#1 strategic shift to make in 2020 if you want to KEEP getting clients online

Posted on: December 19, 2019

Have you heard me, countless times now, talk about how the online world is changing?

Even more important… have you noticed it yourself?

I consider it my job, since you’re a member of my community, to help you stay relevant with your client-getting strategies.

Comment below and let me know if you’ve noticed that some of the strategies that USED to work to get clients online, either:

  • Work differently now
  • Don’t seem to work as WELL
  • Don’t seem to work at all anymore

Just hit submit a comment and fill me in on ANY client getting strategy that you’ve noticed a change in.

If you want to ask me a question too to see if I can support, I’m totally open to that! Please reach out! ❤️

Today I’m sharing ONE simple thing that you can implement for FREE, right away, no matter what strategy(ies) you’re using to try and get clients online.

Here’s the #1 strategic shift to make in 2020 if you want to KEEP getting clients online…

Every. Time. that you engage with your audience — no matter HOW you’re showing up to market what you do — whether it’s a:

  • Webinar
  • Social post
  • Email to your list
  • Live video
  • Delivering content or coaching to your current paying clients and/or leads
  • All of the above

I want you to ask THIS question FIRST:

How can I create (MORE) of an Interactive Experience with my audience right now?

(versus something that feels more like a one-sided content presentation)

Ready for CONTEXT, and then, examples?


It’s just this simple… TRUST is lacking in the online world. Good messaging and content isn’t good enough to convert clients online anymore. You have to be EXCEPTIONAL with your marketing message AND your content, BUT you also have to be exceptional at creating connection, trust, and relationships with your online audience.


Because that connection, trust, and relationship that you create with your audience is now absolutely mandatory in order to overcome all of THIS that’s been building over the years:

  • Skepticism
  • Lack of trust
  • Course and Product Fatigue
  • A desire from consumers for more of a human touch and less of feeling like automated help is all that’s available
  • Higher prices for leads and webinar registrants
  • Lower attendance for online presentations
  • Less emails being read

What’s the new and more efficient way to build trust?

You want to constantly be asking yourself how you can create as much trust online as you do when you’re with someone in person.

Try to INTERACT online as you would in person, instead of just simply being a passive expert rattling off helpful content.

Historically, good content marketing was enough.

All you really had to do was share some helpful content, share a simple CTA at the end, and you’d hear “yes.” But today, it’s just not enough.

As I said, you need exceptional content, fantastic marketing, BUT you also need to be one of the few online business owners who is creating an INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE.


Practice offering what I call, Level 1 Invitations throughout any effort to connect with your audience.

A Level 1 Invitation is a SIMPLE invitation to just engage with you in a way that feels like an easy yes and a very low commitment for your audience. A great Level 1 Invitation should ALSO feel like it’s SUPER beneficial to them. Perhaps, it’s content that’s really valuable to them.

Whether it’s a live video, social post, email, or webinar, you need to create simple opportunities for them to answer questions, or engage in whatever creative way you can think of (even if it’s just by thinking more actively in their own mind.) You want it to feel like MORE of an experience and LESS of a school lecture.

Here are some examples:

  • Create an opportunity for them to practice what you’re sharing
  • Demonstrate a modality that you use with clients
  • Do a live case study or hot seat for your audience to watch and observe
  • Have them test out a formula or get live Q&A time with you.
  • Offer a free session
  • Anything to get them going back and forth with you or becoming active with your presentation or attempt to connect with them
  • Pose questions for them to answer
  • Have them fill out worksheets
  • Create video more often to accompany your content and prompt them with questions or actions
  • Share highly compelling stories, case studies, mission moments that cause feeling and emotion
  • Walk them through a meditative experience or visualization
  • Ask them to create something simple and submit in the moment for feedback

And don’t just choose ONE Level 1 invitation, choose many to share THROUGHOUT your attempts to connect and nurture your audience. THAT’S the subtle shift that makes ALL the difference!

All you have to do is ask the question:

How can I create (MORE) of an Interactive Experience with my audience right now?

(versus something that feels more like a one-sided content presentation)

Then, take a look at the copy, content, or way that you plan on connecting with your audience and add Level 1’s throughout!

LMK your thoughts and how you plan to use this shift!

It might seem simple — and that’s great — the best stuff often does, but it goes a LONG WAY!

Can’t wait to hear from you and hope this is a welcome tip going into the holidays that will help you show up powerfully in 2020!

Lots of love,

Mel ❤️