Are you committed to letting your mission grow to be as powerful as it’s meant to be?

You’ve got solid clarity on the foundational pieces, you’ve already had success, and you’re ready for your next level of IMPACT!

Not just that, but you KNOW you’ve got a message and impact that’s bigger than your current reach. It calls for expansion that goes beyond the way you’ve been serving your clients and community so far.

Yup, the name of the game is Leverage, Expansion, and taking your Mission to the next level.

Are you ready to amplify your IMPACT?

It might be that you’re ready to:

  • Build/develop your team
  • Free up much MORE of your time
  • Leverage the way you serve your people,
  • and/or even just have MORE people in your life who “get it” and who inspire ideas you didn’t know you HAD…

… while STILL increasing your income, and the difference you were BORN to make, baby.

I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down, yo, and I get that new desires and goals are coming to mind.

Not just any goals, big ones! You’re ready to take every aspect of your freedom to the next level, and increase your resources all around. More money, more free time, more clients, (in a more leveraged way!), and big time impact.

You’re ready to focus in on leveraging like WHOA, and maybe even having some business besties beside you.

Actually, you may or may not even realize JUST how important that community aspect is to you.

Imagine, putting yourself in an environment of other like-minded women, where the conversations are RAINING down money-making, mission-propelling ideas over you.

Every woman is a GUIDING light, reminding you just how far you can go, how FULFILLED you can feel, and how much FUN you can have while you do it.

It could be that you’re busting at the seams doing all kinds of tasks that you know you can’t keep doing if you want to grow the way you desire…

Maybe having a team you can trust has always felt like a challenge…

Perhaps you’ve got a following, but you know you could be reaching them more powerfully and multiplying your sales and impact with a solid plan to LEVERAGE what you’ve created so far…

And maybe you’re ready to continue stepping into that VISIONARY role where you multiply your FREEDOM just as much as your impact by getting support to dial in your business model…

I hear you, and I know what it’s like to be busting at the seams, READY for that next level, AND desiring a high level community to be alongside you during your next chapter!

You’re already an IMPLEMENTER, and you know how to get things done. For you, it’s just about having the RIGHT support in the form of a mentor who's gone before you, team support you can trust, guidance from that mentor and community, and leveraging know-how!

I’ve been able to create an absolute DREAM team, meet other like-minded women, support more clients than ever, travel whenever/wherever I want, free up my time, and create MILLIONS in revenue from my online business that I began in 2015!

I continue to leverage and build in a way that allows me to enjoy my life, spend time with friends and family, and love what I do.

What would your life be like if you could make the transition to this next chapter and up level in a big way?

If thinking about it excites you, then I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how to guide you in leveraging your business.

It’s time to create the impact that you so deeply desire, plus the connection and community to remind you that you’re not doing it alone!

What the Mastermind IS and what it’s about!

First of all, Ascend Mastermind is a way smaller group of women than in any of my other programs; up to just 20 women tops!

This amazing group of women aren’t beginners baby, they’re ready for their next level of leverage, just like you. While everyone’s leveraging strategy will look different (which just adds MORE to the intellectual property exchanges within our group) you’ve all had success and you’re looking to amplify it!

We’ll be meeting for Mastermind Calls (but that’s just one aspect of the support you’ll get) that are lead by Moi, where you’ll receive and exchange high level coaching and strategy for each of your businesses. You’ll benefit from the guidance you receive from me and others in the group. Be prepared to be inspired by some of the smartest women in the industry, for your most significant growth in a 12 month period YET.


Your time in the mastermind is about YOU feeling absolute CONFIDENCE and CLARITY on HOW you’re going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE (whatever YOUR exponential growth rate is) your impact AND income in the coming year, but by working LESS.

You’ll learn behind the scenes details about MY business, that I don’t share anywhere else, stuff like:

  • Every detail and strategy that I’ve used to create my profitable automated funnels that now serve as a powerful engine for my business (plus a new strategy to up the profitability on the backend of my funnels that I’ll be implementing this year and haven’t talked about with anyone!).
  • How I’m growing my following with less reliance on FB and expanding into other platforms to feel confident as the online terrain changes (plus behind the scenes challenges I’ve run into with list building).
  • Every detail you’d like to know about my online launch strategies and what obstacles I’ve overcome with each and every launch.
  • The behind the scenes details of my Ascend Live Event and Retreats that I’ve successfully hosted.
  • Who I’m looking to build relationships with and how I personally go about connecting with influencers in our industry.
  • My secret sauce for having an absolute dream team and what I’ve learned as I’ve hired and released team members over the past few years.
  • Emotional and personal sh** I’ve been through, and how I face my own demons as I grow, plus what I’ve had to change about myself, and STILL have to focus on, to go to the next level.
  • And my game plan for turning my 7 figure business into a multi 7 figure business in the coming months and years. (Yup, strategy, revenue streams, how I’m doing things more efficiently each year, plus REAL numbers around how much to pay team and what profitability looks like for many 7 figure business owners.

In Ascend Mastermind, it’s not about feeling overwhelmed with content like in another program or course with tons of homework, (although when NEEDED you have access to any and every piece of content I’ve ever created) instead it’s about customizing YOUR leveraged plan and implementing with support, while being inspired among a group of like-minded entrepreneurs with similar goals.

