Posted on: February 21, 2017

Copywriting tool

Have you ever felt that messaging is tricking you up?

Frustrated that you just don’t seem to have the words to talk about what you do in a way that makes your potential peeps say, “I need that!”?

We’ve all been there as entrepreneurs and I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about copywriting tool and messaging in my group.

I thought I’d share my #1 copywriting tool that I use to get my peeps saying YES to my offers far more often!

Here is my #1 copywriting tool

I’ve named it, The “So That You Can” Strategy

The “So That You Can” Strategy is brilliant for helping you remember to keep the client’s endgame (You know, that ULTIMATE OUTCOME that they want more than anything) front and center, when speaking with them or writing to them.

And that’s the big problem lots of peeps have with writing great copy and having a great message. You’ve got about 3 seconds, really less, to let a potential client/lead know EXACTLY what they’re going to get from working with you. If you’re talking about HOW you do what you do instead of WHAT they’ll get (which is a bit of an epidemic in the online coaching world) you’ll lose them just. like. that.

So, to show you how this works….One of the things that I help my clients with is their Entrepreneurial Mindset. Now, if I were to simply say, “I’ll help you with your entrepreneurial mindset” (as most do) that most likely wouldn’t be enough to have someone think I was worth investing thousands of dollars in.

But when I tack on the “so that you can” part of the sentence… everything changes!

Using my client’s endgame (the ultimate desired OUTCOME), I’ll show the value of harnessing your entrepreneurial mindset, “I’ll help you with your entrepreneurial mindset, so that you can open yourself up to receive more clients, and truly step into the version of you who creates $5K and $10K months.

When using the “So that you can” strategy, it’s great to insert 2 endgames.

I’ll help you   (insert tool/strategy)    so that you can  (insert endgame #1)   &

 (insert endgame #2). 


“I’ll help you (with your entrepreneurial mindset,) so that you can (open yourself up to receive more clients,) and (truly step into the version of you who creates $5K and $10K months.”)

Try out your own “So that you can” sentence:

I’ll help you ________________________so that you can, _____________________ and ____________________________.

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