How to hear YES! 80% + of the time on your SALES calls without TRYING (so hard)

Posted on: June 15, 2017

I’d been on the look out for a new team member and had an appointment with someone who I thought would be a great fit.

It was funny, on our call (where I was the potential client) I had mentioned that sales was something that I was good at. When it came time for him to tell me about what it would look like to work together, he said, “Oh, I’m actually terrible at sales!”

He was pretty clumsy during his pitch, but actually, he wasn’t bad at all at sales. Our conversation was so natural that it didn’t feel like a sales conversation.

And that, my dear, is a little of what I want to share with you today. I’ve been noticing lately that my sales calls continue to feel more and more effortless, and I believe it’s coming down to 2 things; Transparency and Creating Genuine Feelings.

In order to explain what I mean by that and how you might apply it practically during a sales call, here are 3 things you might try out next time you’re on the phone with a potential client:

#1: Speak like you’re talking to a friend…

  • Ever notice that selling is sometimes taught in a crazy scripty way, leading you to ask what turns out to be SILLY or unintuitive questions? And since you don’t remember what you just asked, (you were too busy wondering what to ask next and trying to follow a SCRIPT) and you didn’t hear the answer anyway (you were STILL lost somewhere in the script AGAIN), that connection just doesn’t get cultivated during your conversation.
  • If a question you’re asking feels contrived to you, it probably feels contrived to them!
  • Let’s just keep it simple. Talk like a normal person and make your #1 priority to be present and listen while you pretend you’re talking to a good friend.

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#2: Please, ACT like the Expert!

  • So clearly you can’t just go in and shoot the shit with your friend. Yes, it’s great to have some strategy, but it doesn’t take much. So here’s the simple strategy, you MUST be ok with being the expert during your call. You know your shit, so as you’re listening, what makes sense to ask them next?
  • When I was coaching about relationships, I wanted to know: Are you in one? What do you think your triggers are with your partner? What patterns have you witnessed within yourself that tend to create your current situation? What were you taught about relationships? Are you conscious of how you might be blocking love? Are you available for coaching and to hear the hard stuff sometimes?
  • If you don’t know enough about what you do to know the next question to ask that will help you and your potential client discover whether or not it’s a good fit, you either haven’t put enough thought into it, don’t have a great process for teaching your stuff, or you aren’t REALLY expert enough to teach it. (Said with love)
  • What do YOU need to know about someone to know if you can help them?

#3: Transparency

Ya know when you come across a people pleaser, or maybe when you’re being one?
Can you sense how the dynamic and energy changes between 2 people when one starts bending over backward to please another? It’s that yucky energy when all of a sudden you’re not just wanted, but needed?

  • Keep it real during a call. If a client has HUGE expectations for their work with you and what they want to achieve, tell them what it’s gonna take and be unapologetic it about it. Don’t make something that takes real dedication sound like a walk in the park if you don’t think it will be. They need to know what it takes to kick buns with your support, and you’ve got to make sure they’re up for it.
  • A coaching relationship based on people pleasing and promises lacks the strength that we need in a mentor who can actually hold space for us to change and tell it like it is when we need it.

Try these tips out on your next sales call, and let me know how it goes!

To keepin’ it real!

M <3

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