How to use Facebook live to enroll clients in your group program or course

Posted on: August 31, 2017

Have you ever wondered how to use Facebook Live to sell clients into your group program or course?

What if it was possible to UP the number clients who sign up during your launch by using Facebook Live in a pretty straight forward and simple way?

Well good news! I’ve used Facebook Live to make it RAIN during my program and course launches, and I’m psyched to share that strategy with YOU!

Dive in below and let me know what you think:

Using Facebook Live to enroll clients into a live group program or course, is a 2-part process that begins BEFORE you open the doors to your program/course and continues WHILE the doors are open.

Let’s begin with what to do PRIOR to opening the doors for your program or course:

I also strongly suggest that prior to the doors opening for your program, you nurture your community SIGNIFICANTLY during the 3 -week to 30-day period leading up to your official program or course offer. Hopefully you’ve been doing this all along, but you MUST nurture them consistently and in a quality way during that time period, leading up to your launch.

1) Challenges or 2-Part Webinars / Case Studies:

I deliver to my audience absolutely MUST HAVE content via Facebook Live video before the cart opens (cart open = when the doors open for your course or program), and it’s often a challenge or 2-part case study or something that really helps me to clock quite a bit of face time with my audience.

*I’m super generous by giving my best content and

*I’m seeding my upcoming program or course like crazy while sharing lots of client success stories, but WITHOUT actually making my pitch just yet. That’s right, don’t be afraid to be super transparent about your offer that is coming up. Feel free to share what’s so great about it here and there. BUT, be concise and make sure you tie it in at the right moments so it feels more like it adds value and less like a commercial interruption.

I might look to fit 2 challenges or a challenge and a 2 part case study/webinar into the 30 days prior to my cart opening (or 3 weeks really), while making sure to always leave a week in between the content so that my followers can digest what I’ve shared and get as many results as possible.

*My 2nd piece of content will lead straight up to the opening of the cart.
Overall, I always follow the design of creating 2 live content events, with the first one being more about a paradigm shift or content that shifts perspective and is inspirational. The 2nd has that same element but in addition, I create it to be more about taking action and getting results quickly. You want your followers feeling like, “If her free stuff is this good, her paid stuff must be ridiculously AMAZING!” and just in time for the opening of the cart for your program or course.

Now onto the what to do on Facebook Live once the cart OPENS:

Once the cart opens, I continue to get on Facebook Live 2 – 3 times a week and share great content but in terms of live content events that your peeps will actually be signing up and opting into, as they did with your pre cart open content, you’ll only do 1 shorter content event each week once the cart opens. That means that instead of challenges and content that clocks longer hours, you’ll just do about 1 weekly webinar (or something similar to a webinar) that lasts about an hour to 90 minutes. When you do that webinar, you can Facebook Live it as well, even if it’s actually being host on GoToWebinar or Webinar Jam, etc. AND, you’ll pitch from ALL content you share. Whether it’s a webinar that they’ve signed up for, or an impromptu Facebook Live in your group, use the pitch system that I’ve shared at the beginning of this post to make your offer like a badass.

*Once the cart opens, focus your Facebook Live content to be more paradigm shifting, more inspiring, and more about the inner/mindset shift work than the practical stuff that might leave them feeling full and distracted from your offer.

*Don’t be afraid to constantly tack on your pitch at the end of your content session. If you’re sharing great content on a Facebook Live BEFORE you pitch, it feels more to you and your audience that you’ve earned it. In addition, this is why it’s so important to nurture and grow your audience leading up to the opening of your cart with those challenges and 2 parts webinars/case studies, etc.

***I highly suggest bringing on live testimonials as often as possible for the Facebook Live content that you share during this period of cart open time. You can invite them right onto a dual screen with Facebook Live, and it’s POWERFUL!

Alright ladio, that wraps it up! Map out your nurturing strategies with what I’ve shared and start practicing your pitch so you can sign beaucoup clients using Facebook Live!