What you MUST do BEFORE you have that big 5-figure month!

Posted on: May 6, 2015

Are you an overachiever? 

Have you ever had incredible success, felt intuitively that it was time to just digest the goodness, but your ego is telling you there’s no time for that? 

“You must go again, and go BIGGER this time!” it says. :/

I humbly share, that I created $50K in the past 7 weeks, and in all honesty, I spent a few days last week struggling at letting my intuition lead me.

I could feel that it was time to create space in my life for 3 R’s. Rest, relaxation, and reflection. Not to mention, gratitude. Luckily, the wiser side of me won out. It might have helped that as much as my head was pushing me to produce, produce, produce, my heart and body gave a clear NO.

The only productivity I experienced was binge watching the entire first season of Outlander, which I highly recommend! 🙂 

I found, that by resting my mind and distracting it from work emails, and ideas for clients, that it came back home and spent some time at rest.


The even better part, is that since I’ve given myself PERMISSION and digestive time to bask…  I’ve continued to receive, and with less effort. Isn’t the way the world works funny?

Don’t you sometimes think that you’ve got it all figured out, only to find that you had it all wrong? Maybe you realize that relaxing and leaning back really is one of the best ways to move forward. 

I’m sooooo glad to be reminded of this!

So take your hair down. If you’ve been working you’re ass off, put your feet up. If you’re not feeling the creative flow, pamper yourself. If you need to clear your mind, figure out how to put it to rest a little.

Just remember, to expand, we MUST contract.

How do you support yourself in preparing for more expansion, ladies?

To your success!