7 Steps for More Live Viewers on Facebook Live + Boosted Engagement

Posted on: May 8, 2019

Ever feel like you wish more of your ideal clients could find you online?

Feel like it’s been a little trickier to get engagement in your Facebook group and viewers on your Facebook live?

Let’s not kid ourselves, there have definitely been some major changes going on, on various social media platforms.

The thing is, these platforms succeed when their members enjoy their experience and continue to spend time there.

Naturally, when the people on a social platform start feeling like they’re being sold to too often, precautions are taken to protect the user base.

As a business owner, it can feel like the opportunities you’ve had to spread the word about your work are disappearing.

However, I have a different perspective, AND, I actually love the opportunities that these changes bring!


I think this is forcing more online marketers to take Steve Martin’s advice and “be so good they can’t ignore you.”

We’re being invited to speak more powerfully about not just about the benefits we help our clients create, but the MISSION that fuels why we do what we do.

People want you to speak to their needs and minds yes, but you stand out like crazy when you speak to their hearts, too.

We’re being invited to become smarter marketers and get creative.

That’s why, I thought it might be super helpful if I let you know how I’m still able to get 1,000+ views in 24 hours or less and 100s of comments on my fb lives, even as the platform shifts!

In fact, I’ve got 7 steps I’d love for you to try out so that you can attract more live viewers on Facebook Live + majorly boost your engagement! Enjoy!

1) Have a Killer Topic/Title for Your Facebook Live
Simple as that. Talk about stuff that your ideal clients are craving answers to. A good way to think about this is to ask yourself, “What are the questions that my ideal clients are always asking me?” Even better, use their EXACT words to title your next Facebook Live. Make sure that the title you use let’s them know what they’ll get/learn from spending time on your live. People need to know in about a three second time frame, that it’s worth their time, in order to say yes!

2) Let Your Audience Know Ahead of Time
Your title will help viewers decide to stop in and listen, but it’s also great to let any audience that you might have, know in advance. Here’s my checklist of how I notify my peeps a couple of hours before I go live:

• I Mail My List. Here’s an example of my last email notifying my list. Notice how I keep it short and sweet and I use the title of the Facebook Live as the title of my email as well?

• I Post on Social Media Platforms. I might post on IG and on my Facebook Business Page or Facebook Group that I’ll be going live with the title and time. I may even tag followers in my group, I mark this post as an announcement and pin it to the top of the feed.
• Create a Facebook Event for the Live. This is another great way to make your Facebook Live feel more special and get the word out.

3) Be Compelling Right from the Start
Have you ever started to watch a livestream only to get bored while hosts shoot the sh** at the beginning bc they’re waiting for more people to join? I suggest avoiding this practice and instead, announcing right away what the topic of your video is. Then share the top three or four compelling and specific things you’ll be sharing. After you make those moves, dive straight into content, you can always recap part way through, and/or at the end. If you really want to buy a little time, share some really great stats that support your topic and the importance of the content you’ll be sharing.

4) Invite Your Followers to Spread the News
It’s great to get into the habit of asking your followers to share your video with even one other person if they enjoyed what you shared and think it might be helpful to another human. I try to remember to do this absolutely every single time that I’m live. Teach your audience to spread the word and if you’re doing a great job and over-delivering, they’ll be happy to. I tend to do this toward the end when I’ve already been generous with my content and had a chance to touch on my mission in a powerful way.

5) Ask Your Audience to Interact with You
If you want to boost engagement on your Facebook Live video, you’ll have to ask your audience to engage with you. The mistake most people make is that they: #1 ask questions that are unclear/rambly, #2: they ask questions too quickly that are too personal, or #3: they ask questions that require lots of thought and an answer that’s more than just a few words. Instead invite your audience to answer with a number, or even just a single word. Keep the questions fun, light, and simple.

Another way to ask your audience to engage is to poll them during a Facebook Live. For example, when I wanted feedback about a content topic I was planning to share about, I actually went through the title of the content, and the 3 bullet points to see how exciting it sounded to my followers. I asked them to rate each line from 1 – 10 (least interested to most interested) and why.

I also invite my audience to take notes in the comment section and type out each step that I’m teaching. It helps humans to write what they’re hearing while they’re hearing it, so I encourage that kind of participation and it becomes something that my audience is used to and enjoys doing.

6) Tell Stories that they can identify with and relate to, and that bring out your voice.
When I hosted my event, Ascend Live, this past fall in 2018, so much of the feedback mentioned the stories that I’d told. Humans love stories. It’s why we sing songs and create TV shows and tell our friends and families stories about our own lives. It’s how we connect and relate to each other. It’s how we bond and build trust. Use your own unique stories from your life to illustrate your teaching points. It makes it easier for your audience to learn and remember, and it helps to build the relationship. Just make sure to share your story from a place of service. That means that it’s being told specifically to share a nugget with your audience that can help them.

7) Invite them to your next piece of Free Content/Facebook Live
Make the most out of your time on live video by inviting your audience to join you for your next Facebook live or piece of free content that you’ll be hosting. You could alternatively share the URL for a freebie or lead magnet that they could download. It’s great to keep inviting your audience to follow along with you and keep watching. That’ll help you build the relationship, and often we forget to always have a simple invitation at the end of a Facebook Live, so our audience can keep hanging out with us.

All right, let me know if my seven steps have been helpful for you! I’d love to hear how it goes.

To more women change-makers being seen, and boosting genuine connection with their followers.

All my belief and faith in you,