The most UNDER-practiced business strategy that IS the difference between businesses that PROFIT and those that DON’T

Posted on: May 24, 2018
Business strategy

Ever gotten major traction in your business, in a pretty quick period of time?

Maybe you wanted that next client, or you were focused on building your list… and all of a sudden, you got there faster than you thought you would.

Ever experienced that, even on a small level?

Think about WHY it happened that way, for a second.

What was it about your circumstance? What was it about how you APPROACHED that vision or desire?

Here’s the thing… most business owners have experienced this at LEAST once on some level.

Even so, very FEW recreate it.


Because most entrepreneurs overlook the most POWERFUL business strategy that exists in the universe.

And here’s the REAL kicker… it’s not that they DON’T know about it. Most of us DO know about the most powerful business strategy that exists, we just decide NOT to use it.


Good question. Once I tell you what it is, you’ll see that it’s completely FREE, and WAY simpler than MOST of the strategies out there that you’re probably trying to wrap your mind around.

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I think we decide NOT to use it because we BELIEVE (in our most doubtful and fearful moments) that we don’t have a choice.

We get restless when we don’t see those immediate results, and we go into overdrive when it comes to EFFORTING. Yup, enter stressed out Sally doing #allthethings and trying out just about every business strategy she’s heard about via the 100s of freebies that she downloaded in PANIC mode.


business strategy

That’s the most powerful strategy. BUT, it’s hard to utilize this business strategy without SIMPLIFYING your approach and taking advantage of TIME.

Ever heard that 90 day periods are SUPER powerful when it comes to creating “quantum leaps”? Yeah, I know that term is a little 2002/speak to sell era, but it’s true.

Huge gains in your business CAN happen in 90 days. You CAN turn around and wonder how the hell you got SO far when just 6 months or a year ago you were on the perpetual struggle bus.

The challenge is focusing on LESS and doing it BETTER for at LEAST 90 days. AND, making sure that every single action you take supports whatever it is you’ve decided you want to create during that period.

I’ll prove it.

  • Have you ever had more that 1 over-arching main goal, and 1 supporting goal over a 90 day period?
  • Do you download lots of freebies and free content and then try to do #allthethings?
  • Are you promoting MULTIPLE offers all at once without 1 or ANY of them selling at your DREAM level?
  • Do ALL of the actions you take in your business on a day to day and week to week period ALL support your larger overarching vision? OR are you the person who is writing a book, publishing a podcast, creating a course, trying to get 1:1 clients, and launching a group program all at once? In truth, even 2 of those combined is undercutting your MOMENTUM.

If you answered YES to even ONE of those questions, I promise you that you’ve got LESS MOMENTUM than you could have right now at this very moment.

Simplify ladio.

I promise you that those who get traction, who APPEAR to be doing LOTS all at once, are ACTUALLY the people who are focusing on less at a time.

They’re just takin’ names because they create their visions SO fast that they create more in 90 days than most people might in a year or MORE.

1 goal.

90 days.

ONLY Inspired actions that directly support that goal.

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90 Day Goal Planner

Comment below if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down and share with me how you’ve simplified and decided to focus on LESS and do it better for the next 90 days!

To working SMARTER and not harder.