How to multiply the RESULTS your clients get, while MULTIPLYING your revenue in 60 days or LESS (but without growing your list of following)

Posted on: May 3, 2018


Ever heard that it’s SO much easier (and cheaper) to KEEP a client than to go out searching for a NEW one?

Entrepreneurs step over $1,000s upon $1,000s of dollars and SO MUCH impact and transformation, by failing to see how we can CONTINUE the journey and lifetime of our client relationships.

Think about it. Haven’t you even come to the end of your time working with an IDEAL client without making them another offer to continue?

Maybe you wanted to, but you sensed that the time had passed because you waited to long and they’d already made a choice to invest somewhere else.

Maybe you just hadn’t put enough time into thinking about what the next step would be for them to get great support from you.

The truth is that people are often thinking about what’s next, long before MOST entrepreneurs have planted the seed, or thought, (from their client’s perspective) about what their peeps need next.

Having a business model and OFFER that supports your amazing clients in continuing to have a path that’s a win win for both of you and that shows you understand what they’ll continue to need as they grow, is a must!

So here’s a BEST PRACTICE that’ll help you always be in the KNOW about what might be the next best step AND start planting the seed/creating BUZZ about it NOW, so you can build TRUST and expand your journey with your clients:

Get Feedback WHILE they’re working with you!

1:1 Coaching

  • Create a client pre and post form that they fill out telling you what they are excited to implement and what they feel they need next, plus any other feedback they’d like to get to ensure that your working relationship is truly in support of them.

Group Program

  • Send out a survey or 2 DURING their time in your program. You’ll discover what they are loving, what they’d love improved and you can even ask what would be a no brainer for them to continue on this journey if they had x, y, z added as a bonus!

Product/Live Event

  • Give them a chance to give feedback right when they buy, before they’re diving in! Then send another survey after.

Do you see how this helps you keep a pulse not just on what you’re clients NEED, but what they WANT and what will allow them to see the value in continuing to work together?

NOW let’s talk about EXAMPLES of how to continue the journey with your clients in a 1:1, group program, and/or product situation.

1:1 Clients
From the very beginning, make sure there is conscious clarity between you and your client about the goals for THIS package. Also FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, make sure to point out what you’re likely to accomplish during this container of time AND what you think will be ON DECK, that you may or may not get to. You might also mention that that’s what you can continue with into your next package.

Depending on package size, when you have 2 – 3 sessions left, this is a great time to give a heads up and discuss continuing. Schedule a time to chat about what moving forward might look like, outside of your normal sessions.

Group Program Clients
I love to do a simple Alumni Offer that is the most insanely no brainer offer ever. If they’d like to stay in the community, give them an amazing price and some killer bonuses that you know they’d love added to their experience.


If they’re ready for an even bigger step, perhaps you invite them into a high level mastermind with their high performing peers.

Give them a way to move forward and get acknowledged for their product purchase. Right now I’m gifting free tickets to my live event in NYC this September. But other times, I’ve credited a part of their product investment to my live programs.

Here’s something that you can also think about:

Ever heard peeps talk about how hiring is expensive?

You know what I mean. Getting to know a new team member, training them, searching for them, making sure they understand your business. It takes not just money, but time and energy as well and those are all resources that are important to your success.

Well the same thing is true for us as clients, and for our own clients.

If I find a mentor who kicks serious BUNS, you bet I’m going to be hanging with them a while.

It takes all of my resources of time, money, and energy to find someone who understands me, my business, and my vision. Switching up if it’s already a GREAT fit, is a big ol’ break in my MOMENTUM. And we know how important that KEY ingredient is.

Comment below and let me know how you’re planning to extend the journey of your ideal client!

Perhaps you’ve got an idea for how to follow up with a next step?

I’d love to hear it!

To expanding your impact,
Mel <3