In fact, soon your waiting list will be overflowing, if it isn’t already!

Figuring out how to build a team, free up more of your time, and have people in your life who “get it”, while still increasing your income, is your biggest concern.

While you love coaching your 1:1 clients, and you’re proud of your success, now that the mad scramble for the next client is over, you’re realizing that you have new goals in mind.

Not just any goals, big ones! You’re ready to take every aspect of your freedom to the next level, and increase your resources all around. More money, more free time, more clients, (in a more leveraged way!!), and big time impact.

You’re ready to focus in on leveraging like WHOA, and maybe even having some business besties beside you.


You’re busting at the seams doing all kinds of tasks that you know you can’t keep doing if you want to grow the way you desire...

and yes, you might be suffering from thinking that no one else can do those tasks better, or faster.

Even worse, you know that thinking this way is what ends up getting you pissed because you’re working long hours, doing the time-consuming back end stuff that you KNOW your VA should be doing, and spending less time with the people in your life that you love. In fact, that might be the reason you’re wondering if it really IS lonely at the top?

I hear you, and I know what it’s like to be busting at the seams and desiring incredible community! While in some ways, it’s a great problem to have, it doesn’t feel great if you don’t have the right support, team, guidance, and leveraging know-how!

I’ve been able to create an absolute DREAM team, meet other like-minded women, support more clients than ever, travel whenever/wherever I want, free up my time, and be on my way to my first 7 – figure year.

I continue to leverage and build in a way that allows me to enjoy my life, spend time with friends and family, and love what I do.

What would your life be like if you could make the transition to this next chapter and up level in a big way?

If thinking about it excites you, then I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how to guide you in leveraging your business.

It’s time to create the impact that you so deeply desire, plus the connection and community to remind you that you’re not doing it alone!

An exclusive mentorship program and community for premium coaches craving camaraderie, LEVERAGE, and a stand out IMPACT!


This high level mastermind has been designed specifically for the coach who:

  • Is consistently creating 5 – figure months in her business via 1:1 coaching
  • Desires more free time and knows it’s time to build her team and improve her delegation skills
  • Is feeling passionate about leveraging her business in a way that suits her lifestyle and creates a positive impact
  • Knows that building community, leverage, and her launch know-how skills are her top priority

You’re past the point of wanting just any old group program where the basic business foundations are the main thing being discussed.

What you’re really looking for is an intimate community of high performing women, who all have something valuable to contribute.

No drama. They totally get you. Maybe some are even further along on their journey.


There’s amazing discussion, coaching, and camaraderie that keeps you feeling connected, inspired, and ready to expand.

Your Ascend Mastermind Experience Includes:

  • 10 X Private Coaching Sessions with Mel to be used over 12 months
  • 2 Group Mastermind Calls each month
  • 2 Live Group Experience with your Ascend Mastermind Sisters (2016 Locations TBD)
  • Access to Mel’s new upcoming live program Design Your Dream Team opening January 2017
  • Access to MYMC Sales Course
  • Access to U2U 6 month group coaching modules and training calls
  • Pre and Post Session Updates to keep you 100% on track and getting results.
  • Opportunity to Record all/any Coaching Sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience to skyrocket your success.
  • Access to All Recorded Mastermind Calls in our membership site
  • Email Support via laser coaching for the duration of your program
  • Incredible Online Community with other big players all looking to leverage

Apply NOW to claim one of the few remaining spots!


Celeste Frenette

Soulful Business Success Coach


When I had my first call with Mel, my big goal was to be able to earn back my investment. I asked her if she thought I could do that and she said, “I don’t know, do YOU think you can do that?” It was unlike any other response from coaches I had worked with before, many of whom would quickly say, “of course!!” “Absolutely!!” Mel believed in me by teaching me how to believe in myself. She didn’t tell me I could do it; she told me I could do it if I believed I could do it.

Today, things are completely different in every way. I just experienced my first 52k month. I went from $13k months to $52k in less than 90 days! I completely sold out my one-on-one private coaching practice for 2015. I went from feeling terrified of being on video to doing my first 30+ Periscopes, my first Webinar and my first Blab!

Working with Mel will change your life and your business in all of the most powerful ways imaginable. If you’re ready to step into your gifts and into your brilliance, if you’re ready to take your life and business to a level that is beyond your wildest dreams, you want to have Mel on your team.

Jen Verharen, CWC

Performance, Business, & Life Coach


Mel has taken a stand for my ability to sell high end coaching programs and helped me build a high level of confidence and mastery around my sales process. I have a clear structure for my tele calls as well as for my sales calls that feels authentic and has been very effective.

If you’re thinking of working with Mel, do it! Especially if sales is an area that you need to develop in order to get your biz to the next level!

In my first month as a full time coach, my revenue went from $5K to $15K and in my second, it surpassed $20K. I have filled a group coaching program, and have had almost a 100% conversion rate selling my first high end private coaching program using the discovery call process that Mel helped me develop.

Jenn Scalia

Business and Online Confidence Coach


“Before working with Mel, I was a little unclear on how to direct the conversation and how to make the most of the time on the phone. When objections came up, I would usually just accept them.

Now, I feel that I can confidently sell my services with my ‘sexy phrases’ that show the value of what I do, and get a YES every time!

Mel is very knowledgeable and was able to deliver information in a way that I understood and that I can now use to confidently ace my sales call.

Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no B.S. Just like I like it. I wanted direct answers.

You know you’re a top performer.

You know you’ve got a message and impact that’s bigger than what you can reach with 1:1 coaching alone.

It’s time be the empowered businesswoman who spends her time doing what she loves, with the team, community, and impact that she truly desires.


Apply NOW to claim one of the few remaining spots!

$30,000 (Payment Plan Available)