Why Comparing is Your Biggest Waste of Time EVER

Posted on: November 21, 2019
Why Comparing is Your Biggest Waste of Time EVER

Have you ever compared yourself to others and felt like you might be missing out?

Or wondered if things were slightly different, and more like someone else’s situation, if you’d be in a different place?

I think this is just a human thing to do from time to time, and sometimes, but hopefully not, often.

I shared with you last week that I’m back in Bali. I wanted to continue to share a few things about my personal journey, because I think they might be helpful reflections for all of us.

Did I mention that my return from Bali in February of this year felt premature and prompted major grieving?

It was a strange situation for me and definitely unexpected.

Here’s the personal part that feels a little vulnerable:

The truth is, my time here this past winter was unlike any adventure that I’d experienced up until that point in my life. As a gemini, who is super playful and adventure obsessed, if felt almost addicting to be here, and devastating to leave.

The scary part? It was a bright shiny object that had me contemplating, just for a hot second, if becoming a digital nomad and moving to Bali would be MORE exciting than everything else in my life that is more stable and familiar that I’ve created in the past ten years.

I can tell you, that deep down, under this ego desire/fear, I knew in my heart of hearts that what I’ve created: my marriage, home, business, personal life, and so much more – is SO incredibly satisfying, that I never TRULY believed that my fear was actually true. But it was so strong due to my premature departure, that within one week, I had booked this time, for 5 weeks, to come back.

I wanted to prove my fear wrong.

I wanted to be here long enough to say, “I’m homesick! I wanna go home!”

It’s been just one week, and while I’m not ready to go home yet, I will be in five weeks.

You see, I’ve had countless people ask me questions about being apart from Rob for so long. I’ve had countless questions about what kind of business I’ve created. I’ve had people ask me how I’m so happy in this life.

It’s almost like the universe granted me bragging rights, and not for those who have questioned me, but for myself. I feel I’m like tea bag being steeped in a deep, fulfilling pool of gratitude.

It feels great to know that wherever I go, there I am.

I didn’t need to come to Bali to find MORE fulfillment or MORE adventure than I know I can create at home.

I CHOSE to come to Bali to inspire clarity and enjoy the RECOMMITMENT process at the end of this decade and the beginning of the next.

BUT the grass is NEVER greener.

<<< You don’t need a new circumstance or piece of scenery to create what you want.

<<< You don’t need to compare your situation to someone else’s and decide that if you just had THAT, things would be different.

Going on my Bali adventure just means I can enjoy all of the stability, love, and abundance that I’ve already created, plus another adventure to heap on the pile.

It won’t be my last.

And it doesn’t take away from what I am grateful to already have.

I’m SO happy I’m here, because I’m getting EXACTLY what I’ve come for.

I was WhatsApping with Rob yesterday morning; sharing all of this with him. He has such kind eyes, and so much patience for our journey and mine as an individual, even if it means we spend a little time apart.

I asked him what my realization inspired in him, and he had the idea to write recommitment vows for our next decade together, and share them when I come home in a month.

My heart overflowed.

There is so much power in owning where we’re all at, and not trying to be someone or somewhere that we’re not.

Just curious if there’s one thing you can think, do, or be today to create deep gratitude not just in your entrepreneurial journey, but in your life journey. It all comes back to your ultimate mission, and I’m always here to believe in it with you and support it’s unveiling.

Share with me…

Lots of love!



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