{Part I: Inside} My 2 steps for profitably bringing on clients in Q1 + FREE coaching from me…

Posted on: January 7, 2021

Happy New Year!

We made it through 2020 and I’d love to start off this year with you by sharing my 2 steps for profitably bringing on clients in quarter 1, + it’s free.

What I’m sharing today can be used no matter what your intention is for 2021 with your business.

Today we’ll start with PART I!

IMPORTANT: Whoever completes these 5 steps FIRST, and THOROUGHLY, (this will be at my discretion) and emails their completed WOOP process back to my team FIRST, will get a recorded loom video with comments and coaching from me about your first quarter plan for 2021!

1) Let’s begin by taking a moment to bring to mind your desire for this first quarter.

Got it?

What I’m going to walk you through, and invite you to do, is to make a plan to ACTUALLY hit your goal, and PROFITABLY. In fact, I teach this in my U2U Course, which you can check out to get the U2U content at the most accessible price to date!

How? By making a plan that involves doing something MOST entrepreneurs DON’T do, and ends up giving you a 60% better chance of succeeding.

We’ll be using a process called WOOP.

W = Wish

O = Outcome

O = Obstacle

P = Plan

Blank Woop Worksheet PDF

2) In the Wish section, I’d love for you to detail your desire(s) for this first quarter. CAUTION: Go for less, not more. I suggest 1 – 2 overarching things to aim for. For each desire, there are many moving parts; often more than you think, and that take more time than we might anticipate! Those who are realistic and SIMPLE with the goals they set often hit them, AND don’t forget that you can always go bigger once you do what you say you’re going to do. If you constantly set goals that you don’t attain, you might be BSing yourself, or putting too much on your plate at once. Also, Be SPECIFIC!

3) In the Outcome section, detail what outcomes will take place when you attain your desire! This is the fun part. In this section, detail out the vision you can’t wait to create as your reality when this desire is fulfilled! Get specific and go in depth to truly grasp the power and reach of what you’re aiming for.

4) In the Obstacle section, anticipate any challenges that you *think might/could arise. THIS is one of the things MOST entrepreneurs DON’T do! It’s pretty silly that we cut this part out if you think about it. Perhaps we tell ourselves that being “too realistic” will hurt our vision or take us out of a “high vibe.” If you ask me, that’s a recipe for setting yourself up for failure and a lot of BS. I feel MORE confident and prepared when I’m aware of potential problems and how to solve them.

How often do things perfectly go your way with any business plan you’ve made? Yup, that’s what I thought. 😉 So take some time to reflect on your own tendencies and performance, as well as what you see coming in your industry that could affect your ability to meet your goal, or challenge you. What’s stood in the way in the past? What might possibly invite you to shift HOW you go about your plan? Why NOT contemplate it so you can make a better plan, instead of ignoring possible challenges that lead to a fantasy plan that isn’t really going to get the job done? Unload any possible mishap you can think of in this section.

5) In the Plan section, have a try at drafting the FIRST version of your Plan to attain your desire. Why do I say “first draft?” BC in my email next week, I’ll let you know the 5 client getting activities to make sure are a part of the PLAN section of your WOOP! For now, take into mind the first three sections of WOOP, and make a plan that takes them all into mind that is as realistic as possible! How are you thinking you’ll go about turning this vision into a reality?

All right, the clock is ticking!

If you’re the first to complete this process thoroughly and email it back to my team, I’ll send you a personalized video with coaching and comments from MOI!

Believing in you,


Mel ❤️