The #1 thing I WISH I’d done to majorly grow my platform, and to increase my Brand Power

Posted on: February 8, 2018

Have you ever been that person who sits in the back of the conference room (or virtual classroom) and doesn’t really ask too many questions or reach out to other people?

Is it because you know you can probably figure it out, you just need the 411?

And perhaps you’ve had some good success doing things that way?

It’s ok, you don’t have to be afraid to say it. <3

When I began my business, I was the person who went to conferences, sat near the back, got the info, and left.

When I bought courses, I didn’t join the online forums, I just learned as much as I could and I stuck with the belief that I could do it on my own.

And I managed to do QUITE a bit on my own, perhaps like you…

But then there were times that I hit roadblocks, and got STUCK.  

I remember reaching out to another person I had known in a mastermind for support (really to pick her brain) and she said, “Here’s my product, you can buy it!” I thought, “Oh thanks lady!”

I had heard an old mentor of mine tell me that businesses had been MADE overnight by having an influencer mail their list for you and grow your list by 1,000s, and to be honest, I wanted a big influencer to do that kind of favor for me.

But most of the time that I reached out, I never heard back from those influencers. And to be honest, after a while, I got pretty pissed off that NOBODY seemed to give 2 shits about what I was up to. 

Wa wa :/, BAD attitude, MEL!

UNTIL, I realized, when I was a little older and wiser, that I’d forgotten the most important ingredient in business… 


  • The only good business relationship I had, was with myself.
  • I had managed to build something pretty darn successful all on my own, and I had friends, but was I connected? Could I reach out to any influencers to make introductions, or mail for me? Absolutely not.
  • And what made it SO CLEAR to me, the MISTAKE I HAD MADE, was that I started to get invitations, SO many, each week. 
      • Here’s my FAVE: “I love the work you do Mel, would you be interested in becoming a health coach for my business?” WHAT?!
  • Or these:
      • “I know your busy, but maybe you could spare a little extra time for ME. Here’s my story….” and on and on and on and on…

NO WONDER, none of the people I had reached out to responded… I was making it ALL about ME and my business, before they even knew WHO I was. AND, I wasn’t taking any interest in THEM, or being savvy and up to speed about what was going on in THEIR world.

What a WORLD that began to open once I started caring about my relationships, instead of just BUSINESS:

  • My 2 BEST friends were introduced to me!
  • I was connected with a connector who pointed me toward the BEST hire I’ve ever made in my LIFE!
  • I found an incredible affiliate partner who helped me grow my list for free leading up to a launch
  • I got offered introductions to some high quality podcast hosts
  • I was invited to dinners with MAJOR influencers that I NEVER thought I’d meet, unless I paid to be a client!

RELATIONSHIPS! They will always be the foundation of successful business, no matter HOW the online world changes. And I SO wish, that I had had some kind of system set up from the beginning, that would have helped me to connect sooner!

So here’s a few ideas, for you, straight from me, about EXACTLY what I would start doing now if I were you! BC it’s NEVER too soon. <3

TIP 1: ***Don’t discount your peers who are right where you are!

  • Just because they don’t have a 10K list (YET) doesn’t mean there isn’t an awesome partnering opportunity. 
  • It isn’t always about going for the BIG fish, you and your current peers ARE the next BIG FISH, and you’ll overtake some of the current BIG fish, BELIEVE it or not. <3

TIP 2:***Think about the business that comes JUST BEFORE, and RIGHT AFTER, the services or products that you provide and MAKE A LIST, of incredible humans to start developing relationships with!

For Example:

  • A Photographer, if you’re stylist
  • A Chiropractor, if you’re a personal trainer
  • Wedding Venues, if you’re musician

Push yourself to make a list list of 20 people who it might be great for you to build relationships with.


TIP 3:***Develop a System for Building a Relationship and Being Generous

For each of those 20 people, maybe one day each month, you could reach out via email, or on social media, or text (if you have their number).

You’re never asking, just complimenting (genuinely) or sharing something from your heart that you think might be helpful.

  • If you can’t be genuine about wanting to build that relationship, then don’t reach out
  • It might be an article you found
  • Or a potential hire that could help them out since you saw on their latest livestream where they mentioned they were looking for someone
  • OR that you loved their recent photos or copy and their content is simply blowing your mind
  • You really love their mission, and thanks for the work they do

TIP 4: If you play a long game you’ll create RELATIONSHIPS, revenue, and impact so much FASTER.

I know how TEMPTING it can be want to just SHOVE your way in, to see if someone can do you a FAVOR. Maybe you think that your STUFF is soo cool that “How couldn’t they see this as a win win”?!

Well relationships aren’t about just that.

And in business in general, the more you play the long game, the faster you win and everyone else does too.

STOP rushing. 

START being present, because that’s where you have the most power to make change.

Try this out, ladio, and COMMENT BELOW and let me know your thoughts and next steps!



Mel <3