Creating Your Client-Getting Daily To Do List

Posted on: August 20, 2021
Creating Your Client-Getting Daily To Do List

Recently, I shared two of the main reasons that I believe entrepreneurs succeed, and I followed up those reasons by sharing details of the client-getting framework that I use in my own business and share with my clients.

It’s one of the most important things that I teach; and if you missed it, don’t worry, I’ll summarize it a bit below.

Today, I’m going to continue on the path of sharing some of the important things I teach my clients by showing you how to create daily to do lists that ACTUALLY help you get clients.

{PLUS, if you read through this all the way to the bottom, there’s an opportunity for you to receive a little bit of free coaching from me!}

As a quick refresher, my 5-Part Framework is:


Clarity is about being crystal clear on what you offer, who you offer it to, how to talk about what it is in a compelling way. It’s also about discovering your own original framework that helps facilitate the transformation you provide for your clients.


This part is about attracting and growing an audience of followers who share common values and beliefs, who are hungry to work with you, and who feel supported by your expertise and your mission.


Nurture is about honing your ability to inspire and maintain connection and engagement in your community while you build genuine relationships and serve with integrity.


This step is about making invitations (whether free or paid) to your audience and creating a pathway for leads to become clients and clients to continue saying “yes” to working with you for a longer journey that delivers greater value.


Inspire is about enrolling clients with heart, excitement, and integrity while discovering how to become a woman who feels confident and proud to make an offer and share her gifts.

So, with that covered, back to the topic of the day: How do I create daily to do lists (that actually get me clients) from this framework?

What I know for sure is that if I take actions that fall under each of these categories on a daily, weekly, or sometimes even monthly basis, I will get clients.

Think about it:

If you have clarity on your offer, who it’s for, and you know how to talk about it…


You also have an audience full of ideal potential clients that you’ve attracted and nurtured


You invite and inspire them to say yes to your offers…

How could you NOT get clients?

Each day when I make my list, I go through each part of the framework, once I’m clear on my goal:

1) Do I have clarity on my current offer, who it’s for, and how to talk about it?

If the answer is “no” to this first Clarity question, I go no further. The only thing I would spend time on in this case is getting clarity on my offer, my ideal client, and making sure I’m nailing my messaging. It’s not worth putting time into much else if these foundations aren’t clear!

2) What can I do TODAY to attract new leads?

I suggest doing something every single day to grow your audience. Even if you only grow your audience by one person, do something to grow your audience every single day. This might be adding people to your list with a lead magnet, inviting people to follow you online somewhere, reaching out to someone you met at a conference. It could even be spending time creating content that will attract leads.

3) What can I do TODAY to nurture my audience?

I suggest doing something every single day to nurture your audience. This could be creating content for a monthly webinar, delivering any kind of content presentation, emailing your list, writing a follow up email to a hot lead, etc.

4) What can I do TODAY to invite my audience to engage and say yes?

I suggest doing something every single day to invite your audience to say yes to something, whether free or paid. Most of your invitations should be easy to say yes to. Things like replying to your email, commenting below on a post or live video, following you online, etc. Other invitations that happen less often than free engagement invitations might be offering assessments, free calls, or paid offers.

5) Am I highly skilled at inspiring my potential leads?

Do you have the skills to be on a sales call or have you created any kind of sales process, like a funnel, or even a sales page or video, that converts clients? If you feel like your ability to convert your client in the moment when the invitation for your paid offer is in front of them, then you need to spend time here improving this part of the framework.

Hope this helps!

Now, for a call to action (and the free coaching opportunity I mentioned!)

Take time right now to write down:

#1) Your goal for the next 90 days

#2) Your to do list according to my 5 part client attraction framework with that goal in mind.

The first five people who reply to this email with their goal & list will get a loom response from me with some free coaching!


Mel <3