I KNEW I was a powerful, passionate, smart woman, but I had no idea how to begin making money that would allow me to feel like I was thriving in my life instead of surviving!

By the end of my two years, I had been promoted to a management position and was able to get ahead a bit financially. Still, I felt my heart telling me that there had to be more in store for me. It seemed there was only so much I could do to advance and the income I could make was limited.

That year I made one of the best, scariest, bravest, most ovary busting, up-leveling choices I’ve ever made to date… I quit my job shortly after my promotion, (ironically, right after I had reached financial security at last) split up with my partner of 3 1/2 years (my relationship had been a major support system for me) moved to New York City (I’d been in Boston for 2 years, sure, but I grew up in a small town in Idaho with about 25,000 people) and decided to begin my own business and test my skills as an entrepreneur. Needless to say, it was no small shift.

After 4 weeks of living in New York, I sold my first package at the price of $1500.

I had been able to use my skills in sales and training to start bringing money in through my own business! It was one of the most thrilling moments, and more importantly, it changed my mind about my ability to be a money magnet and create the mindset of a High Earner.

Can you identify with taking that first (and sometimes scary) step? I’ve been there!

Since my move to NYC, I’ve created a multi 6 figure business, moved into a gorgeous condo with a beautiful rooftop and a stunning view of Manhattan, and become engaged to a truly remarkable man who celebrates each step I take toward more success, while helping my clients claim their own value and worth, too.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

I truly believe that every woman has a remarkable gift to share, and deserves to be paid handsomely for it. When you step into the truth of who you are and believe in your own birthright to live an abundant life, you are living your most fully expressed life. It is in your full expression that you are most able to make a positive impact, explode your generosity, care for the people you love, and create lasting change in the lives of those you work with, in the lives of those you love, and in the world.

I am so ready to support you and believe you right into the inspired action that will create the most thriving business you could imagine for yourself.

The perfect time is always now. I believe in you and I’d love to have you apply for a 6 Figure Discovery Session as your first step toward success, with all of the support you need to make a 6 figure business your reality.


Believing in you,