{Part II} If your email open rates are declining, try THIS

Posted on: April 1, 2020

I know that right now you might be feeling overwhelmed or worried about everything going on in the world. Perhaps you’re working from home while also caring for children who are home from school. Maybe you know someone who is high-risk or perhaps you yourself are. My heart goes out to you all. ❤️

While I don’t have any answers or solutions about Coronavirus, I’m hoping that by sharing these step-by-step solutions, I can be of service to help you feel calm, empowered, and protected in your business.

So, as promised, I’m back this week and ready to unpack #2, and what I mean by EER….

Ever wish you could make MORE sales just by emailing your list?

I don’t think I’ve spoken to a single entrepreneur who would say no to that.

Remember last week when I emailed you about all of the changes that we’re seeing in email marketing?

I said this:

If I had to tell you the two most important things to know about email marketing and allowing it to work for you TODAY, I’d tell you to:

#1: Make sure you know how to get your emails through to your potential customer


#2: Great email marketing isn’t rocket science (AT ALL), it’s E.E.R.

I shared some awesome email deliverability practices last post to help you with #1.

If you haven’t read it, check it out here!

Like I said, building a relationship with the humans who have subscribed to your mailing list isn’t rocket science.

I do believe that email marketing is crying out for creativity and for more people to think outside of the box.

My challenge to you, as I share these guidelines, is to find a way to creativity make them your own. Show up in your ideal client’s inbox in a way that perhaps most others in your industry aren’t thinking of.

If you master what’s below, and you seek to come up with fresh ideas about how to combine these elements and execute them, your email marketing strategy has the potential to be incredibly powerful in propelling your mission and converting clients.

If I had to sum up my best practices for engaging your list and building relationships and trust, they would come down to these three things:

1) Consistently Giving/Showing Value (a.k.a. Expertise)

Just like any other healthy relationship, you must show up and do your part. In the case of email marketing, that means that you must consistently give and show value so that your audience feels that they’re getting what they desire out of their relationship with you via your list.

Think about WHY your subscribers said yes to sharing their name and email with you in the first place. They wanted to experience your expertise and benefit from it in some way.

2) Teaching Your Audience to “Say Yes” and Engage (a.k.a. Engagement)

Have you noticed that in any relationship you often fall into patterns? Have you noticed that the way you interact when you first begin a relationship sets a precedent and that that way of being tends to become normal or status quo?

This is why it’s so important to be mindful of your interactions and consciously decide what you’d like your audience to experience while developing a relationship with you via email. When it comes to email marketing, teaching your audience to “say yes” often to engaging with you and in response to your invitations is incredibly important.

I consciously make continuous easy-yes invitations every time that I send an email to my list. My easy yes invitations are often invitations to open my emails, click links, and follow me online in as many places as possible that give me opportunities to fortify that trust and build the relationship.

3) Establish Trust with Your Subscribers (a.k.a. Resonance)

Showcasing the value that you provide and making continuous invitations to your audience is very important, but if trust isn’t created on a deeper level, it’s an uphill battle to convert clients from your list. We’ve discussed trust so much because it is so essential and often not focused on enough.

For your audience to trust you, they need to feel like they KNOW you, and LIKE you. There are many ways to create that connection.

Check out this diagram below that says it all:



You’ve got to land in the Exceptional Zone these days if you want to become your ideal clients go to expert and remain top of mind.

Comment below and share your biggest takeaways with me!

Take care,