Are you letting this take you out of the game?

Posted on: April 9, 2015


Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done in your business?

Do you feel like there’s so much to do that you don’t even know where to start?

Are you worried that even if you DO get everything done, you still won’t have the kind of freedom that you began your business for in the first place?

When my fiancé and I woke up this morning, I was hanging out with my good ol’ pal OVERWHELM. My poor man. 🙁

After a little frenzied squawking as I puttered around the house, I began to hear myself and realize, that, as my dad would say, I was “wearing crazy pants. Extra large.”

Luckily, my guy and I have a pretty incredible relationship. He calmly observed me as I muttered complaints about all of the stuff I had to do. We ended up having a pretty good laugh about it when I looked up and said, “Do you feel sorry for yourself some days? Living with me?” 

Although I have my moments, I’ve realized, that as successful women entrepreneurs, we’ve got to make a choice, to be unavailable for overwhelm.

After I noticed my behavior, I gave Rob a squeezy hug goodbye and went into my cozy office to begin my morning practice.

To begin my practice, I read from a list of beliefs with the intention of feeling into each one, every day. One of my beliefs states,

“I have more than enough time each day to care for myself, feel good, work ON and IN my business, and enjoy the work I do, and the life I live, and the people in it. I have time for fun each day!”

I instantly felt better by choosing my words and thoughts and becoming unavailable for overwhelm. In the process, I even discovered that I’m pretty darn organized and actually ahead of schedule at the moment.

There are days when I feel like I’m so busy that I don’t have time to slow down. 

But I’ve really made it a practice to listen to myself, when it’s time to put on the breaks, or chose a different perspective.

Like Monday. I woke up tired. I’d had a big week the week before and I needed to decompress. I called a dear friend, spent the day in and out of coffee shops around central park and came home to a pedicure and a dinner date with my love. The rest of this week has been more productive than ever, but I needed that break.

Or Tuesday, when I almost caved in to the temptation of jumping straight into work and skipping my morning practice. Only to find that when I did my practice, I got a much better idea that was inspired and saved me tons of time.

LADIES! Listening to your inspired action and following your desires will keep you out of overwhelm. AND, you’ve really got to make the CHOICE to step out of it OR be gobbled up and taken out of the game like so many ARE.

Trust me, it’s an epidemic among us in this industry.

You began this business for the freedom it gives and the difference you could make.

What do you need to practice TODAY and every day to become masterful with your time and unavailable for overwhelm?

What do you need to believe each day to create a reality where there’s time for YOU and the people you love, and the life you set out to live.

To mastering our time and prioritizing living life on our terms!