Are you tired of wrestling with doubt and fear about whether or not you have what it takes to be an online coach, who creates 5-figure months?

Are you done with struggling to find those perfect clients, and put the value of what you do into words?

Feel like you’ve been doing everything you’ve been told to do, and still, just booking a couple of discovery calls, or even free sessions, for that matter, feels like pulling teeth?

You KNOW you can have the success that other coaches are having, but the hours you’re spending trying to move forward (but STUCK in fear) aren’t paying off with new clients or more money.

You want clients, money, travel, and FREEDOM just as much as anybody else, probably MORE, but building a successful coaching business just isn’t happening for you.


I’ve been there. Big time.

In fact, I was really on the struggle bus. When I first began my coaching business I was $29,000 in debt. I spent hours online in Facebook groups, and just as much time hosting free teleclasses and designing free offers, with very little to show for it.

For nearly 5 months, I failed to get even 1 client!

I averaged about 1 discovery call a month, and sadly, most of them weren’t even with my ideal client.

Things look a lot different now.

After a bit of an uphill struggle
I finally realized that I needed
to streamline my process and simplify.

It became clear that to be earning at least $10k/month as an online coach, I only needed to be doing about 5 things each day, instead of having bright shiny object syndrome, comparisonitis, and trying to be everything to everyone.

In the past 14 months, I’ve gone from:

  • No clients to booking out every program I offer
  • $0/month to 5 – figure and 6 – figure months
  • Feeling like a no one, to having an unending stream of messages/emails from women all over the world, who I’ve never met, thanking me for my work.

I have more time now than I did when I began my business, a dream team that truly supports me and the empire I’m creating, the freedom to travel the world [and I do, as often as I want] and the flexibility to spend time with the people I love, WHILE making the impact I’ve always dreamed of.

Are you ready to create your version of success as an online coach?


Clients, Cash, and Clout
for the coach who’s ready
to move up in the world

A private 5 month mentorship
with Melissa Pharr

I’ve designed this program specifically for the woman who desires to be:

  • A genuine and masterful coach with charisma and edge
  • A savvy businesswoman with an online presence plus solid business systems + structures
  • An abundant, free-living, leader, who travels, dines, adventures, and creates a meaningful impact

Some programs give you snippets of what you need to have the coaching skills, business, wealth, and lifestyle you desire. Others overload and overwhelm you with more information than you need.

In this program that is tailored specifically to you, I’m giving you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t, so you can pull it together and build out your life and business the way you desire. 

My past and current clients have:

  • Gone from $0 – $25K + in 60 days
  • Booked over 50 discovery calls in less than 30 days
  • Created a $10K month during our first month of coaching together
  • Gotten laser clarity on their ideal client, core messaging, and prices and packages in our first few sessions
  • Sold our their 1:1 coaching program
  • Filled their first group program launch with over 20 new clients
  • Quit other jobs/retired side businesses to become full time coaches.

In Ascend, we meet you where you are, and customize these 5 key pieces to fit your business, so you can create the clients, wealth, and the impact that you desire.


Developing The Mindset
of a High Earner

The mindset of a successful coach is the most important part of creating never-ending success in your business. In order to make more money, you’ve got to love it, respect it, and be available to receive it. Bringing your A-game mindset and stepping into the version of you who creates $5K, $10K, and $15K+ months is paramount. Get ready to:

  • Upgrade your belief systems around your ability to make money
  • Remove any blocks you may have that are stopping you from increasing your wealth
  • Transform your lack mindset so that you are available to fully receive new clients you love.
  • Install new thoughts that support you in creating your business with ease, joy, and laughter.


Establishing Your Core Message, and Foundational Business Structures

Getting to know yourself, learning who you are as a coach, and discovering what sets you apart is a must. We’ll focus in on the foundational and powerful structures that allow your business to take off as you continue to build. Get ready to:

  • Discover what sets you apart, makes you unique, and magnetizes your dream clients
  • Learn how to lead with your WHY in a way that rallies your potential clients and has them excited to work with you
  • Open the doors to wealth by powerfully using your story to attract more clients
  • Feel confident and clear on your mission and the impact you desire to make
  • Gain clarity on your offer, identify your signature system, and feel confident in the transformation that you provide!
  • Create packages and pricing that you love that spotlights your value and sets you apart
  • Get to know your ideal client like the back of your hand and learn to speak their language.


Mastering Your Sales Process

Being able to confidently present your offer and hear YES, is a MUST, if you desire to create a lucrative coaching business. It’s easy to feel nervous about sales and worry that you might come off as pushy or sales-y. I’m excited to share my love of sales with you and show you how incredible and transformative these conversations can be. Get ready to:

  • Learn EXACTLY how to structure your calls and expertly guide the conversation while BEING YOURSELF
  • Design your own powerful questions that have your ideal clients talking themselves into working with YOU!
  • Feel amaze-balls at masterfully overcoming the most common objections WITHOUT feeling salesy or pushy. (“I have to ask my spouse,” “I can’t afford it,” “I have to think about it,” and “I don’t have the time”)
  • Confidently turn your potential client’s fears and hesitations into reasons they can’t afford NOT to work with you


Creating Community,
A Following, and Raving Fans

Getting a few 1:1 clients under your belt is nice, but to have you creating consistent 5 – figure months, we’ll work toward building an online community, and YES, raving fans! Let’s create an ever-expanding following of potential clients who are excited to invest in themselves through you. Get ready to:

  • Discover my secrets to CONSISTENT online list-building for FREE
  • Uncover all of your options for building your community + developing powerful relationships to advance your business and boost your income
  • Learn the top platforms to invest in for online advertising and grow a following of ideal clients, hungry to pay for your services
  • Learn my simple and secret automated ways to always have potential clients joining your list
  • Take the overwhelm out of social media even as you expand your reach and generate more leads
  • Learn to use these free offers not only to build a community of raving fans, but to develop your brand presence and stand out among the sea of online entrepreneurs

PLUS way more!


