How much to work ON your biz vs. IN your biz for $10K months

Posted on: July 16, 2015


Do you ever feel like the only way to make more money, is to work harder, longer hours?

Are you sometimes frustrated because you don’t see any way to be creating bigger paydays without feeling burnt out or exhausted?

You may know by now that although I’ve been in business for myself for the past 6 years this September, it hasn’t been an easy ride the entire time.

I began as a personal trainer, then began training my clients over Skype, then I coached on sex and intimacy, and now I’ve arrived on my dime! I’m a business coach for online coaches with a burning desire to create a positive impact in the lives of their clients, and create their first $10K month and beyond!

I wanted to share with you, that although I was able to make pretty good money in each of these businesses, I always hit a limit to how much money I could earn.

Can you relate?

Looking back, I can clearly see what the problem was, although at the time, I had no idea what I was doing wrong…

Awesomely enough, I’d usually double my income in a short period of time, and then double it again. I quickly produced growth spurts in my businesses. However, I didn’t seem to double my income a 3rd time, very often, and definitely not without feeling burnt out, and completely overworked.

The big thing that I was missing in the way I ran my business, was creating enough time to work ON my business.

Working IN your business is the time you spend with clients and/or delivering your services.

The time you spend working ON your business, is everything else. For me, it’s a lot of planning, launching, creating, DELEGATING, and making sure that I’m leading my business, instead of the other way around.

When I’ve got plenty of time to work ON my business, I’m constantly grounded in my ultimate vision, and able to make sure that all of the actions I take, align with that vision.

Here are some of the reasons I see business owners hit burnout, like I used to:

  • They haven’t learned to delegate (maybe they’re afraid to trust someone else, even though, once you dust off your hiring and team management skills, these people will do many tasks much better than you, and FASTER!)
  • Their prices are too low (maybe they’re worried clients won’t pay higher prices… do your mindset work!)
  • They overbook themselves (If you’re worried about money, you might keep adding on clients, without looking at other opportunities to leverage
  • They feel they don’t have time to leverage (With all of their clients, how could they ever make time to create that group program or product?)
  • They’re always putting out fires (Instead of being clear on what the main priority is, sometimes people lack organizational and planning skills and get stuck putting out fires instead of focusing on major tasks that move them forward in their business, especially financially)

Here’s the ratio I keep, to make sure that I’m aligned with my vision, and always pointed toward success.

I work ON my business 70% of the time and IN my business 30% of the time.

In fact, my team members know there are just 2 days a week (and not completely full days either, so I can get other things done) that I schedule clients, and that the rest is all about working ON my business.

I also color-code my schedule so that I can see where I’m spending most of my time, and where I’m lacking in a certain area. I always like to make sure I‘ve got plenty of time with my hunny! Here’s a picture of us. <3

How much are you working ON and IN your business?What might you delegate to free yourself up to have your business making more money and a bigger impact?

Is there a way you could rearrange your schedule to get you kicking just a little more ass?

Let me know what changes you’re inspired to make and keep this ration in mind!

To your success,