How to use Facebook Live to sell passive income products

Posted on: August 29, 2017

Ever felt like the idea of passive income sounds so sexy… but you haven’t quite mastered it yet?

Feel like if you could sell stuff right from video, that’d you’d try it more often?

I remember the first time I did a Periscope (back when that was still a thing) and offered my sales course right from my video. I did about $2K just from that video without a ton of followers.

There was another time that I offered a $297 product and pulled a few thousand too.

Now I use live streaming often to all kinds of services and products and lady, it works!

I thoughts it’d be helpful to share my EXACT strategy for using Facebook Live to sell passive income products.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts:

Selling Passive Income Products from Facebook Live
The courting period is always something to REALLY consider when you’re planning to make any offers to your community. It’s absolutely mandatory if you’re going for high level offers, but it can be super useful even if you’re prepping to offer passive income products that are at a lower price point. So, if you’re just building and getting traction with your Facebook group and online community, focus first on consciously creating your brand/group culture and always nurturing your followers leading up to any pitch that you’re planning. Once you feel like you’ve got that down, here’s what you might try! <3

1) Feature Case Studies/Live Testimonials that deliver great content and tips AND share a juicy before and after that features the value that was gotten from what is shared by using your product. It can be YOUR story or a client’s story that displays the value and power of your what’s included in the product. Bring on a pro bono client, or a few, if you’re just starting and you don’t have lots of testimonials. You could also do a case study that features stats about the service/transformation that your product includes and helps your client to achieve their goals. Then make your pitch off the back of the Featured Case Study or Live Testimonial.

2) Consistently Share Free High Quality MUST HAVE Content in Your Group/with your Online Following
Mix this strategy in along withFacebook Lives that share great content and then are followed by a pitch. The content you share on a regular basis must be focused on topics that your peeps want so badly they’d pay for, and regularly share this WITHOUT pitching anything. Then maybe 1 or 2 times a month, pitch your product off the back, or have a week where you make your product available with a special bonus for JUST that week, so that there is urgency.

BONUS: Whenever making a pitch off the back of your content session, always include a bonus or bonuses that expire as soon as the Facebook Live ends and make them JUICY! This can really up your sales!

TIP: I like to mail my list on a weekly basis with an email that has a subject line that is the super juicy title of the content I’ll be sharing live and for free that day, in my group, as my weekly dish. Simple as that.

***Now back to the idea of courting, you might be wondering how long to do this before you share a Passive Income Product that is a lower price point. For example, between $49 and $497.

I think it’s safe to say that after you’ve nurtured your Facebook Group or online community for about 30 days or so, and you feel that your Facebook group/community has a good culture, feel, and trust, it may be safe to pitch off the back of some great free live content Facebook lives.

Definitely make sure, BEFORE you pitch your product, that you’re feeling like your peeps are really appreciating your free content and support, AND that you’ve positioned yourself as an expert.

Then when it’s pitch time, I suggest creating content that is the PERFECT preface to your passive income product, and then get to pitching a couple of times a month while you nurture with no CTA the remainder of the month. Maybe more, maybe less, depending on what feels best to you.

For example) 3 Killer sales secrets to render your potential clients objection-less and have them invest DURING the sales call might be the title of a great free quality content session. Then at the end of the session, it perfectly leads into selling my $497 sales course, Master Your Money Conversations.

See how the order of the free content, followed by my PAID offer makes perfect sense?

Again, I think depending on what passive income products you have to offer, you could make offers each month on Facebook Live videos as you continue to build community and really nurture your audience. If you have many different smaller offers, you could offer more as long as you feel that your community continues to feel engaged and grateful for their relationship with you and NOT like they’re constantly being sold to without any nurturing or relationship building strategies.

If you are making offers about 2 times a month, it also allows you to spend your non-selling time being super generous with your free content and promoting a live stream that’s coming up that you WILL be pitching from.

This works well because I love to promote for about 10 days to 2 weeks if I want a lot of super engaged peeps to attend. It’s better to take your time promoting than just winging it and seeing how well you can sell without as much of an organized strategy to get as many attendees live as possible.

Wahoo, happy passive income sales comin’ your way!


Mel <3

P.S. What’s a great step by step for making an offer on Live Video?

Clearly the strategies that I’m sharing with you will involve you making your offer via Live Video. I’ve found that the same or a similar version of this step by step Pitch Process, if you will, is pretty darn effective. When all is said and done, the key to a making your offer and having it be irresistible is becoming masterful at being able to help your clients see the value of the free content you’ve already shared, and then pointing out what they STILL need, in addition to what you gave, to really be set up to achieve their ultimate goal. Make sense?

Check out this step by step that begins after you’ve shared super juicy, MUST HAVE, free content on video. Then work to perfect it, no matter your offer. <3

1) Recap what they’ve learned and remind them of how your juicy free content is helping them get on their way to their ULTIMATE goal.

Ex) So you just learned *how to open your sales call, *the 2 most important questions to ask that really help your client know that it’s time to move forward and work with you, and finally, *EXACTLY how to create sexy language that shows the value of what you have to offer. These 3 things are HUGE in terms of helping you to get YESES 50% or more of the time as you master these skills.

2) Then point out what they STILL don’t have that they will additionally need to reach their ULTIMATE end goal.

Ex) BUT, to make sure that you really nail that 50% or MORE conversion with your sales calls, it’s about a few more things as well. 1) You’ve got to know exactly what systems to put in place to be upping your potential client’s commitment BEFORE they even get on the phone, 2) You’ll need to know EVERY piece of my sales call structure to super duper nail the call so you really master cutting down the number of objections you get and upping the right away YESES, and lastly 3) if an objection DOES come up, I want you to feel amazeballs at navigating your potential client’s concerns such as “I can’t afford it” “I have to think about it” “I have to ask my spouse” and/or “I don’t have the time.” When you’ve got that in place, you will truly be a sales MASTER and majorly up the number of sales, and revenue that you generate.

3) Introduce your program/product/course CLEARLY, and succinctly describe how it helps them to solve their problem of what they STILL need. You can recap what you’ve said above, but more concisely, and while sharing the benefits that this work can lead to.

4) Remind them of and/or share, additional social proof and testimonials.

5) Tell them what’s included and the DOLLAR VALUE of the program. Don’t be afraid to take your time walking through the modules or the step by step that is laid out within your offer. Break down each piece that is included and share the actual dollar value of it.

6) Reveal the actual investment price, which is lower than the value of the program that you just shared.

7) Give them a reason to act now by sharing a Fast Action Bonus that expires in a short period of time.

Additionally: Make sure that whatever bonus(es) you include make sense and increase the value of the main offer.

Ex) It doesn’t make sense to throw in a free lawn mower if your offer is about helping your client find the love of their life. It might be instead a session with a Stylist to get them feeling sexy and confident in their clothes in time for their next date!

8) Lastly, share anything that might help them inspire a paradigm shift that allows them to really see the value of the investment.

Ex) Imagine if you booked DOUBLE the amount of sales calls, you DOUBLED your conversion %, and then you also doubled the price of you offer? Instead of 5 sales calls a month you book 10, instead of 20% conversions you book 40%, instead of a $1,000 offer, you increase it to $2,000. That would take you from $1,000 in revenue to $8,000! See how this investment of $497 can pay itself back multiple times? And not just for this month, for all time to come with whatever you decide to sell. It’s a no brainer!

All right! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move onto our 3 killer strategies for converting clients via video on Facebook Live!