Binu Alag

Business and Money Mindset Coach

“Working with Mel has been so transformational for my business and up-leveling my wealth consciousness.”

Working with Mel has been so transformational for my business and up-leveling my wealth consciousness.

I’m generally more of a spontaneous person who likes to implement inspired ideas right away, so I didn’t realize how much planning goes into launching a group program.

What I really love about Mel is that she knows her numbers. She helped me put a plan in place to get the desired number of enrollments into my group programs. She also helped me with the whole launch schedule (pre and post), the promotional email series and the mindset piece to stay focused, calm and trusting! As a result, I signed 16 amazing women into my “Tap into Wealth” live program, which has now been turned into a passive income product! I’ve now had 2 successful launches and created passive income products while working with Mel.

I highly recommend Mel’s programs if you are ready to expand your business and thinking about launching your own group program! She is an amazing coach, fun to work with, she has given me the push beyond my comfort level (with tough love) and has held high-vibe space for my growth and evolution!

Taylor Manning

Marketing Strategist

“Mel is super fun and gets you feeling super pumped every single time you chat with her.”

I've been working with Mel in one way or another for about 15 months and have gone from my first $8,000 month to a nearly $60,000 month, while scaling my business, working less and trusting the process every step of the way.

But before working with her, I was holding back! I didn't think I could have a successful, "big" launch. I kept putting off my launches and funnels and telling myself I wasn't ready.

Mel helped me feel super confident with my launch plan. Together we mapped out my goals and intentions, all the details about the program and exactly what I needed to do to make it happen. She urged me to give myself time and space to pull everything together without pushing it off out of fear. With the tools she gave me, being in launch mode was easy, with minimal stress, and I was able to make over $80,000 with my first real group program! Now I have the confidence (and knowledge) to do this again and again, and am already using similar strategies to put together some passive "launch" funnels.

What I love most about Mel as a coach is that she supports you to make the decisions for your business and supports you through the process. She brings lots of strategy to the table but also helps you through all the emotional stuff that is bound to come up, too. She gives you the knowledge you're missing but makes sure everything you do is from a place of inspired action and feels right. And let's be honest, she's also super fun and gets you feeling super pumped every single time you chat with her. I need my weekly dose of Mel!!!!

Jodi Bullock, RD

Holistic Health Coach

“I’d absolutely recommend Mel for support in launching a group program.”

Launching group programs seemed really overwhelming to me before. Most of the time I didn’t even think about things as I was promoting them or understand how much I could have been doing to increase sales.

I learned so much from working with Mel. She has a plan that you can customize for whatever your product or service is. She is super thorough, detail-oriented and she helped me work backwards to get clear on my numbers so that everything I did was part of the bigger outline; and not just sending random emails or making social media posts without a purpose. Instead, I delivered a lot of great content to my followers that I can still use!

I made over $20K the first time I converted my former private package into a small group health coaching program. It was great to be able to achieve the group atmosphere and still be able to help that many people while leveraging my time.

I’d absolutely recommend Mel for support in launching a group program. She will help give you clarity, focus and a clear plan. It’s overwhelming enough to create the content and keep up with your day-to-day business but I felt a lot of relief in having support from someone so good at planning, preparing and having successful group programs!

Ma'ayan Greenbaum, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist and Couples Coach

“She is so relatable, insightful and inspiring”

I've always been deeply passionate about my private practice and guiding couples to transform relationship-pain into passionate connection. However, for years and years before working with Mel, I was doing everything myself and was feeling huge financial pressure around my ability to generate enough income to pay back my academic loans and high childcare costs. There have even been times when I felt guilty because the overhead of running my practice felt like another financial burden, instead of supporting our family in the ways I was working so hard for. A year before I met Mel, I launched my online coaching business but my schedule was so packed that I didn't have the time to consistently implement my ideas and be more visible on-line, which was super frustrating.

Now I have an incredible team of women who share my mission. My team members help with everything from scheduling and collecting payments, to welcoming new clients and setting-up incredible systems to streamline my business processes and get the word out about my workshops and trainings. I've established even better boundaries around my schedule and have become fierce about my self-care and yoga practice. This means the world to me and has literally been life-changing, especially as a mama of 2 young children. I have been offering live workshops and online virtual trainings, I have a terrific Facebook community and an email newsletter to nurture and support my tribe. I'm taking on projects I never would have imagined before and am continuously feeling more resilient and trusting in my ability to design and run my business in a way that feels super exciting, hopeful and meaningful.

