How to use Facebook live to sign high end 1:1 coaching clients

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Ever wish you knew a strategy that WORKS to sign high end 1:1 coaching clients using Facebook Live?

Feel like you’ve seen people on video selling successfully, but just don’t think you know what it takes or how to do it?

I’m so so excited to share with you how I’ve used Facebook live to sign high end 1:1 coaching clients.

If you’ve been been following me for a while, you know that video (live streaming specifically) is one of the TOP ways I’ve been able to grow my business like WHOA and create raving fans!

So here’s the dish on how I use FB live to get those high end coaching clients! Enjoy!

The Magic is in the Courting Period #TRUTH
Below I’m sharing my favorite and most powerful strategies that I consider mapping out over AT LEAST a 90-day period, BEFORE you go for a high level offer. That means that you might map out 1 juicy strategy like the ones below about 1 time/week for 90 days consistently BEFORE you actually make a high level offer to your group. Paired with your 1 time/week strategy of your choice that you’ll discover below, I still recommend using the other 4 days of the week to share tips and engage with followers in a simpler way that takes less preparation and time:

For Ex) Create a thread for followers to introduce themselves and share their FB page or other social media handle, create a Q&A thread about a particular topic, have a designated day of the week where they can make an offer within an Offer Thread, Poll them about a topic of your expertise to get feedback, ask interesting questions to get powerful discussions and conversations going, etc…

The last thing you want to do in terms of marketing yourself and making offers is turn into the premature marriage proposal type of business owner. I promise you that if you invest time upfront building a solid community and encouraging engagement FIRST and CONSISTENTLY that once you get to your offer, all of your work will pay off so much more! There’s no sense in going pitch crazy and creating your own community of SPAM, just to position yourself as “desperate to get clients” instead of an EXPERT in your industry. People need time to know, like, and trust you, and they need a reason to do it, especially when it comes to making an offer that is $1,000s.

And if you’re wanting to learn how to master Facebook Live not just for signing 1:1 clients, but for:

  • Enrolling Clients in Your Group Programs and Courses
  • Selling Passive Income Products

Then I’d love to give you access to my free video and pdf training:
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Strategies for Nurturing Your Audience Prior to Your Offer:

1) Feature Case Studies/Live Testimonials that deliver great content and tips AND share a juicy before and after from your own experience or your clients. This will powerfully display the value of your work. Bring on a pro bono client, or a few, if you’re just starting and you don’t have lots of testimonials. You could also do a case study that features stats about your industry and paint your kind of work as powerful.

*Elevate Your Brand Presence and Position Yourself as an Expert By:

2) Bringing in Guest Experts
3) Conducting Interviews with other high level leaders in your industry

It’s so powerful to position yourself with other leaders in your industry that are either around your level or near. If you can get someone with a more advanced expert status to join you, fantastic. It’s amazing what it can do for your brand when you align yourself with other highly successful leaders who are well respected. To joint venture with them in a way that benefits your audience AND them is HUGE! You’ll start to have an elevated brand presence as well.

For Ex) Let’s say that I invite my attorney, who has a similar target audience as I do, into my group to do a juicy free training. She is highly successful, and what she does compliments my work, but doesn’t overlap too much, AND it benefits her and my audience. She gets more exposure, and they get great value.

It’s ok to do interviews/guest expert invites with other industry experts that might overlap in terms of the work that you both do, especially if you’re going for positioning your brand. There’s tons of great discussion that you can share that will be so helpful for your audience and position both you and your guest as experts!

4) Consistently Share Free High Quality MUST HAVE Content
Pair this practice with any and all of the above strategies. The content you share on a regular basis must be focused on topics that your peeps want so badly they’d pay for.

I like to mail my list on a weekly basis with an email that has a subject line that is the super juicy title of the content I’ll be sharing live and for free that day, in my group, as my weekly dish. Simple as that.

5) Consider Going for High Level Lower Priced Offers
What I mean by that is to make a great offers that deliver high level value over a short period of time, with you, 1:1. It might be just a 90 minute or 3 hour intensive for a shorter period of coaching with the intension of up-selling from there.

When you’re going for an offer that is $1,000s sometimes it’s easy for people to invest in a more bite sized high level offer to get a feel for you, build trust, and solve the problem right in front them. I look at it as getting paid to do a kind of sales call in the format of a free session.

Either way, you’ll likely spend some time chatting with them if they’re going to enroll in a high level program. Why not make an offer they can’t refuse that feels like less of a jump, and turn them into a paying client faster, who will more easily convert to a longer term, high level coaching package.

Important Summing It Up Details:

***With a high level offer, you’re playing a (relatively) longer game strategy, so commit to nurturing and building your FB group and/or online community BEFORE you pop the question.

***When you feel crazy confident that your members are now fans, if you feel like sharing great content and making a high level offer for 1:1 straight from your FB live, by all means! However, the confidence must be there if it’s that big of an ask, as well as the relationship with your members, and that builds over time.

***When all is said and done, to use FB Live at least 1 time a week specifically for strategy #1, #2, #3, or #4 is ideal. Then the other 4 days of the week, you might add another #4, with the remaining 3 days being days where you ask questions in the group, give a tip for the day, or share an exciting article. The point is that you want to deliver a doozy of great content via one of the above strategies and then consistently show up and engage the other 4 days, in a simpler way, as described in the example above.

All right! Let’s do this Facebook Live thang, lady!


Mel <3