[Back in Bali] Are you a “the time is always NOW” kinda girl?

Posted on: November 14, 2019
Are you a “the time is always NOW” kinda girl

Are you a “the time is always NOW” kinda girl?

Do you like to snatch up life’s opportunities? Comment below and share with me your thoughts after you read my update! I’d love to hear from you. <3

If you’ve been a part of my community since the beginning of 2019, you might remember that I was in Bali this last February.

When February ended and it was time to head back to NYC, leaving Bali became one of the only events in my life that left me feeling surprisingly full of grief.

Just days after getting back this past March, I told Rob I wasn’t done.

I needed to go back.

“Ok, if that’s what you need to do… for what, like three weeks?”

“For five weeks, and on my own.” I told him.

Rob’s been all over the world; 46 countries in fact. He’s had time to travel alone, to reflect, and to discover things about himself that you don’t discover when you’re not alone.

I don’t need to travel that extensively, but something inside of me has been desiring this time as an individual.

And for me, the time is always NOW.

I said that during this past launch of U2U VIII when we closed the doors for the final time last Friday.

I spoke to a woman who said she was planning to wait for next year until she heard that there wouldn’t be a “next year” opportunity with U2U. I watched as she did something she hadn’t done before; she made it the right time to take advantage of one of life’s opportunities.

I find over and over again, that for women who are on a mission, it’s not about waiting for the perfect time.

It’s about creating that perfect time, especially when there are all kinds of reasons to wait.

In March of this year, I thought it would be impossible to get myself back here for the foreseeable future. I didn’t see a way to spend five more weeks in Bali in 2019 or anytime in the next decade for that matter.

It became clear to me though, as I realized this was the last launch of U2U and that this is the end of our time in NYC. In my own little part of the world, it’s the end of an era.

Rob and I have plans for our next chapter. All kinds of plans.

It’s been a decade of living in NYC, and my 10 year anniversary as an entrepreneur. I still remember my mom saying to me, “I’m terrified for you.” I told her I was moving to the Big Apple at 25 with hardly any money and just an dream that I could work for myself and make a living and an impact.

I’ve promised myself that I won’t go into my next chapter and decade without giving myself time to reflect and celebrate. It feels equally as important to do those things not only alongside Rob, but also as an individual. Taking this time away, I know, will make me a better leader, a better wife, a better friend, and a better woman.

I’m aware of my privilege, and I’m grateful to be able to take this time. I can also say that I’ve worked hard the last ten years. I’m proud that what I thought wouldn’t be possible until 40, if it EVER worked out, has become a reality that is much richer than I could have imagined.

And so I will continue to say that the time is always NOW. I just have to be willing to say yes to life’s opportunities, even when they don’t appear obvious in the moment.

To do that, I have to keep listening. Not to the “shoulds” but to the deep desires that appear sometimes in an entirely unpredictable way. What’s tricky is that desires don’t always seem reasonable when they are born. Regardless, I’ve promised myself that I’ll ONLY keep creating my business if it continues to keep me wanting to get out of bed most mornings.

I TRULY desire to contribute in this life.

And my biggest celebration is that most mornings, like 96% of the time, I wake up with a knowing that I’m doing EXACTLY what I was put here to do. I feel the deepest level of fulfillment that I’ve ever felt. It doesn’t mean I know how it’ll all play out. It just means that I’ve built a solid trust in myself by putting one foot in front of the other and by staying true to those desires.

I’ll be writing to you each week, at least once a week, to keep you close during this time and to continue sharing in my time celebrating.

I promise to share pics as we go. In fact, the best place to keep up with what happens in Bali is to follow me on IG @melissa_pharr.

I’m sending you good vibes and would love to hear about how the time for you is NOW as well!

What opportunities are you snatching up as we speak?

Share with me!

All my love and belief in you,