If you are passionate and serious about truly making an impact, look no further. Melissa Pharr will inspire, while keeping you accountable and clear on your next steps. I can't recommend Mel enough as a coach. I feel fortunate beyond words to have the support of a coach who is so creative, grounded, spiritual and pragmatic. She is so relatable, insightful and inspiring and she is one of the most reliable people I've ever met. I feel deeply cared-for and known by her. And, her personal attention has been transformative for me, both personally and in my biz. I trust Mel to give me honest feedback and challenge me in exactly the ways that benefit me the most. She walks her talk, takes great care of herself, has empathic but clear boundaries and is playful, fun and incredibly consistent and focused. Her passion and caring is deeply felt whether I'm interacting with her in a private session, in U2U or on one of her fantastic live trainings. Lastly, the women she attracts and her ability to create a sense of belonging and community are super special. It's a true privilege to be in the energy of the U2U community of ladies who are smart, intuitive, sensitive and so supportive.

Dihessa Bodjona

Energy Coach for Online Entrepreneurs

“The vision I had for my business is coming true!”

I am so honored to have Mel as a business mentor. My life has become a bit more colorful since I have started working with her. Besides fine tuning my message and sales process, the structures she has helped me put in place have helped me the most. For years, I have only dreamt of reaching 10K months, and this month, I made more than 10K in income in my business. With Mel by my side, I see 20K, 30K months and more in my near future. But most importantly, I was aching to really get my message out in the world in a big way, and now, I am so excited that it's happening. The vision I had for my business is coming true!

Kate Taylor

Personal & Branding Stylist

“She knows how to get to the real deal issues and solutions at warp speed.”

Mel has been pivotal in the growth of my business and in gaining clarity on my message and sales and how to truly understand what it means to reach my ideal client in a way that lights us both up.

Before working with her, I was in total panic non-stop. It was feast or famine to the max and I couldn't figure out my messaging or how to get my bearings. I was making decent money, but it was going out quicker than it was coming in.

But Mel does not let you sell yourself short and she knows how to get to the real deal issues and solutions at warp speed. You will do the work and you will get the results you need and want!

Now, I love everyday of my business and I feel like I'm truly in my zone of genius. I've gained TOTAL clarity on my messaging. And I love my clients! I love working with them and writing messaging for them because I know they are exactly who I am meant to work with; I understand what they need and how I can help!

These days I feel very consistent with my income and it is growing more and more every single month. I'm making consistent $10K+ months. Plus, I'm signing women into my high end packages easily and consistently and I just launched my first group program with ease and success. I have a great group of women going through my course and loving what they are learning and the community I have created for them.

Michelle Knight

Branding and Business Coach

“Mel is a badass. I love that as a coach she doesn't sugar coat.”

If you are like me and have already gained so much from Mel's free content, I am telling you the paid stuff is worth every penny. Even though my experience has been through her group program, I truly feel like I have received one on one support. Anytime I had a question or copy that needed edits, I received EXACTLY what I needed and quickly.

Mel is a badass. I love that as a coach she doesn't sugar coat. It's truly invaluable to have someone like that in your corner as you are growing your business. Mel offers strategies and tools that you can use to streamline your efforts and save yourself a ton of time in the process. She shows up 100% for her clients and works really hard to make sure your questions are answered and resolved before moving on. It's very clear how much she cares about the success of her people.

Before working with her I was struggling with my messaging and didn't feel 100% about who I REALLY wanted to work with. I had just left my 9 to 5 and had spent the past year building my website, brand and getting visible online, but only had one paying client. And I knew it was my lack of specificity that was resulting in me not getting paying clients and filling my 1:1 coaching program. So something had to change if I wanted to be able to help support my family with my income.

