I’m OVER hearing about “what it takes” to make money in your coaching business…

Posted on: June 25, 2015


Ever hear people say, “Just BELIEVE, and all of your desires will be met!”


“You have to work your BUNS off like CRAZY if you want to be making 5-figure a month like all of those other coaches who are killin’ it! TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!”

(I especially despise this one, because I believe it’s the culpit for BS statements like this one… “Well, sure, I’d love to be earning X dollars in my business, but I just don’t want to work that hard.”

These are two extremes that I’m pretty much over. No, I’m completely over both of them. As in, I’m just not havin’ it.

Here’s why. I see both/either of these extremes as the #1 reason so many online business coaches aren’t creating the results they want.

My coach has said before that people who are focused on creating “balance” in their biz and life are broke.

My interpretation of this is, it takes both HEALTHY hustle and doing your inner work like a BOSS to get to where you want to go, but it’s not likely that you’re always using 50% hustle and 50% inner work to make it happen. 

So yes, sometimes you’re working harder, and other times you’re working smarter. There are seasons for both, and for everything in between.

Let’s not lie and say there’s no hustle involved, because it’s just true. There is HEALTHY hustle involved, AT TIMES.

BUT, growth does NOT equal 100% HUSTLE! And HUSTLE does not equal acting as if your biz is more important that you, your health, LIVING your life, or the people you love. <3

Creating a solid foundation to build your empire from, by:

  • Putting your foundational biz systems and structures in place
  • Getting your first handful of paying clients
  • Putting together your first tele course or group program, is necessary

and yes yes yes, you might be hustling a little. Sometimes the first year of business is the most challenging and hustle-like.

And for those of us who have gone through the phase of sitting by our phone, meditating, and/or doing interpretive dance to call in clients, while waiting for it to ring… that’s a sure way to end up with a negative bank balance.

What I’m getting at, is that there’s a time for some of each, but that 100% visualization, or a 100% working your ass off 24 X 7 does NOT a happy, thriving businesswoman make, at least not long term.

Why did you start this business in the first place? Wasn’t it for your freedom?

I want you to know, that the first 6 months of creating my online coaching business consisted of me hustling quite a bit, AND crying, AND calling my Mom (and any other friends and family who loved me and would listen), and asking if they really thought I had what it took. No joke. It’s a fact. 😉 I was a musical theatre major, so I have a flair for drama.

There were also some times preceding that season, where I literally watched True Blood, yes all 6 seasons, in a week and a half. Shockingly, I actually made a little money… but not much.

What I’ve found is that visualization and doing your inner work, is only as good as the inspired action you’re taking along with it.

Hustle, is only worth it, if it’s a means to an end and it doesn’t equal sacrificing your needs. It must be for the purpose of building a foundation that will stand, and allow you to stop reinventing the wheel, to install AWESOME automation, and to get better and LIVING your LIFE. You know, your LIFE? That whole other part of YOU that has NOTHING to do with your business?

I felt called to speak up, because when you’re in that growing pains place of wondering, “Is this EVER gonna work?!” The last thing you need to see repeatedly (that probably makes you want to make you barf) is either of these FB POSTS:

*I just had a $20K day while I was at the spa getting a mani pedi, facial, and hot stone massage with my chihuahua. (God forbid you spend your last pennies on a spa day because you think it’ll help you attract a high level client!)


*Here’s what it takes to earn big money ladies:

-Work all day every DAY!

-Stop sleeping

-Spend the entire day online chasing down clients

-Give away EVERYTHING you do for free and never make an offer

(Jeez louise, give me a break will ya? Let’s not make you into a workhorse victim!There’s JUST as much victimhood in overworking as there is in a lack of action-taking with the expectation of miracles.)

I’m over both of them, even as a highly dramatic person, I’m over the drama of both of them.

There’s truth in each, to a point. But very rarely, while I was in my HUSTLE mode, did I give myself less than 7 hours of sleep each night (I may have had trouble sleeping, but I was in bed), or work out less than 2 times a week (even if it was 20 minutes!), or not take time to do my daily mindset work (even if it was only 2 minutes), or treat myself like I, or the people I loved, were less important than my business.

AND, I’m sharing this, not because it’s an easy thing to do, but because I don’t want you to think that it takes that kind of sacrifice to have top results. Hard work yes, but sacrifice or thinking money and work are more important than you are? No.

And THAT, my dears, I believe, is the very reason that things have unfolded the way they have.

What do YOU need, to really start taking care of you, while you move into a place of certainty, about your desires, and inspired action, to achieve them?

Believing in you like CRAZY(in a good way) 😉