The 2 things I never let up on, even while I’m in Bali

Posted on: February 22, 2019
The 2 Things I Never Let Up On

Have you ever worried that if you’re NOT working, you can’t make money in your business?

Even had that fear that if you travel, you’ll lose your momentum?

My husband just arrived in Bali to join me this past Sunday night.

Rob & Mel in Bali

I was telling him that coming to Bali feels like I found a way to stop time. Or maybe it feels more like I was able to buy myself an extra month of it.

I prepared for this trip back in July. That looked like asking my team to support me by changing call times, cancelling most, and keeping Feb free from the usual things that tend to fill up my day to day.

When I saw my calendar at the end of January, just before leaving NYC, there was so much blank space. I felt like an absolute scheduling minimalist.

Halfway across the world, no one really knows me.

Certainly, no one has any expectations of who I should be or how I should act.

Bali Friends

They definitely don’t have any say as to whether or not it’s safe for me to speed down the highway on a motorbike, weaving between cars on these twisting roads in Bali.

Along with feeling that my soul is being deeply nourished, in an unbelievable way that I didn’t know I was craving, I’m also continuing to stand behind my philosophy of simple being BEST, especially in business.

I’ve done my work over the years to stop myself from buying into BS beliefs about not being able to succeed until you work endless hours and burn out. I don’t believe that rich life experiences that seemingly have nothing to do with work, split your focus and bring about your business downfall.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve put in the hours, and LOVED the hard work when it happens. The beauty is, if you’re focusing on the right things, then most of the effort really does happen during take off.

I believe that most definitely, the juicy bits that are discovered on ANY adventure, ALL contribute to how I contribute, as a leader and business owner.

Sitting by the Pool in Bali

While I don’t plan on sitting on my ass and meditating the rest of my life away, it’s been four fun years and now I’m happy to say that I’ve got things just about how I want them, and I’ve entered a phase that’s more about optimization and less about take off.

Here’s what cool, though, no matter what stage you’re in, I STILL think less is more. I’m still focusing on the SAME money making activities now, that I was when I began. In fact, there are two things that I NEVER let up on.

In Bali, these two things still STAND.

I think of them as keeping my foot on the gas, no matter how much I’m just chillin’ out or really putting the pedal to the floor.

No matter what your business looks like, it’s never too early to do these two things. AND, it’s important that you understand that I don’t recommend ever STOPPING doing them.

#1: Grow Your Audience and Expand Your Community

What I Regularly Do
• I always make sure that I have a slew of free content/freebies that are CRAZY compelling for my audience
• I either design my own system to be sharing that content CONSTANTLY for new leads to join my list, or I hire peeps to do it for me. (Right I have a FB ad expert, an IG manager, and a Pinterest Manager)
– this could be running ads to freebies
– it could be my 2 evergreen webinar funnels constantly bringing leads in
– it could be that I host some free content events live (challenges, webinars, online trainings)
– it could be a summit, or any other kind of JV partnership to reach more peeps (although this one hasn’t really been my thing over the past 4 years)

What I’m Doing Here in Bali
• Having my FB ad expert, IG manager, Pinterest manager share my content like crazy (I’ll tell you, I’ve got 4 years worth! No regrets for being a content machine the last few years)
• Letting my funnels run
(none of this requires anything from me, especially now that my team knows how to manage and navigate the systems we’ve set up over the years.

QUESTION: What are some SIMPLE things you can do to Grow Your Audience and Expand Your Community?

(Please don’t decide that you’re going to build an evergreen webinar funnel just ’cause you read this… I tested it for over a year and put serious money behind it… so if you don’t have time and other resources too, it’s not likely to be the most efficient thing for you)

#2: Nurture Your Audience and Deliver What You’ve Promised with Your Whole Heart and Soul

What I Regularly Do
• FB Live Videos in my U2U and Ascend Mastermind online groups once each week
• Videos in other groups for my courses or free community at least 1-2 times a month (sometimes 4 times a month)
• At least one newsletter a week
• Deliver my programs for my clients
• Some outreach to let the people I work with know I care

What I’m Doing Here in Bali
• Same thing as above

QUESTION: What are some SIMPLE things you can do to Nurture Your Audience and Deliver What You’ve Promised with Your Whole Heart and Soul?

Keep it simple!

I would much rather be nurtured with absolutely amazing content and care, REGULARLY, than feel like I’m constantly being badgered by someone who’s doing #allthethings.

If you constantly have your foot on the gas in terms of Expanding Your Audience and Nurturing Them while you deliver and give it all you’ve got, you’ve got an engine that runs. The best thing? It runs when your life is more full, and it runs when your life is less busy too.

I seem to often have ladies reach out and ask what I spend my time on in my business to continue to grow, so I thought a behind the scenes of how I’m spending my work time here in Bali might be helpful.

All the love in the world and chat soon,



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