Within just the first month of joining Mel's group program, I was able to develop a mindset routine that really helped me gain clarity in my business and the direction in which I wanted to go; not to mention, I was able to connect with myself again and start listening to know when it was time to take a step back and do more with less. I was also able to have a $6K weekend at the end of this past December, which completely blew my mind. Now I'm on track to have my first $10k month in February and I feel super confident in my messaging and putting out new content while also promoting my 1:1 coaching program. I'm getting ready to raise my prices again and planning to expand my business even more. Having my business streamlined in all aspects and being able to produce content so freaking quickly has allowed me to spend more time with my son and explore other creative avenues as well.

Lisette van der Valk

Business & Leadership Coach

“I’m really grateful that I got the opportunity to join everyone in U2UIV.”

If you’re looking for a no-BS kind of coach, who is going to support you with the nuts and bolts you ACTUALLY need to run and grow your online business, work with Mel!

Before working with her, I had been coaching for a while and was looking for a way to piece all my puzzle pieces together. I had learned SO much about running an online business that I was overwhelmed with all the possibilities I had moving forward. I knew I wanted to grow my business but didn’t know where to start anymore!

With Mel’s help, I've pieced my puzzle together in a way that feels right to me. I've gotten wayyy better at leading sales conversations in an authentic and supportive way for my clients. I’ve hired team members and am now delegating like a BOSS. And, I've set up systems, structures and a rock solid foundation for my business that will support me in serving my clients, and is helping my business grow every day!

I’m really grateful that I got the opportunity to join everyone in U2UIV. Mel has kicked ass and taken names; and she's helped everyone in this program do the same, in their own way. I appreciate her straightforwardness, and the way she's allowed space for me to figure out how I could make my business work for me!

Ute Benecke

“Working with Mel is totally worth it if you want to stop playing around and doing real business.”

Before working with Mel, I felt like I was jumping around without a really clear plan and without structure in my business. I knew that improving my mindset would be a huge game changer but wasn't sure how to make sure I was doing it right.

Now, I have a plan and I know how to set up and structure business by taking simple baby steps; which is so cool. I also created and improved my mindset practice which is a total game changer and exactly what you need to win in business.

Before U2U even started I did one of Mel's Mindset Challenges, from her Mini Course Bundle, and had my first $13K month. Then, after two months in U2U, I had another $13K month as a result of working through the U2U modules, and committing to the work, and my mindset practice.

Working with Mel is totally worth it if you want to stop playing around and doing real business. She is the most amazing coach and totally worth the money you invest. She keeps you accountable and in the game in a very empowering way. She speaks her truth and doesn’t let you off the hook. Her advice is amazing, on point and you get all of your questions answered, which is even more amazing in a group program. Her presence and loving, straight forward support is mind-blowing.

Steph Jensen

Health Coach

“There’s no fluff and there’s no time wasted on our coaching calls!”

Working with Mel is a fantastic idea if you are needing to get clear on your offer, your wording, your structure, your copy, and any other business building foundations. She’s a straight shooter and I love that about her. As a fellow New Yorker, it’s great to have someone who will tell it like it is. There’s no fluff and there’s no time wasted on our coaching calls!

Before working with her, I was sending out a newsletter every week, but other than that I had little clue as to what I should do with the rest of my time. I know I was working on stuff, but at this point I can’t even remember what I was doing! The newsletter is the only thing I have to show from my time before Mel!

Now, I have a much clearer idea of what I should be doing each day. My day has structure and so does my strategy. I have developed a fantastic lead magnet that is growing my list daily and booking me discovery calls. I've also taken on 5 new clients and am making another $1,404 / month (on a 6 month contract, so $8,424 total)!

Jenn Scalia

Business & Online Confidence Coach

“Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no B.S. Just like I like it”

“Before working with Mel, I was a little unclear on how to direct the conversation and how to make the most of the time on the phone. When objections came up, I would usually just accept them.

Now, I feel that I can confidently sell my services with my ‘sexy phrases’ that show the value of what I do, and get a YES every time!

Mel is very knowledgeable and was able to deliver information in a way that I understood and that I can now use to confidently ace my sales call.

Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no B.S. Just like I like it. I wanted direct answers.

Heather L. Makar

Lifestyle Alchemist

“She is blowing my mind!”

I’ve been working with Melissa Pharr for the last month or so, and she is blowing my mind!!! We got clarity and a direction for my business. I come away from each and every conversation inspired, and with an action plan.

