HOW to respond to a client kerfuffle, a complaint, or even a hater who comments on your stuff online

Posted on: June 27, 2017

Ever had a complaint, a client kerfuffle, or an online hater?

Ever felt hurt, rejected, or taken out of your element and unsure of how to respond?

I remember going to a David Neagle conference and hearing him say, “If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re doing something wrong.”

He was talking about how when you really stand up for what you believe in and go for it, that you’re bound to polarize your audience.

And, that’s ok.

I made up my mind right then about who I wanted to be as my business grew, KNOWING that polarizing my audience would be inevitable.

So, I made up this rule for myself: If my response was made public, I must be able to feel proud of WHO I chose to be and take the high road!

Client kerfuffles, complaints, or negative comments when you advertise is a part of the game, so today, I want to share with you, a 5 step way to respond that’s worked wonderfully for me.

My Step-by-Step for handing complaints:

1) While it is your responsibility to see how you might improve and how your actions affect others, it’s not your job to take things personally! How others RESPOND is always more about THEM than YOU!

2) Thank them! For REAL! They did speak up and everything that’s mirrored back to you is a chance to learn and grow.

3) Be curious and ask for specific examples or clarification around why they feel the way that they feel! I also always love to ask what they would prefer instead.

4) NEVER cast off a comment or feedback, even if you think it’s from that person who you know is going to complain anyway. Always step into their shoes. AND take into serious consideration what you might be able to shift to help them have a better experience, if possible.

5) ALWAYS take the high road, and then do your best combo of making a shift/holding your healthy boundaries for everyone’s sake. You can answer them by saying, “I take your feedback seriously, and I honor you for sharing your voice. I will most definitely take this into consideration moving forward, and I wish you the best!” What’s even cooler, is when you’ve done the work on yourself to even mean it when you say it!

If the time comes when this is handy, let me know how it goes AND how you FEEL after you implement it. 🙂

Lots of love and to growing fearlessly,


Mel <3