What free content would you love from me next?

Posted on: July 12, 2016

I LOVE having you in my community and I’m beyond grateful for all of your feedback.

The exciting news is, I’m at it again and creating my next batch of super fun content. 

I want to make sure that it’s spot on with the support that you need, because as a member of my gang, you get a huge say in that, SO…

Here are the topics, titles, and themes that I’m playing with and I’d LOVE to hear from you. Just hit REPLY and answer this email with these 3 Qs:

1. Can you put these in order from MOST interested to LEAST interested?

2. Can you tell me WHY you ARE or AREN’T interested?

3. Can you let me know anything else that you’d LOVE to have me create free content about?


Thank you thank you, and here are the goodies below, so FEAST!

M <3


Miraculous Mindset a 5 -Day Challenge for Online Coaches

Learn my Top 5 Miraculous Mindset Skills for bridging the gap between your desires for a thriving online business and the ACTUAL manifestation of your online empire

These 5 Miraculous Mindset Skills have lead me from putting groceries back on the shelf to being on track for my 1st million dollar year as an online coach.

You’ll learn:

  • The EXACT Miraculous Mindset Skill that I used to book 16 new clients in 3 weeks and create my ideal schedule of coaching just 2 days a week! (After coaching 5 days a week, making less money, and being exhausted)
  • The Miraculous Mindset Skill that I’ve mastered to create incredibly detailed desired results in my coaching business that were previously mere fantasies (Everything from the amount of revenue and clients I desired, to travel destinations, to networking relationships, and MORE!)
  • How I’ve become masterful at keeping the faith about what’s possible for me in my online business, EVEN when my reality was telling me otherwise, and then overcoming doubt and fear and hitting my client, revenue, and launch goals consistently!
  • Exactly how I use a structured practice to not just FEEL great, but to inspire me into action that creates REVENUE and RESULTS! (I’m letting you watch my EXACT process LIVE)
  • and MORE!


Book Your First Paying Clients a 5 – Day Challenge for Online Coaches ready to become the next profitable industry expert

I’m breaking it down and telling you EXACTLY what to do to book those first paying clients

There’s so much noise about what you SHOULD be doing to get high paying coaching clients.

Let’s simplify the process and break it down into 5 EXACT steps and places to focus your energy to get those paying clients!

You’ll learn:

  • How I was able to get known online AND ditch overwhelm when it came to the day to day of running my business
  • EXACTLY how I learned to attract my ideal clients over and over again AND had them consistently saying YES to working with me
  • What to get really great at that will allow you not only to book out your 1:1 practice, but leverage your business for continually increasing revenue
  • Exactly HOW I was finally able to make selling out my coaching business a mere numbers game.
  • What I did that turned my entire coaching business around, and gave me the confidence to raise my prices and get clients.


The Confident Coach 5 -Day Challenge for online coaches looking to hone their craft and become the next masterful coach in their industry

Excited about skyrocketing your coaching business, but nervous that you don’t have the coaching smarts to actually help your people get results?

Feel like you’ve been holding yourself back, or staying invisible because you’re lacking confidence about your coaching skills and your ability to help your clients transform?

Don’t miss this 5 – Day Challenge where I’m sharing all of my best practices for creating an incredible client experience that helps so many of my clients get amazing results, and gives me the confidence to continue building my online business, and in a BIG WAY!

You’ll learn:

  • My simple and effective structure for running first coaching sessions that sets you and your new client up for success
  • To create powerful boundaries in your coaching relationships that not only let you love your work, your schedule, and your newfound freedom, but also support your client to be more empowered and self-reliant for greater results
  • To discover and use my stellar coaching practices to help your clients get what they came to you for faster, without taking on client results or emotions and holding a more powerful space for transformation