Without her, I don’t think I would even be on the path to launch, I would have no idea about a lot of things it takes to get rolling, let alone getting this far along this fast.

Kelly Atwood

Success Coach for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

“She is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity”

I want to give a testimonial to the powers of Melissa Pharr! She’s amazing! Before I started her group program, I was having a difficult time holding space for my clients during discovery calls, and really walking potential clients through discovery calls so that they could have really powerful, transformative conversations that lead them to the best decisions that they could make for themselves.

Before MYMC I was nervous and a little panicky, but after the program, I was able to hold that space and go through that process in a really calm, systematic way. This resulted in me booking $40,000 in 7 weeks working with Mel in this group program. What I loved about Mel in particular and her style of coaching is that she is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity.

What was cool about the program is that we not only talked a lot about wealth consciousness and who we were showing up as in our businesses, but we focused a lot on the the masculine structures, and on taking action! I can’t say enough good things about this program. It did so much for me and my business. To anyone who needs help with their discovery calls, money conversations, with booking discovery calls, and even being visible on social media, take this program! Thanks Mel, you ROCK!

Jennifer Blanchard

“You helped me get clarity”

Melissa Pharr – I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I listened to the replay from your free call on Wednesday (twice!). It was PACKED with so much valuable information! You helped me get clarity on a lot of things and I am even creating a new VIP offering that I’ve been thinking about but afraid to put out there. You are totally amazing. Thank you!!!

Joanna Turner

Transformational Life & Success Coach, Advanced EFT & NLP Practitioner

“I brought on 2 clients in 3 days. That’s $7Kin 72 hours!”

My sales process was a big block for me, I knew I could help people and that I’m a great coach, but I wasn’t able to show the value of what I do, and I was letting my own fears get in the way.

When Mel showed me the easy step by step process to go through, it all fell into place and made sense. I finally knew what I was supposed to do.

Since I started talking to Mel, my sales calls have been transformed! I have nailed every one since we began! I brought on 2 clients in 3 days. That’s $7K in 72 hours!!
Plus, the sales calls felt easy, they flowed, and they didn’t feel sales-y. I’m so happy right now!!!My confidence has increased and I love how Mel focuses on developing your mindset too.

Mel is awesome, she is a straight shooter that cares. Her confidence and passion rubs off on you and you feel empowered to get out there and rock your calls! If you’re thinking about working with Mel, just do it! You’ll never regret it! She knows her stuff!

“Within the first 3 weeks, I doubled my prices and brought on 4 new clients”

My first call with Mel was a Discovery Session and one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever had. Mel recognized my ability to create wealth. I felt seen and acknowledged for my value, when I couldn’t quite see it. She made saying yes to myself feel like a gift and in turn, I became willing to hold that space for my clients to thrive and say yes!

Working with Mel helped me value myself enough to ask for and receive what I’m worth. Within the First 3weeks, I doubled my prices and brought on 4 new clients.

Trisha Cullen

Bodyworker & Energy Coach

Shari D Teigman

Soul Explorer, Transformational Coach & Sparkle Maker

“I love her authentic blend of feminine energy”

Mel is not only knowledgeable and chock full of amazing and approachable tips and techniques for upping your sales and following, she is so warm and open! I love her authentic blend of feminine energy as she teaches mindset, intention setting and wealth consciousness in a down to earth doable way mixed with the masculine ‘get it done fast!’ straight forward methods to build your business and create real connections.

Thank you Mel for reminding me that building my business does not have to be hard or time consuming- being me and spreading my message consistently is the winning combo, as modeled by you!

I listen to your calls over and over and learn new tidbits each time. Looking forward to learning more!


Melissa Pharr – WOW just WOW!!! I have a coach crush on you! Thank you so much for your clarity, sharing your knowledge, and that POWER HOUSE phone call.

You are FREAKING AWESOME! Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are!! So lucky for that call today! I know Evanye Lawson thinks you rock out too!!!

Jen Wells

Naomi Calderon

Health & Vitality Coach

“Melissa Pharr… Love her energy, her style, her straightforwardness and her coaching BRILLIANCE!”