Posted on: July 23, 2020
Online Entrepreneur

Ever feel like there’s 1 MILLION things you apparently SHOULD be doing to get clients as an online entrepreneur?

Maybe “overwhelmed” isn’t even making a dent in your roller coaster emotions these days when it comes to wondering if this business is ever going to work.

Do you feel some days like you’re not sure what to do, when, to get clients online?

I guess the beginning of my journey could have just been unique with my seemingly never-ending struggle, but I’m guessing you can identify even just a little?

Just in case, I thought that I would share with you EXACTLY what I would do if I had to start ALL over again, as a beginner online entrepreneur, and make some serious moola, with a serious profit, within a 90 – 150 day period.


I’ve made a little time-line below. PLEASE keep in mind that there are many ways to go about this, but personally, this would be the journey I would attempt to create right out of the gates. Your offers or prices may vary, and that’s cool.

Create A Profit As A Beginner Online Entrepreneur

(Week 1) Your Values and Mission that matter MOST to you AND how do they intersect with a NEED that is UNDENIABLE in the marketplace!

That’s right, for a week, I would do NOTHING else except OBSESS over my Values and Mission that I am crazy passionate about. I would then ask myself how my passion intersects an undeniable NEED somewhere in the world.

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Online entrepreneur

(Weeks 2 & 3) Then IDENTIFY your target market and CONDUCT MARKET RESEARCH

That’s right lady, do some CRAZY market research for 2 weeks straight! Now is the time to obsess over who your target market might be and talk to as many of them as possible.

Perhaps you could turn it into a game and see how many people you can interview on a DAILY basis for 2 weeks straight!

***Ask them questions like:

  • What is your #1 biggest challenge in terms of (insert outcome they desire that you’ll be helping them solve)
  • What is the #1 thing you want SO badly you’d pay just about anything for it (in relation to what you can help them with)
  • What’s the MOST game-changing support or service that you would pay for to achieve this!
  • What’s a deal maker?
  • What’s a deal breaker?
  • How much would you invest?
  • How long would you like the support to go for?
  • How would you like it delivered?

I promise you that spending 2 weeks getting inside the head of your ideal client will help you be on your way to becoming an expert at speaking to them and getting to know how to show the value of your passions that can help them, help themselves, transform.

(Week 4) Put together your PACKAGE, PRODUCT, or SERVICE

I know this can feel like it’s tricky to do, so many online entrepreneurs like to complicate things and have a gazillion offers, but I suggest keeping it simple, and focusing on just ONE offer!

AND, it’s up to you, but as a new online entrepreneur, I always suggest going for what I call the “easy yes.” If you make an offer that doesn’t feel too intimidating or expensive to YOU or your client, and you feel confident and that it’s great value, you’ll be able to sell it SO much more easily. Maybe you start with something around the $500 mark.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can always upsell those who invest at this level, and that in fact, it is often easy to attract high level clients this way, before your brand might be built up.

(As you begin Week 5) For 90 – 120 days just promise yourself this is what you’re going for! You know, THIS is WHO you’re targeting and WHAT you’re offering.

Seriously, this is going to be the hardest part, but just make a decision and stick to it! I would go as far to say that most people’s inability to do THIS part is why they never get any traction.

Don’t forget that TIME is a strategy and if you don’t fully commit, and for long enough, your energy and time will go to waste.

How are you going to go for it, like you promised?

(Weeks 5 – 16/20) Step 1: Create like 4-6 pieces of KILLER content, I suggest freebies that you can market, organically, or via social media, or both!

Leading up to my last launch I paid a LOT of attention to what my ideal clients were really struggling with and then I cranked out 6 killer freebies so see which ones would be winners. Not all of them were. 4 out of the 6 seemed to really be strong and I ended up growing my list by 10,000 in a few short months. Yes, I used FB ads to do it too.

Obviously, this content can and should be based on all of the research you’ve put your time into. And trust me, you’ll see why it was SOO worth it!

In fact, put together some killer titles for your freebies and go back and survey your audience again to make sure you’re on the money… you’ll know when you tell them the title or what the freebie is about and they say, “I need that!” that you’ve hit the mark.

(Weeks 5 – 16/20) Step 2: Craft a list building plan around the free content you created!

There are PLENTY of ways to go about building your online community and list with this amazing content, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Build a Facebook group. Do a Facebook Swap with another group owner who shares your ideal client and share your lead magnet to each other’s groups. You can also run ads to your group and then share your freebie as a pinned post in your group so those joining will then be inclined to join your list as well!
  • Find joint venture partners who are up for mailing each others lists with your freebies!
  • Do a tele summit
  • Run ads to your freebies

Make a plan to figure out the on ramps onto your list, and BUILD for 90 days!

(Weeks 5 – 16/20) Step 3: NURTURE like motherlover!

The good thing is that as you build and share your content, you’re already NURTURING by sharing great free content that is positioning you as an expert and having your leads think, “Hmmmm, she’s a smarty pants, perhaps I should work with her!”

But some other good nurturing practices to keep in mind:

  • Mail your list 2 times a week, consistently.
  • Again, come back to the surveys, and continue to pay attention to what your leads have said and continue to say. Take their words, and your voice, and put it into your mailings to show you understand. Don’t make offers, just share advice and interact by asking questions.
  • Get them to follow you online in a bunch of different places, those are the only easy free asks. For example, ask them in your email to come watch a FB live of yours or to like your IG feed.
  • Treat it like a friendship you’re cultivating, don’t ask for to much too soon.
  • Be visible in your FB group, or wherever you are online.
  • Share a killer piece of content once a week online on live video, or do a webinar or challenge maybe once or twice a month.

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(Weeks 17 – 21, depending on your building and nurturing period) 90-120 days is up? MAKE YOUR OFFER!

It’s time to go for it my dear.

I’ll tell you how I made a $497 offer. I created a 6 week sales course and launched it.

But you could easily offer like a 3 session package, or really whatever you like.

I put together a couple of webinars, and offered my course. 🙂

The offer has gotta be killer, and maybe mail your list for 5 days, selling each day. Plus, make it juicy, and have some awesome bonuses!

See how this is all about building and nurturing and really focusing FIRST on building a relationship with our audience?

For me this was a lost art, that thankfully, I rediscovered, and wow, what a difference it made!

Do less better woman, and keep it simple by following these steps!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so just REPLY to let me know the next step you’ll be taking in your business!

To your success,