She’s created 5-figure months teaching French Online!

Posted on: February 1, 2018

As you know, from time to time, I like to celebrate my clients’ achievements by featuring them to my community.

It’s a chance for me to provide you with a fresh perspective while spotlighting the amazing work they do and to celebrate how I’ve been able to help them help themselves to grow their impact and income.

Today, I am incredibly proud to spotlight my client, Llyane Stanfield, Parisian French Language CoachPronunciation and Conversation Expert (In training for holding the International Neurolanguage Certification), Founder and Creator of J’Ouellette® Method!

Llyane lives in Toronto, Canada and she first decided to become an entrepreneur to have the opportunity to stay home with her son, and be location independent so that she could travel (and work), and be her creative entrepreneurial self! 😉

I remember when Llyane first came into my community and decided to become a part of U2U, my 6 month group coaching program! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a client more willing to do what it takes, and more passionate about their work. She’s so amazing at working with successful professionals and business people, who wrestle with learning French on their own. She’s helped countless clients speak Parisian French confidently in their travels and in business, and impress their friends, family, and clients with their fluent French.

I gotta tell ya, I spoke just a little French in high school, but it’s my dream to master the language some day and perhaps I’ll go on an Immersion Retreat with Llyane so she can take me to Paris and speak only French with me as she does with so many of her clients!

During her time in U2U, Llyane has:

• Had multiple 5 figure income months but most of all has strong clarity about what she has to do on a daily basis to sustain my business and make it grow. (She took the U2U program 3 times, and is planning to join again for our U2U VII launch coming this October 2018!)

You can check her out here!

To your success and seeing what’s possible,

Mel <3