Why you can build your business faster than I did…

Posted on: May 26, 2015

I just flew back to NYC from Paris last Saturday night, and WOW was it an amazing trip!

I was thinking about how incredible it is to live in a time and place where so much is possible for women like you and me.

The education and mentorship we are able to receive and provide, the global relationships we can build, the places we can travel to and the inspiration and support of the women who have gone before us. 

It is truly incredible AND bizarre that I sometimes find myself taking it all for granted, as if it was always this way. 

Something that my coach said during our time together really stuckwith me. She said, “You can do it better, and bigger, and faster than I did.” She spoke about how the student surpasses the mentor.  

She shared that what is available to us now, wasn’t available to her when she began, and that we’ll continue to evolve past those who came before us.

I had never thought of the student surpassing the mentor. But the more I listened to what she was saying, the more it hit me that there really has never been a better time for entrepreneurship, to be a woman in business, to find clients.

What does that mean for you? 

It’s time to get real about your desires! It’s time to release any part of you who is wishing and hoping you’ve got what it takes, or that you’ll have just enough. 

Now is the time to sink into the most empowered version of you who KNOWS that this is for real. It’s happening. 

Think of your greatest desire. What would it be like if you knew it was a done deal?
What version of yourself would you be, if that was the case?

If you really allow yourself to become that woman, you’ll see how fearless and relentless she in her ability to receive and make an impact.


To your success!