Are you being relentless about these 2 things?

Posted on: July 28, 2015


Does the word relentless make you pause for a second? Maybe you’re not sure you really want to be relentless about anything?

But then, you think about things that really matter to you… like your family, your love, or your freedom, and maybe then, you can feel that there is a part of you that is relentless, in some way, about these things.

There is so much passion and love inside of me that continues to burn brighter as I connect with more and more women and see them transform.

This very change that I see in my clients, fuels this relentless fire inside of me and helps me practice 2 things that I’d sharing with you today.

In fact, these 2 things, have allowed me to:

  • Reach almost 50 women in the past two months and help them transform their sales conversations so they can create more resources and have more freedom in their life
  • Free up more of my time up to make an even bigger impactbecause I’m bringing in $5K – $7K revenue in passive income each month THROUGH the sales course
  • Watch these incredible women burst with joy that they finally have the money to put their kids through school, pay off debt, finally take a much needed vacation, treat themselves to a nice dinner out for the first time in who knows how long, etc…
  • Generate $30K – $50K a month in my coaching business so I can create more programs to bring women entrepreneurs together andFINALLY reach their version of success

Ready to know these 2 things?

#1) Stay OUT of the HOW!

During a meditation the other day, I was contemplating HOW I would hit my revenue goal this month in my business.

When I heard my guidance for the day, it said,

“If you only knew just how many ways we can, and will, help you manifest this money, you would EXPLODE with laughter in the face of any doubt or uncertainty.”

Stay out of the HOW. Keep your mind on your vision and your burning desires, no matter what the reality in front of you looks like.

Believe more in your desires than in what you can visibly see, and every step will be laid out in front of you in perfect timing.

Ex) One of my goals this month, was to enroll 10 women in my sales course, MYMC. Until a week ago, yesterday, I had no idea how this would happen.

I got the plan last Monday, and the plan will be fulfilled by the 31st.

Sales are at 13 women. I’m past the goal. I didn’t work my ass off.

I DID believe in the outcome, keep the faith, and follow any guidance I was given immediately and without question.


Entrepreneurs who are broke, often have bright shiny object syndrome.

They also look outside of themselves for answers, either seeking validation from others or suffering from comparison-itis about what others in the industry are doing to have success.

It robs them of their own voice and originality. Yes, there is a place for watching what’s working and then allowing it to work for you, but get your guidance from within, keep it that simple, and then COMMIT to it!

If something you’re doing doesn’t APPEAR to be working, but it’s worked before, or for others, the fault is yours (said with love).

This is your opportunity to master what you’re attempting, and to test and tweak it, until you’re so good at it, you could teach it to others.

This is NOT the time to add on something new, to create more complexity and inefficiency, and to consequently have less and less of an informed idea about what’s broken in your business.

Be Consistent.

Commit to being visible each day, and never stop committing.

COMMIT to a plain, simple, understandable message, and DO NOT CHANGE your message 10 million times.

There is always room to test and tweak your message by saying the same thing in a million different ways to see what gets traction, but

please avoid subconsciously eroding your communities confidence in the soundness of your expertise, by catching the entrepreneurial epidemic of repeatedly changing your mind and message. 
To having faith in your desires and to an abundance of inspired action,

Melissa XO