Wishing you a truly meaningful Thursday

Posted on: November 24, 2020

If I can be honest with you, this Thanksgiving feels stranger to me then ever.

A bit lonelier, too. (Like many of you my Thursday holiday crew is not so much of a crew. It’s just me and my love, Rob.)

BUT, It also feels like an opportunity to have a more meaningful holiday than ever before.

As I continue to do the work of being a better citizen, neighbor, friend, family member, ally, partner, advocate, mentor, and human on this earth, a big part of achieving this goal is being more conscious, informed, and aware about the many roles I play on this planet.

To me, that means asking more questions (and not just in our online industry, but EVERYWHERE in life) about the way things are and have been for so long, instead of blindly continuing on in life assuming that status quo means “fair,” “right,” “just,” or “good enough.”

If you’d love a deeper understanding of how we came to celebrate Thanksgiving, and a chance to bring more meaning to your holiday, PLUS you want to do some fact checking on the American Thanksgiving holiday, here’s an article I found to get you started:

For me, this holiday is about being grateful for the people, the relationships, the resources, the education, the health care, and so much more, that I have in my life.

It’s also about making it count as one of the most meaningful holidays that I’ve ever had to date, but NOT necessarily the most meaningful holiday I’ll ever have as I continue to grow.

I’m hoping that each celebration in all of our lives — yours and mine — continues to be a moment to truly reflect on all that we have, but also, all that we still have left to do when it comes to making this world a better, and more fair place, for every human on the planet.

I wish for you, that the work you do in your business, brings you and others more life, more love, and a better tomorrow.

I wish for you, that on Thursday, you celebrate the blessings you have, but also keep in mind the blessings you’ve yet to create, and that they extend far past yourself, your family, and your friends and out to your greater community, and even to those people who you haven’t always thoughts of as “your” people. 

If you’re inclined, I offer to you — in gratitude for YOU being a member of my community and being willing to trust me enough to have me in your life — two questions to reflect upon this holiday season:

#1: What am I grateful for that I’ve always been aware of having AND that I haven’t always been aware of having.

#2: What can I do/commit to, moving forward, that will grow gratitude for someone else?

Wishing you a day that’s filled with more compassion, more mercy, more generosity, and more gratitude than ever before,

Mel ❤️