How I figured out what made me different + started STANDING OUT!

Posted on: November 10, 2015


Ever felt stuck when it comes to what makes you different?

Ever feel like there’s just so many coaches out there online, and in the meantime, you’ve got no idea what could make you stand out?

I’m working with my ladies in UnderEarner to Unforgettable (my 6 month group coaching program) on their messaging. It’s reminding me of when I read Danielle LaPorte’s brilliant book, The FireStarter Sessions.

She has so many great questions in her book that really help with clarity around what you do, and what makes you unique.

It’s kind of funny, but I had this idea in my head that I’ve never been business savvy until just recently…

I did a certain exercise to find out what was unique about me, about 14 months ago. I thought it might be helpful to look back on a handful of stories throughout my life, and see if I could notice a through line that would clue me into what I do/who I am, uniquely, as a business owner and coach.

It worked! What was funny about it, is that I realized, I’d always been into sales and business, and coaching.

It was these 4 stories, that really had me realizing what my edge/hook was, and how to go about leading with that over and over again, until I could get known for the kind of work I do.

  • I remembered that my dad got me and my sister started running a pet sitting business when we were in high school. Even if subconsciously, I realized that I had the ability to render a service and make my own money.
  • I remembered playing checkers with my grandfather and my mom’s friends from her graduate program. My mom has her doctorate in Chemistry, and she was a non-traditional student, because she went back to graduate school after my sister and I were in grade school. She brought all kinds of silly grad students to our house, and one after another, I’d beat them at checkers. My grandfather was a pro at checkers too, and he’d beat me sometimes, but often, I won. Now there are a lot of things I’m not good at, but strategy isn’t one of them. I started to realize, that I was good at planning ahead, having foresight, and planning strategy, which is one of my favorite things about running my business!
  • I worked as a personal trainer at a club in Boston, before I moved to New York. I excelled at sales and quickly got promoted to a management position where I trained other trainers on their sales process, among other things.
  • I suffered from crippling anxiety in my late teens, up into my mid 20’s. I remember being so angry about it. At some point, I made a choice to gain control of my mind, and the thoughts I was thinking that were causing me to feel fearful. I can finally say I’m grateful for that time. It allowed me to become so mentally resilient, that even when entrepreneurship has been hard, I’ve never worried that I would give up.

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Looking back on these stories really helped me decide who I was, what kind of coach I was, and what I could specialize in, to be different from other [business] coaches out there.

Perhaps it’s time for you to take a look into your past and discover some things about you, that are most likely right in front of your nose, but super interesting to your followers.

In fact, what you might not think is very interesting, is often something that the people you can make an impact with, would be grateful to hear!

Think of 3 stories from your past that clue you in to what’s special and unique about you. Put them into your online marketing to stand out and attract some clients you love, and align with!

To learning from our past and proudly standing out,