Why we collect 95-100% of all sales made + our clients stay w/ us for 2+ years!

Posted on: January 31, 2019

Have you ever seen entrepreneurs talking about the sales figures that they’re pulling and wonder, “How much of that do they actually collect?” (Let alone, how much are they actually profiting… that’s a whole other story!)

Did you know that some online marketers can have refund rates as high as 50% within an automated funnel?

Or that they can lose between 10% – 20% or MORE of their account receivables to payment plans that clients don’t end up paying?

I’m sharing this because you probably know I’m in a season of major reflection. It’s just 2 DAYS until I leave for Bali for the month of February for my “pilgrimage” that I’ve been telling you about.

I’m reflecting about my personal life quite a bit and what mine and Rob’s next chapter might look like, yes. But I’m also constantly reflecting about how to keep growing my business in a way that feels impactful, fulfilling, and lucrative.

I like to stay in the know about stats like these that I’ve shared above, and see if I can blow them out of the water by running my business in a way that I hope, over-delivers to my audience.

I thought that if, like me, you’re passionate about:

#1: Serving your clients in a way that makes your heart sing


#2: Really truly giving them all of the support that you feel they need (and that you’re able to give)

… that you might find some behind the scenes about how I do things, helpful.

The 2 stepper I’m sharing in this post is the #1 reason that we collect 95 – 100% of all sales made, and have our clients stay with us for 2+ years or MORE!

We’re in our 7th run of U2U right now, and during at least 2 of our runs, we collected 100% of all sales made. In the other runs, we’ve collected 95% or more of all sales and that includes the main U2U sale, plus up-sells a down-sells, EVEN as the U2U program has grown in size. We’ve had nearly 400 women go through U2U at this point.

After our run of U2U VI, we had 45% of U2Uers rejoin for a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th run of the U2U program.


We make improvements every single run, and my team and I are obsessed with problem solving about how things can always go to the next level, so that our clients feel like they have what they need to succeed.

I’m constantly wondering, “How can U2U be even better this year?” “How can Ascend Live be even more exciting and valuable for those who come to NYC for my event in the fall?” and many other questions about the offers we provide.

But it’s not enough just to wonder… from there, I follow this two step process over and over and over again. I’ve been doing it since I began this business in September of 2014, and like I said, I think it’s the reason for our % of payments collected and our high levels of client retention, but really, for the success of the business overall.

The exciting thing is that those results are just benchmarks for the things that matter to me most, like the relationships I’ve been able to build with my clients, and stories we’ve shared, the way I’ve seen them grow, and the truly heartfelt and breathtakingly moving changes that occur.

So let’s talk about what this 2 step practice that I’m constantly putting into action looks like:

Client Results & Retention 2 Step System

1) Continuously Talk to Your Audience of Buyers (Be Brave!)

I get that it can be scary to reach out to your audience of buyers and ask them how things are going, and/or why they went with your offer. Lady, you’ve GOT to do it. It’s shocking to me how many business owners out there don’t do this regularly or have systems to make this an automated part of their delivery.

In U2U, we survey our ladies twice. The program is about 7 1/2 – 8 months, so halfway through the first half, our survey goes out. Same thing during the 2nd half of the program.

For every. single. round. of U2U, we had the majority of women who fill out the survey rate U2U a 10 out of 10. Additionally, last round I started responding to ladies who filled out the survey to thank each and every one of them, but also to ask for more clarification about any of their responses that I didn’t understand. This goes a LONG way, let me tell you. When people can feel how much you care, it changes everything. My goal is for any lower scores, I get them up by the end of the program.

Anything that we can implement right away that is for the better of all, we do. Anything larger scale, we wait until the next round. Of course some people have a lot on their plate so they’re slow to fill out the survey. I have my team reach out personally multiple times to hear from as many of them as we can.

Just in case it’s helpful, I’m sharing with you the questions we ask in our survey:

1) How would you rate your overall experience in U2U on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being great?
2) What have been the top 3 most powerful aspects of U2U according to your experience in the program?
3) Is there anything that hasn’t been covered yet in the program that you would like coaching on?
4) Is there anything you’d like less of?
5) Is there anything you’d like more of?
6) Please rate your experience in our online community on a scale of 1-10. Why?
7) Please share anything else on your mind about how we can improve the overall experience?
8) Pls share anything else on your mind about how we can improve your individual experience?

You could also try creating a focus group of people who have completed your entire program to ask them how they’re feeling about how you’re running the program currently and what upgrades you could make going forward!

I’ve spent time doing this with some of my long time Alumni who have lots of insight and have experienced my programs in full a few times. This was GOLDEN. Especially because our biggest revamp ever is in the works for our programs that are coming up in 2020!

Ideas about how you might speak with your audience of buyers?

2) Get Curious About How You Can Improve Your Current Offers

Whether before AND after, or just after you hear from your audience of buyers, spend time being really curious and open to any idea that’s been floating around. You never know how what you’re thinking could turn into something truly amazing for your audience. Here are some things to think about while you’re being curious:

Think about the areas that you see your clients struggling with the most? If there’s a section of your program or course that you just keep getting the same questions about, this is a sign that that area may need a little something extra. Look objectively at your offer and client experience with the goal to fill in any gaps.

Think about what you want to be known for. It’s huge to always think about what’s on brand for you moving forward as you continue to grow your business and impact. How can the changes you make further align with the mission and values that you as the owner of your business are growing into?

Keep in mind how you’ll continue to flesh out your current business model. Pay attention to how any of these changes can also support your ability to leverage. You want to avoid creating a trap that leads to burn out, but instead, serves your clients AND allows you to free up your time so you can be more present to support the peeps you serve, and have a life.

Get curious about what kind of collaborations you could create to support your clients. Could previous clients be guest experts in your program in some way? Are there colleagues or peeps who could come in and give support in an area that’s not your specialty but that would provide a win-win for everyone involved? Is it time to have additional coaches to help serve your people?

Let me know what’s most helpful to you about this 2 step system that’s been such a monumental part of my business growth for the past 4 years.

You can comment below… I’d love to hear any ideas you have about how to implement a piece of what I’ve shared!

To fulfilling and lasting impact for you and your clients!