I did it because I was lonely… :/

Posted on: November 7, 2015

4 Things You Can Do to fall in LOVE with my journey

In case you missed my recent periscope that started off with a dance break to “Shake It Off,” I thought I’d fill you in on the fun we had during that scope, and a little about the message as well.

I’ve found sometimes that I have unrealistic expectations about the people I love in my life, understanding exactly what it is I do.

Have you ever felt that way?

The thing is, out of all of the peeps I love in this life… how well do I know what THEY do?

Because entrepreneurship can seem lonely, there have been times where I’ve yearned for a tribe of people who “get it.”

I’m sure, whether you do exactly what I do, or not, that you’ve felt the same way…

So here are a few really fun things I’ve done to fall in LOVE with my journey and hang out with peeps who I can celebrate with!

  • I joined a mastermind community. When I hired my coach, it was in a group setting. I made a commitment to go to every event.  I set a strong intention to leave the year with some new besties. That meant really being available to bond with other women in a way I haven’t been available for, in these kinds of groups, in the past. I’m so happy I did. In fact, this week, I’ll be spending my work week, from Monday –Thursday, with one of my biz besties! I actually call her my Mini-Me, because I’m tall, she’s shorter, and we have so much in common, it’s kind of freaky. I’ve been waiting for this week, and I’m so psyched! We’ll be working out together, cooking, running our businesses, and having a blast. <3
  • I made deeper connections with the people who were already in my life that maybe I hadn’t opened up to. You may know that I ran a personal training business before I switched over to being a business coach entirely. My clients that I’d been training for years had become some of my besties, but we didn’t hang out a ton, because we still had a professional relationship. Now that I’ve retired, I have friend work days, sushi and wine dinners, lunch in Columbus Circle, etc… It’s fantastic!
  • I ask for the support I need from my inner circle.  I feel pretty lucky to have to do this very little. Especially because my husband is a badass. Period. He is the best, EVER. He’s been happy to support me since we met. With my family, they live a plane ride away, and it’s tough to feel like we know as much about each other, when there’s no day to day connection. So, I’ve learned to have more conversations that are fun and supportive and that’s worked like a charm this year. I’ve never been closer with my family. When they visited for my wedding, a few weeks ago, I think I can say it was the best family visit of my life. <3
  • I fill my week with super fun things and connection! Sushi dinners, friend work days, lunch dates, pottery class, rocking climbing with my hubby and our friends, massages, mani pedis, Skype and phone dates with friends, FaceTime calls with my sister and my new niece, and date nights with my hubby, plus more! Also, I plan fun travel work weeks, and vacations. There’s always something fun going on, and that’s a huge part of feeling regularly inspired, and in high vibe.

What are your ideas?

Is it time for you to ask for support? 

Plan something fun in your week?

Reach out to a friend?

Join a mastermind?

Do a little self care?

To high vibe community and taking care of you,