Why unsolicited feedback is GOLD!

Posted on: December 19, 2017

Have you ever been afraid to ask for feedback from your own clients? Maybe you worried that they’d tell you things that might not be so easy to hear?

Have you ever had anyone give you feedback that you DIDN’T ask for, and maybe in a not so professional, or conscientious way?

In case you’ve felt any of these feels above, I wanted to reach out and say that if you’re serious about your business and your impact, both of these circumstances are inevitable, and you’re not alone.

Getting feedback that isn’t PERFECT, or having someone complain about something you’ve created isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, it’s one of the best opportunities for growth if you have the courage, and confidence, to listen.

The way other humans respond usually says more about them than anything, or anyone else, so I encourage you… don’t take it personally, just become MASTERFUL at what you love to do.

Try being curious instead.

I can promise you that the way you RESPOND, is far more important, and indicative of whether or not you’ll be able to maintain your business success.

No one is perfect, and you’re bound to create amazing circumstances that allow you to LEARN like never before. 😉

And on this note, I have a fun story to share with you!

When I made an offer a bit ago to my then current U2U members, and invited them to become Alumni U2U members by signing up for another round of my group program, I received an email from one wonderful client of mine.

In a nutshell, she mentioned that she felt my offer was a “pre-mature marriage proposal” — yup, she used my own words against me! 😉 — and she also shared that she wanted something in the offer that acknowledged that she was on a different track than a first timer in my group program.

I hadn’t asked for any advice on the offer, and I was confident in the timing of it.


Still, I listened very carefully to her feedback, and even emailed her to hear more about why she felt the way she did. I even introduced an idea I had for the offer to hear even more from her.

Long story short, she was the very reason I added on a special bonus to my U2U Alumni offer and ended up having the most successful U2U Alumni enrollment out of ALL of my 6 U2U launches. (She even ended up saying yes to the Alumni offer herself! <3)

Not only that, but with the ideas she gave, I created a new course and used it as an upsell during my past U2U launch. In total, her feedback helped me generate approx. an extra $31,000 in sales.

If I had ignored her email, not only would those sales have been lost, but the opportunities for my clients that I didn’t see without her help, would have been lost as well.

Are you open to feedback?

Are you courageous and confident to take it? To ask for it?

Where is there an opportunity to dig deeper into your client’s experience and take your creations and support to the next level?

To asking,


Mel <3