Why you’ve got to escape from living in fear…

Posted on: November 23, 2015

I was just visiting Paris this past May. I loved every second of my time there, and my heart broke when I heard about the attacks. I know this email is happening 11 days since, but I needed a little time to mourn, to be honest.

I’m sending love to all of the families who have suffered loss, and just as much love to the people who are feeling fearful in that great city.

Living in fear, it’s truly, such a horrible feeling, isn’t it?

I came home from a girl’s dinner this past Thursday night, SO upset.

My cab got stuck in a lot of traffic, and when I asked the driver to take me to the 72nd street subway instead, he told me that was a terrible idea.

ISIS had apparently made threats that day, about terrorist attacks in the subways, with gas.

It was the first time that I’d felt that fear so close to home. I don’t take the subway much anymore, working from home, but my husband is on the subway multiple times a day.

When I got home, I told him he could never take the subway again!!!! I was in tears. 🙁

He said, “I love you, but I’m not living my life in fear. If I don’t feel safe, I promise you I’ll do everything in my power to protect myself, which may include NOT getting on the subway. In the meantime, nothing will stop me from living my life and enjoying it.”

I felt so paralyzed by my fear and the possibility of anything happening to him, that let’s say his answer didn’t go over well(I was also pms-ing BIG TIME so that didn’t help)!

The important thing is, we talked it out, and Rob pointed out that feeling hatred and fear is the EXACT thing that gives these evils more power. 

I KNOW that I am not that person who lives their life in fear.

Maybe it’s not appropriate to relate the fear I felt about that incident to the fear I felt beginning my business. Certainly beginning my business was not a life and death situation, but I sure made it feel like it some days. I think becoming conscious of how I overcame that fear, is helping me overcome this one.

I was thinking, that the very thing that kept my business ALIVE, was my choice to have faith, and believe in something better. It was my choice to have fun, listen to my intuition, and trust myself.

I watched a video that was going viral on FB about a man whose wife was killed in the Paris Attacks. He made a powerful video saying that he would not let them have his hatred, but instead, insult them each day with his happiness that he and his son would still share together.

I guess my message today is about being strong enough to make that choice whatever comes, and to live full out in your business and your life.

You can spend your time watching your back and fearing what might happen, or you can cherish each moment and realized that you have TODAY to create the life you truly desire.

Now is always the best time to live full out and fill yourself, your loved ones, your community and this world with high vibes and endless faith in your fellow human!

Sending so much love out to all of those who have suffered loss, and endless gratitude for all that I have.