Does your OFFER “sound nice”? OR do people “NEED IT!”?

Posted on: January 25, 2018


Ever feel like you share what you do and get a great response, like, “Wow! I love your work, that is SO needed!”?

But when it comes time to invite that person to work with you, there are countless reasons why it’s not the “right time,” they “can’t afford it”, or maybe it’d be great for someone else, but it’s not really their thing, right?

The part that might stump you the most is that you can tell that they actually ARE an ideal client and you COULD help them with the work that you do.

Ouch, I’ve been there. :/

The truth?

You’ve been caught in the Messaging Mishap TRAP!

You’ve been FOOLED by offering a NON-drool worthy and anything BUT irresistible offer!

I learned the hard way, but it appears that there is a BIG difference between the “Oh, that’s nice!” response and the response you’re ACTUALLY looking for, which is a passionate, “OMG, I NEED that!”

When you hear the latter, that’s when you know your Marketing Message has struck GOLD, and your business is on its way to creating IMPACT and REVENUE. <3

So, HOW, you might ask, do you make a simple tweak, when you talk about your work, so that you can go from “that’s nice” to “MUST HAVE!”?

You make sure that the 3 P’s are evident in your marketing, ALWAYS.

I don’t care if it’s a Facebook Live, a social media post, a sales email, a sales page, or a sales conversation. It’s time to be clear, savvy, and succinct about what you do while making it a no brainer:

Allow me to reveal the 3 P’s to you. <3

The P for Person = WHO specifically your offer is for

The P for Pain = WHAT specific pain point(s) that working with you will help them overcome

The P for Pleasure = WHAT specific pleasures (outcomes/results) that working with you will help them achieve

Humans invest for 2 reasons; to avoid pain, and to experience pleasure. If they ALSO know that you’re talking to THEM, and those pain and pleasure points are strong, then they’ll understand that you understand THEM, relate to them, and are an expert at what you do who can help them get what they haven’t yet been able to achieve on their own.

IMPORTANT: Remember that marketing is ALWAYS best, when it is specific, and NOT general.

Here are some additional helpful pointers when it comes to the 3 P’s and incorporating them powerfully into your marketing message…

***If your P for Person applies to almost any life form in the world, you’re in trouble. If Man or Woman is just about the ONLY distinguishing demographic detail, then you’re up the crick without a paddle, yo!

Instead, try things like:

  • women in their 30’s who are preparing for pregnancy
  • men who have recently gone through a divorce
  • online female service based entrepreneurs
  • health conscious women and men who are struggling with bloating and digestive issues

***If your P for Pain is sounding general, and it too could apply to just about any life form, same thang lady. For example, if the main words you’re using to describe your client’s pain points are words like, “STUCK,” “disempowered,” “lost,” etc. we have a big problem. #sorrynotsorry

Instead try things like:

  • spent 2 hours on a social media post and got NO comments and only 1 like!
  • become bloated within an hour EVERY time you eat, even with “heathy” foods like avocados!
  • feel like all of the good partners are taken and worried you’ll be single FOREVER

***If your P for Pleasure is ALSO sounding general, and once again, it could apply to just about any life form, I’m sorry to say you’re in the same bad boat. Too often we fall into the trap of describing our clients desires with words/phrases like, “stepping into their power”, “live the life of their dreams”, “feel fulfilled” without realizing that these words could apply to ANYONE and also mean very different things to different people.

Instead try things like:

Master your sales process so you can hear yes 50% or more of the time & double your sales
Enjoy eating again, (even when you’re out at a restaurant) with NO bloating or DIETING, AND at your ideal weight
Finally believe that it’s possible for you to find a partner who shares your values and attract the love of your life

Pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, ladio?

Let me know if this is helpful for you next time you put your message out into the world. <3

AND, I’d love to see how the response you get changes when you begin to master the 3 P’s

To being a savvy and impactful, 3 P-packed leader,


Mel <3