What happens when you TRUST…

Posted on: May 3, 2015

Look back on what you consider to be the most momentous miracles of your life.Did you plan, calculate, and forecast each of those miracles? Did you know exactly how they would occur, or when?

I’m guessing not.

Most of the miracles in my life, especially the ones I consider to be the big bangs,snuck in unexpectedly. They were a surprise! They were outside of my scope and definitely in unthinkable forms until they took place.

It was as if, at times, they were almost camouflaged in what looked like a disaster, at first sight. In hindsight, perhaps I have blocked the flow of miraculous events, now and then, because of my unwillingness to allow “the unknown” to be my bright leading light. Most likely because of what I thought success was supposed to look like, or when I had hoped it would come.

But for the times when I was willing, receptive, and open to life getting even and ever-better, it did. And life did it in ways that were beyond anything that I’d been able to time, or imagine.

When I think about these miracles, they are smarter, more clever, and a better fit forthe journey that I’ve discovered is truly in my heart. So often, receiving the gifts that are brought unexpectedly, is what’s opened me up to cultivating good, love, abundance, and fortune from a wiser perspective, and in way that answered my ASK with such overflow, that I began to wonder why I ever thought “impossible” existed.

I’ve come to trust that there is an energy that is wiser than myself, and that knows with even greater detail, the desires of my mind, body, and soul. For that, I am forever grateful.

It is the energy that brought me my love in an entirely different form than I expected, that transformed me from a broke actress in New York City, to a city dwelling penthouse owner overlooking the gorgeous lights of Manhattan, in between world travels.

Most importantly, it is what so perfectly helped me to co-create the events of my life in a way that has broken my heart open, to find a truer and truer purpose, as I venture along this journey called life. It’s allowed me to continue making the impact that I desire to make, with the relationship that exists between women and money.

Accept the unknown. Claim your adventure. Dare to keep your heart, mind, and soul open to your true potential in every moment. Don’t be tempted to think these ideas are holding you back from diving head first into your desires and feeling them powerfully BEFORE they have manifested.

The opposite is true. YOU are the initiator of all that you create. Be an artist, YES! I’m simply reminding you, to leave space, for whatever you believe in, to dance with you,as you paint the canvas of your business and your life, in what is the most powerful duet creation you will ever experience.

Trust your desires. Although they don’t always seem rational when they first arrive, they are the truest, wisest, most powerful part of you that is waiting to be expressed. If you follow them, they will make positive change, no doubt.

They are less powerful, though, if they are kept a secret. 


Mel <3