What You’ll Learn:

Again, your time in Ascend is about developing absolute CONFIDENCE and CLARITY on HOW you’re going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE (whatever YOUR exponential growth rate is) your impact, income, and profitability in the coming year, but by working LESS…

And then being supported, coached, and advised within our community to implement and execute YOUR customized plan that you and I have reverse-engineered according to your financial goal, desire for impact, and the lifestyle you’re looking to shape for yourself (and family).

For you and your Mastermind sisters, your focus may fall into any of these categories below (however these are not the ONLY areas of focus possible in the mastermind, it’s really about what YOU need to LEVERAGE)

  • Receiving high level coaching and advising about systems, structures, and opportunities for automation that will elevate the efficiency of your business and INCREASE profitability.
  • Making new hires and/or developing an incredible team/team culture so that you can feel amazingly supported, and leverage your business for multiplied sales, but without working MORE hours!
  • Expanding your online following exponentially so that you can take your MISSION to the next level and become a well-known influencer in your industry.
  • Developing courses and/or products that fit strategically into your business model and create an elongated client journey for multiplied impact and sales.
  • Creating a sacred and tight knit go to community of women entrepreneurs who believe in you, support you, and have the potential to become game-changing joint venture partners who help you expand your reach and up level your brand power and brand persona.
  • Developing or taking to the next level, a signature program that allows you to leverage your time and serve a FAR larger audience for more impact and sales that grow exponentially.
  • Receiving coaching and guidance to evolve spiritually and emotionally as you go to the next level. Feeling safe and supported in the community as you commit to the deep personal and professional development that comes with the expansion of your business and influence.

There’s amazing discussion, coaching, and camaraderie that keeps you feeling connected, inspired, and ready to expand.

Your Ascend Mastermind Experience Includes:

  • Design Your Signature Year Guided Process with Mel
  • 12 Monthly Trainings from Mel
  • 24 X Mastermind Calls (2 per month)
  • 2 Live In-Person Ascend Mastermind Retreats
  • 2 X 90 Minute Private Virtual Coaching Intensives with Mel
  • 2nd Quarter (April - June) 90 Day Accelerator Intensive
  • Access to ALL of Mel’s Programs, Courses, and Products
    • Design Your Dream Team Course, Master Your Money Conversations Sales Course, Your Legendary Live Launch Course, UnderEarner to Unforgettable Live Program (you may attend any or all calls live and ask questions during Q&A)
  • ALL new content, programs, courses, products created during your Mastermind experience
  • Post Mastermind Call Surveys to keep you 100% on track and getting results, plus giving you opportunities to give feedback.
  • Access to All Mastermind Call Recordings
  • Incredible Online Ascend Mastermind FB Community

Value: $56,000

Investment: $18,000 Paid In Full
Pay In Full Bonus: 2 EXTRA 90 Min Private Virtual Sessions
Payment Plan: $5,000 deposit followed by equal monthly payments


Michelle Knight

While in Ascend Mastermind, Michelle hit six figures within one year of having her business up and running.

What you’re really looking for is an intimate community of high performing women, who all have something valuable to contribute.

No drama. They totally get you. Maybe some are even further along on their journey.


Taylor Manning

Shortly after joining Ascend Mastermind, Taylor had an 80k launch and her yearly income during her time in the Mastermind jumped to over $300K. Regular $20k-$30k+ months are a breeze for her.

Apply NOW to claim one of the few remaining spots!


Celeste Frenette

Soulful Business Success Coach


When I had my first call with Mel, my big goal was to be able to earn back my investment. I asked her if she thought I could do that and she said, “I don’t know, do YOU think you can do that?” It was unlike any other response from coaches I had worked with before, many of whom would quickly say, “of course!!” “Absolutely!!” Mel believed in me by teaching me how to believe in myself. She didn’t tell me I could do it; she told me I could do it if I believed I could do it.

Today, things are completely different in every way. I just experienced my first 52k month. I went from $13k months to $52k in less than 90 days! I completely sold out my one-on-one private coaching practice for 2015. I went from feeling terrified of being on video to doing my first 30+ Periscopes, my first Webinar and my first Blab!

Working with Mel will change your life and your business in all of the most powerful ways imaginable. If you’re ready to step into your gifts and into your brilliance, if you’re ready to take your life and business to a level that is beyond your wildest dreams, you want to have Mel on your team.

Jodi Bullock

Ascend Mastermind is unique and special and allows you to have a community of like-minded women who become your dear friends and are always there for you.

Jen Verharen, CWC

Performance, Business, & Life Coach


Mel has taken a stand for my ability to sell high end coaching programs and helped me build a high level of confidence and mastery around my sales process. I have a clear structure for my tele calls as well as for my sales calls that feels authentic and has been very effective.

If you’re thinking of working with Mel, do it! Especially if sales is an area that you need to develop in order to get your biz to the next level!

In my first month as a full time coach, my revenue went from $5K to $15K and in my second, it surpassed $20K. I have filled a group coaching program, and have had almost a 100% conversion rate selling my first high end private coaching program using the discovery call process that Mel helped me develop.

Dihessa Bodjona

During her time in Ascend Mastermind, Dihessa was able to have much more clarity and grow tremendously financially.

Kate Taylor

As a result of Ascend Mastermind, Kate doubled her yearly income in her business.

You know you’re a top performer.

You know you’ve got a message and impact that’s bigger than what you can reach with 1:1 coaching alone.

It’s time to be the empowered businesswoman who spends her time doing what she loves, with the team, community, and impact that she truly desires.