{Part II: Inside} 5 MUSTS for a Profitable Client-Getting Strategy

Posted on: January 14, 2021

I promised you that I would share the 5 things that I consider absolute MUSTS for any client-getting strategy you’re planning. (Especially if you want that strategy to turn into profit!)

Here’s the great news: There are countless ways to get from A to B, so never feel trapped into a strategy that doesn’t feel like you or light you up.

In fact, as I share these 5 things, I suggest brainstorming all of the ways you can incorporate these things in a way that works for YOU.

Without further ado, let’s talk about my favorite recipe for constructing a winning plan. Remember our WOOP exercise from last week?

I’ve created something called the 5-Part Client Attraction Framework. It’s the framework that my signature course, U2U, has been created upon. It’s really the foundation for all that I teach, because it works.

It includes 5 things that MUST be part of your plan. Here they are:

#1) Finding CLARITY.

This means you have exceptional clarity on the following:

  • What you’re offering (exactly)
  • Who you’re offering it to (exactly)
  • How to talk about it in a way that gets a response that has no less enthusiasm than this, “OMG, I need that!” from your ideal client.

If you can say with all certainty that these things are aced, you can move on to the other things that must be a part of your plan.

#2) Attracting an audience.

If you’re planning to make an offer and get clients, you’ve got to not only know exactly who the person you’re making the offer to is, but you’ve also got to ATTRACT enough of those exact people, that a certain % of them will say yes to your offer. 

It’s a numbers game. BUT, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a large %, depending on the offer and how many sales will provide you with a good return. 

How will you attract your audience in the 30-90 days leading up to making your offer?

#3) Nurturing that audience.

You’ve got CLARITY, a plan for ATTRACTing the perfect and exact audience, but how will you NURTURE them so that they Know, Like, and Trust you enough to say YES?

I love sharing content via live video, automated trainings and webinars, online spaces to engage, challenges, etc. 

I tend to plan out a series of these high-commitment, trust-building events & spaces for the new leads coming onto my list within a 30-90 day timeline before I make a significant offer. What might you do to nurture the audience you’ll be attracting?

#4) Inviting your audience to engage with you.

It’s one thing to NURTURE this audience of yours. It’s another to become masterful at INVITING them to engage with you through that nurturing. Followers are moved to engage only when they really need something and have been compelled to become a part of the conversation. And, when engagement increases, sales often do, too. 

What kind of “easy yes” invitations will you make to get that engagement up before your larger invitation (your offer) comes? 

Think about asking them to comment on posts, videos, or to reply to newsletters, share articles, come to a live presentation that you’ll be hosting, etc.

#5) Inspiring your audience.

This means that you are able, once you make that offer of yours, to INSPIRE your audience members to say YES to working with you. 

Whether that means it’s time to brush up your sales page, practice your sales conversations, or something else –  YOU decide how you can improve your conversion rate. 

No matter what the offer, you’ve got to have some way of hearing YES consistently enough to create a solid return!

Hopefully you used the WOOP system last week, and now, with these 5 things in mind, you can go back and redraft an even more solid PLAN.

Feel free to share a final version of your PLAN with me. If you’re quick, and one of the first 3 to email it to me, I’ll write back and give you my two cents!

Lots of love,
Mel ❤️