Expanding Your Online Presence and Installing Advanced Business Systems

As we continue to build your online presence, it’s a great time to incorporate any advanced business systems and structures that will support you as you grow. Perhaps it’s time for your first group launch, or a fantastic new marketing funnel, advanced automation to help you free up your time, etc… Get ready to:

  • Create a follow up sequence for new leads that funnels them straight toward your high level coaching programs
  • Create and/or review your site layout to give your visitors everything they need to know and nothing they don’t to entice them to work with you
  • Discovery the power of delegation and continue to free up your time for more money making activities
  • Automate specific biz systems and structures to nix busy work and free up time for money making tasks
  • Learn which MUST HAVE sequences can save you hours of following up with clients and time consuming, individual email communication
  • Get crazy SMART about how to continually ready your peeps (via your funnels) to work with you

PLUS more!


Lacey Craig

Business and Content Creation Coach,
A Lit Up Life

Before working with Mel I was burning out easily and I knew I needed support while I supported others. I also lacked clarity on my niche and wasn’t using my strengths most effectively.

After working with Mel I gained total clarity around my niche, really started to OWN my uniqueness and made $30,000 in less than two months.

Mel is so much more than just business expertise (although she has a shit ton of that). She is also an exceptional space holder, coach, cheerleader and barrier breaker. I have completely run the gamut of emotions and goals during my time with Mel and she held and supported me through each of them with exceptional ease and sincerity.

I would say working with Mel is a no-brainer. I told her I wanted to make back my investment in 90 days and I made it back in 3 weeks and then some. There is, literally, no downside to working with Mel. Not only will she rock your business, your mindset and your sales, she will also make sure that you get a massive return on your investment (in more ways than one!).

As a result of working with Mel, I achieved a major mindset shift and clarity on my niche. I booked clients consistently and had 5 figure months consistently.

Mel is magic. She is great at creating a safe space while also being tough on you when necessary. She is the perfect blend of accountability, support and expertise and that comes through in all of her coaching. I also love Mel’s authenticity. She’s not afraid to share the REAL SHIT and help you to learn from her experience and expertise. She’s not only an amazing coach, but just a seriously genuine and cool person.

Sherry Elle

Empowerment Coach

In the first 6 months of my coaching business, I made about $1,200 trying to figure out things on my own. After listening to the recordings in MYMC, I made $10,250 in one month.

Mel not only helped me develop the right mindset but also explains all of the specific steps to take in order to actually book clients. Mel is a smart, savvy woman who has a tremendous amount of experience in building a successful coaching business and is very generous in sharing her knowledge. She is the real deal and I highly recommend the MYMC program!”


Your Private Mentorship
with Mel includes:

  • Welcome Packet & Orientation Materials to jumpstart your success.
  • (20)45-minute coaching calls to be used over a 5 month period
  • Pre and Post session updates to keep you 100% on track and getting results.
  • Opportunity to record all/any coaching sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience to skyrocket your success.
  • Email support via laser coaching for the duration of your program.
  • Access to my 6 week Sales Course Master Your Money Conversations
  • Access to all modules and training calls from my 6 month group coaching program UnderEarner to Unforgettable, plus an opportunity to join the community with the next live launch of the program.

Anna Chainska

Wealth & Success Coach

Mel is amazing! Her presence is very empowering. Before working with Mel, I had a lot of emotional resistance and self-sabotaging. But she is able to notice the mindset patterns that are in the way to success and helps to brake through them.

Within the first month of working together, I overreached my monthly financial goal. In the second month, my income increased again. Now, I am on my way to having another amazing month.

Cassie Howard

Biz Consultant for Badass Women Entrepreneurs

My business was already booming when I hired Mel, but I needed a bit of help refining my sales process. After our first call together, I learned so much, I had to take the rest of the day off so I could absorb everything I learned. Once I put it into place, my sales calls were so much more fun and I was able to close sales more than 50% of the time. If you need help with sales (or other biz stuff), you should definitely stop looking for someone and hire Mel!


Investment = $25,000

(Pay in Full = $22,500)

You’ll learn the necessary coaching to package, price, and sell your offer so you can create the opportunity to make back your investment, plus more.

Is this the support you know you need?

I’ve been where you’re standing and I know the power of decisive action. Get support and promise yourself that you won’t turn around next year, only to find yourself further from your desires, with less resources, and wishing you would have decided to play full out!

Imagine designing premium coaching packages you LOVE and bringing on that first high level client.  It’s your time to ensure your future and live life on your terms as an edgy, savvy, impactful, woman in business!

Claim your professional, personal, and financial freedom NOW!

Believing in YOU,

Mel <3