6 Steps to a SOLD OUT Group Program Launch

Posted on: December 18, 2017

Program launch

6 Steps to Nailing Your FIRST Online Group Program Launch for the Online Entrepreneur who wants to know WHAT it takes, HOW it’s done (step by step), and WHEN to start planning for her first SOLD OUT 6 – figure launch

I can’t begin to tell you how often I hear online entrepreneurs speak about their upcoming launch, absolutely FULL of excitement, but without a viable plan, or the knowledge of what it takes to create and pull off a 6 figure or multi 6 figure online launch. In fact, I used to be one of them.

It’s easy to observe the launches of others and assume that it was:

• Quickly pulled together (this MAY be the case, but TRUST me, it’s not NEARLY as effective and it’s HIGH STRESS)
• An endeavor that didn’t require much effort


• Extremely profitable

Let me tell you, those are all BIG ASSUMPTIONS!

BUT don’t let me scare you out of launching your online group program and having a wildly successful experience that creates an incredible impact and MAJORLY boosts your bottom line.

The good news is that I’ve found that launching is NOT rocket science. Instead, it’s about having a step by step PLAN, and giving yourself ample time to put that plan into place and COMMIT to following it.

Therefore, what I ultimately desire to do, is to help you get REAL about the process, and see why planning is a necessity and something that will absolutely take your launch and online business to a whole new level!

I present to you, my 6 step system for creating a killer online group program launch.

1. Get Clear on Your Desired Outcome
You’ve got to start with a very clear outcome in mind, because after all, how can you arrive if you don’t know where you’re going? About 90 days out from your program launch (meaning when the cart officially opens) be clear on things like:

  • Who is the program for? (Not generally, but who is the EXACT person that your program is meant for?)
  • What is the purpose of the program? (Stated CLEARLY in one sentence.)
  • How many clients would you like to have enrolled?
  • Does launching this program align with your brand and your ultimate goals for your business? (Does this launch tie in nicely with what you’re KNOWN for and will it attract the ideal client who is already hanging out in your online community?)

2. Know Your Numbers and Work Backward to Choose Important Launch Dates & Create Your Sales Page
THIS. Is. Huge, and also something that needs to be decided 90 days (or more, depending on the size of your online following) before the opening of your cart and the launch of your group program. This is the #1 most overlooked part of the program launch process. Unfortunately, for those who are leaving this out, it’s the #1 MUST to ensure that you actually hit your launch goals.

This is the part where you get really real with yourself about things like:

  • The size of your Current Following (How large is your list and your online following?)
  • How large you’ll need to Grow Your LIST and your online following to convert the number of signups that you desire (For programs UNDER a $1K price point, you might convert between 2% – 5% of your list. For programs priced OVER $2K, you might convert between .5% – 2% of your list.)
  • The Price Point of your program and whether or not you’ll include a payment plan
  • The Opening and Closing Dates for your launch (Perhaps an Early Bird period as well.)

Knowing how much you’ll need to grow your list and online community will give you an idea of the best time for you to launch. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take the time to build and nurture your community sufficiently BEFORE you open your cart. Additionally, based on how successfully you’ve been selling your products/services to date, you can decide upon a price point that feels right for you.

If you’re still not sure:

  • How big your following should be before you open your cart
  • How soon to start building your list before a launch
  • What percentage of your list and online community is likely to buy
  •  How much to budget for FB ads
  • How to determine the price point of your online group program

Then definitely grab a hold of my Free Training Module:

Program launch

I love having my sales page for my group program designed about 60 days out (45 days will work too). When you create your sales page, you really have to think through the details, like what’s included, how the teachings are organized, any bonuses, pricing, etc. It’s awesome to feel clear about this from the start and it’ll make the remaining steps much easier! Plus, having it ready to go can encourage early sign ups and it always boosts your confidence to have some peeps in your program right from the start.

3. Decide on Team Members Needed and Hiring Budget
It’s important to make sure you have the proper support during a program launch. I would look to hire your team members AT LEAST 90 days out from your cart open date, especially as these team members need time to plan too, and to work their magic. So many of us, as entrepreneurs, have been wearing multiple hats for far too long. During a launch, it’s time to say bye bye to that mentality. Plain and simple, you don’t want to be doing it all alone, or you might say, “Never again!” once your launch experience is over, no matter how well it turns out in the end.

Here are a few team members that you might think about bringing on during your launch:

  • Virtual Assistant – I personally think a VA is a MUST. There’s plenty of backend work that will need to be done. You’ll have lead pages, shopping carts, and campaigns, at the very least, that will need to be designed and set up.
  • FB Ad/Paid Lead Generation Expert – It’s as simple as this, you MUST have a community of leads and fans who are actually interested in buying from you in order to have a successful launch. You can always work with someone to drive traffic and build your community organically, but paying for traffic is one of the best investments you can make and I highly recommend it during a launch, especially if you’re aiming for the 6 figure mark or higher.
  • Designer – You’ll need someone to create banners, images, and a sales page that looks professional. This is an investment that goes a long way and doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny to make a big impact.
  • Copywriter – Those sales emails and that sales page will work magic for you when you have the right language that speaks to your ideal client and masterfully shows the value of the work you do.
  • Launch Manager – During a launch, especially your first one, you’re not likely to regret having the support of someone who tells you what needs to be done, when, and by who. If you have a mentor who is a launch wiz, that will suffice. Many feel like they’re flying by the seat of their pants during their first launch, so to save yourself excess stress, find someone to help you get ahead of the game, ahead of time.

4. Create a List Building Plan (organic and paid) to Expand Your Reach and Engage with Ideal Potential Clients Leading up to the Launch
Once you’ve gone through all of these steps, you’ll have much more clarity in terms of how large your online following and list should be in time to open your cart and officially launch your group program. I like to have a solid list building plan put together 90 days out. (Step 5 below will be a major piece of your list building plan.)

To start building up your community, here are a couple of great ways to go about it:

  • Focus on Growing your own Private Facebook Group
  • Host Live Content Events (live challenges and/or webinars) to grow your following and nurture them too
  • Create Juicy Lead Magnets (make sure your content attracts leads who are likely to also be interested in your upcoming group program)
  • Look out for Great joint venture Opportunities, like affiliate partners, podcast interviews, summits, etc. that can help you elevate your brand and build your list with a free offer

5. Create and Develop Pre-Launch and Cart Open CONTENT
Content is QUEEN my dear. It’s just that simple. Prior to my launch, I like to create 1 or 2 live Pre Launch Content events (webinars, challenges, online workshops, etc. that I host about 30 days out from the opening of my cart) that are super super juicy and attractive to my followers.

This is of course a great way to build your following, but also to NURTURE them and build know, like, and trust BEFORE you offer your paid program. Be generous here and give your best stuff. Make sure this content is a great pre-cursor to your paid program.

Additionally, create Cart Open Content as well that is LIVE. The only difference is that now you’re hosting webinars, live calls, or case studies, and actually pitching after sharing your best free content, AND you’re hosting WHILE the cart is open.

6. Decide on Program Launch Marketing Strategies
I like to have multiple strategies to my launch so that there are many ways for clients to find and enroll in my group program, especially when it comes to successfully creating and pulling off a 6 figure or multi 6 figure launch.

You might use any combination of the following strategies:

and any additional ideas that you might have for attracting leads, making your offer, and filling your program.

All right lady, that’s the whole launch enchilada! Follow these 6 steps and let me know how it goes along the way.

Don’t forget that if you’d like some support hashing out those launch numbers, that you can grab my Free Training Module, Know Your Numbers. Nail Your Launch, HERE.

Lots of love and happy launching,