{Access to My ACTUAL June numbers} So you can see what comes in, what goes out, and how I use my resources!

Posted on: July 4, 2015

Ever wonder if coaches are really making the money they SAY they’re making?

Do you worry sometimes that it’s not possible to make incredible money as a coach?

I’ve had both of those thoughts, and MORE, during my journey as a coach.

That’s why I’m doing something I’ve never done before

I’m showing you my numbers!

More importantly, I’m showing you what I believe helps me consistently create numbers like these, and HOW I use my money to keep me building on an upward trend, with the ability to invest largely, and HAVE FUN living my life!

First off, here’s the #1 thing that I believe stops coaches from big, sexy paydays…

  • Diving into the “HOW” before the vision is complete! When you start with HOW you’re going to make the money, the magic and the vision get’s MURDERED! 😉 When you start from your vision and your desires, then the path will be laid out for you as you move toward it. You can’t wait for the entire roadmap to come to you before you begin. You just need one step at a time. It’s can be a hard lesson to learn. <3

Here’s what my coach told me, that has changed EVERYTHING!

  • “Money flows to where there is a purpose.” So so so true! My fiance, Rob, is an amazing man. He’s my financial planner, so he’s helped me get really smart with my money, and lay out my financial roadmap to success. While we were in France in May on a train from Nice to Monaco, he helped me create an awesome spreadsheet (I’m NOT a spreadsheet kind of gal, so if you aren’t either, stick with me! This is NOT tune out time and you don’t necessarily need a spreadsheet. You DO need a strong purpose or purposes!)

Once we identified the PURPOSE for the money I desired to create, Rob helped me create this spreadsheet. It spans the entire summer through to September. My overarching goal is to launch my next group coaching program. When I saw the numbers all laid out, I felt a little scared, but MOSTLY, it lit a FIRE under me… in a very sexy way. 😉

Here is the PURPOSE for the money I desired for this past month of June, plus you can see the other months too.

Some of the columns are in blue. I marked them that way to show which ones I’d paid for at a certain point in the month.

At the bottom, you can see the total amount of cash I needed to bring in to be able to pay for my investments, without taking on debt.

2 Notes: 1) You’ll also notice that there’s a place for credit card repayment, and my 401K, too. (I wasn’t always able to put those on this list, so it’s ok if you’re not there yet, I wasn’t for a long time!) 2) I’m excited, because I hired an amazing Social Media agency this month to get me up and running on 5-7 social media platforms. Exciting!

Now, here’s how I desired to serve in my business in June, in order to make the money for these investments plus $5K to add to my savings, $1K for play money (Rob and I are on what I call an “appreciation getaway” as we speak. I take him on these as often as possible to show how much I appreciate him being an amazing and supportive partner <3), and $3k just to be in my checking account to begin each month.

You can see that my goal was to enroll 10 women into my MYMC 6 week telecourse! I know how many coaches struggle with sales and I BELIEVE in the course so much, so that felt great. Plus, it’s an online course now, so it’s completely passive income, so I can leverage and focus on my larger goal which is to serve my 1:1 clients and build this next group program.

You can also see that for June, I desired 5 new 1:1 clients in my private coaching program. 

My spreadsheet accounts for a certain number of payment plans and a certain number of pay in fulls. That way I know how much cash I’ll actually need, in order to make my investments.

If you total the cash columns, you’ll see that if I meet my goals, I’ll have $26,668 in cash which would cover all of my investments, with $3,263 left over.


I’ll show you my ACTUAL numbers for June and how I’m using my resources! Plus in honor, gratitude, and SUPPORT of our latest civil rights quantum leap, you can see how much I donated to the LGBT community here in NYC.

What I really want to communicate to you by showing you these numbers is how powerful PURPOSE can be!

We started these businesses to make an impact!

We do what we do because we CARE about making a difference.

We have that passionate desire to work for ourselves so we can the freedom to live full out!

Put your purpose in place and make a difference. Let go of shame around your desires for a full life.

You make the biggest difference when you have the resources you need to be present with your clients and the people you love and ACTUALLY have something to GIVE!

To your success!


Where did I put my resources?

a) I needed $23,405 in cash! I made my investments 🙂

b) That means I had $8,389.32 leftover

c) I put $5000 into my savings account (now $3,389.32)

d) I took $1000 to go away for a weekend with Rob (now $2,389.32) and $300 toward massages (now $2,089.32) and I signed up for my pottery class that I love ($1794.32)

e) I put another $794.32 into savings (now $1,000.00) Then I donated the last $1000 to NYC’s LGBT community center. You can check them out here: https://gaycenter.org/