{Expecting VS. Impatience} Which are you?

Posted on: June 20, 2017


I was at an Abraham Hicks conference a few weekends back.

For those of you who follow good ol’ Abe, you know that Abe teaches that there are really 2 sides to any and every subject, energetically and vibrationally speaking.

For ex) If you think of any topic, like LOVE, for instance, you can either feel the LACK of love or you can feel the HAVING of it.

The same applies to money. You could think of how you don’t have as much as you want, or that you’re excited that you’ll keep making more.

You could say that one side of the subject is vibrationally all about the glass being half empty, and the other side of the subject is vibrationally about the glass being half full. The cool thing is, it doesn’t matter what your “reality” about the subject is. It’s much more important how you FEEL about the topic.

And when you choose to FEEL the way you want to feel, you start to create more, materially, of what you desire that you believe will create more of those feel good feelings. 🙂

Make sense?

It turns out that deciding to create those feelings that match your desires, BEFORE your desires materialize, is quite an art, and something that I continue to practice.

Something I noticed in myself, especially early on in my business building journey, and that I notice often in my clients, is the obvious 2 sides of the subject of business success and how the lack side can really act up.

I’ve found that if I stay more on the Expectant side of business success, I enjoy more of my journey. However, once I start to venture over to the Impatient side, I get all kinds of what if thoughts that turn my business journey into an uphill battle.

It’s easy to do. Especially when things turn out differently than we expect.

After my weekend conference with Abraham, I thought about that. I thought about all of the fun things I had planned over Spring and into this Summer! I noticed my Expectant energy and how good it felt.

When my mom was coming to visit, I didn’t worry that she wouldn’t arrive.

When I was getting ready for my trip to England with Rob, I didn’t worry that I wouldn’t have a great time.

When I was getting ready for my Family Reunion that I’m enjoying right now, I wasn’t worrying that it wouldn’t happen each time it came to mind.

No, I was expectant of it being joyful. I thought, wow, if for every big risk I take in my business, if for every next level I brave, I could be in this energy, how powerful and wonderful might the ride be?

Are you Impatient or Expectant?

Which side of the subject are you coming up on in business and in life?

To a joyful journey for you,

M <3