coach, and now as Law of Attraction coach, she creates consistent $10K and $15K months!

Allie Horner

Allie booked 18 discovery calls in 2 weeks and booked out her 1:1 coaching program for a solid 6 weeks.

Leigha Lake

Leigha went from feeling completely burned out, to working just 15 hours a week and having her biggest revenue month. She passed the $7,500/month mark as a love and relationship coach.

Angie Lee 

Angie created $6K in revenue and then went on to have a $13,000 month in the first month of U2U.  

Britny West

Britny grew her Facebook Group to almost 3K, had 2 x 5–figure months, went from 3 clients to 13, and traveled the world while she did it, since she quit her 9-5

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Jen Smith

Jen joined U2U and in the first 10 days of orientation, she stepped into her confidence as a coach and made $5K like *THAT* making back her investment in U2U right away!  

Kristie Keever

Kristie is REALLY supporting herself with powerful systems and structures. She got clarity around the system she uses to support her clients and has been launching group programs that have created $45,000 in sales during the U2U program.

Alex Bratty

Alex is booking assessments and discovery calls like a mad woman.

Indrani Phillips

Indrani was another lady in U2U who booked enough clients during Orientation to make back her investment in the program!

 Sarah Lahoud

Before U2U, Sarah was making about $500 per month. Now she's having $5K months consistently. She also quadrupled her ROI goal while being in U2U.

Maura Hughes

Maura says she took her business from JV level to Varsity level and created her first $9K month. She says mastering her story telling and messaging was a game-changer.

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