Are you feeling totally confused about WHEN to start buildingyour team?

Even if you did know WHO to hire first (which you don’t) you have no idea HOW to go about hiring.

Maybe you’ve been putting it off because you’re worried that you’ll spend money on a new VA and have them disappear without doing any of the work!

In fact, knowing WHERE to find STAR team members is one of your most pressing questions. Knowing WHAT TO DELEGATE is a big one too!

Whether you’re just beginning your business, or you’re a seasoned online coach, you might be wondering how much to pay your team members, especially if you’re not making the money you want to make in your business just yet.

Yup, been there.

You’re ready to focus in on leveraging like WHOA, and maybe even have some business besties beside you who are ALSO working on their online empires in beyond inspiring ways that might blow your mind and give you exciting ideas.

That’s right, I was doing lots of tasks that weren’t client getting tasks.
Even when I did book clients, I couldn’t keep up with coaching them AND working
ON my business, because I was trying to do it all.

THIS is the reason I kept creating a feast and famine pattern, financially, in my business. It turns out that EVEN AS A NEW COACH, it’s never too early to hire your first star team member.

In fact, if there is ONE THING I would have DONE EARLIER, it would be delegating tasks to team members, even before you’re making the money you want to make.

Why? Because when you’re freed up to focus on client getting activities, you get clients WAY FASTER!

I’ve created an absolute DREAM TEAM that’s allowed me to build a 7 figure online business in just 2 short years!

I can hardly remember the last time I had to do tasks in my business that I didn’t want to do.

I never spend time worrying about getting everything done, AND I don’t worry about things being done right. My team members know how I work and continue to anticipate my needs right on time.

It’s easy for me to travel and vacation without having to work long hours, or any at all, and I know while I’m relaxing that my team is accomplishing more without me than I did when I was hustling for hours each day and hardly making any money.

Whether you’re a NEW or SEASONED online coach, are you ready to step into your CEO shoes, double your days off, and skyrocket your revenue?

Ready to finally solve the puzzle of WHO to hire first, WHERE to find them, HOW MUCH to pay them, and WHAT tasks to delegate, so you can take your business to the next level?

I’ve designed this program to help you feel masterful at building your dream team whether you’re a brand new, or seasoned, online coach.

Not only will you know your EXACT first or next step to developing your team, you’ll feel confident about how to find super high level team members and EXACTLY what to hand off to get the most bang for your buck in your business.

Designing Your Dream Team is about learning how to communicate with your team members in a way that develops incredible relationships and a stellar team culture where you can trust that things are done above and beyond your expectations!

Hiring Team Members is one of those things that many are struggling with, and yet, it’s still not obvious where to go to get step by step answers, UNTIL NOW!

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Week 1, Module 1

Designing Your Dream Team & Crafting an Abundance Mindset to Magnetize Star Team Members

  • Develop the abundance mindset of a business owner with an absolute Dream Team who enjoys the business building process and has plenty of free time
  • Learn the smartest way to use your resources of time, money, and team to grow your business and revenue at record speed
  • Get smart about where your time and money is being wasted with your current set up and clear on who that first hire might be to turn things around
Week 2, Module 2

Who to Hire First to Boost Your Bottom Line & Put You in Your Money Making Zone of Genius

  • Become LASER CLEAR about who your first hire will be and EXACTLY what to hand off so you can be booking clients faster
  • Feel prepared to invest in your team member(s) and confidently in-the-know about what to pay them
  • Free up hours each month and week to focus on money making tasks that boost your revenue to the next level and allow you to enjoy your life along the way
Week 3, Module 3

How To Expand Your Team When You’re Looking to Leverage for More Impact, Time, and Income!

  • Discover a new world of things to delegate (that you’ve never considered)  and watch your free time and business growth multiply!
  • Learn EXACTLY where to expand your team next to leverage your impact,  time, and income
  • Who to hire when you’re looking to leverage, what to pay them, and tasks  you can delegate to them, plus how much to invest in team in general
Week 4, Module 4

Where to Look to Find Top Quality Team Members & How to Make Sure You’re Attracting a Perfect Fit

  • Finally feel confident about where to look and how to find STAR team members who love your business almost as much as you do!
  • Learn EXACTLY how I design ads that attract ROCKSTARS to my team and clearly outline expectations for a smooth hiring process
  • Feel fantastic about how to interview potential team members, check references, and consider team dynamics when a new superstar comes on board
Week 5, Module 5

Trusting Your Team Members & Delegating with Ease to Double Your Dollars AND Days Off

  • Feel comfortable trusting your team members and delegating with ease so you can achieve more in a day than you used to in a week!
  • Discover how to protect yourself and your business when hiring so you can relax and reap the benefits of being in your money making zone of genius more often
  • Learn my system for keeping track of team member hours, efficiency, and  performance without policing your team, but empowering them instead as they learn to anticipate your needs and relieve you from tasks you hate
Week 6, Module 6

Leading & Developing Your Team for Speedy Growth and an Expanding Impact in Your Industry

  • Learn the most powerful ways to communicate with your team members, plus how best to acknowledge them, handle mistakes, and develop them as standout STAR plays on your team
  • Discover what qualities make a good leader and why leading your team is an entirely different skill from coaching your clients, PLUS one that you can use to be a leader not just in your business and with your team, but in your industry
  • Learn to consciously communicate your principles and mission to every  member of your team so you can stand out not just for your coaching skills, but because of your quality message and impact
Week 7, Module 7

Creating a Solid Team Culture & Being A Leader In Your Industry That You Can Be Proud Of

  • Discover how to create an incredible team culture that feels supportive to you AND your team members so you can rely on them long term and leverage your business quickly and with ease
  • Learn to encourage collaboration, instead of competition, among your team members and watch your productivity and profits soar
  • Expertly run your team meetings to boost excitement and gain the respect of your team members as you grow together and tackle larger goals that boost your brand and visibility
Week 8, Module 8

Hear Straight From The Team + Mistakes I’ve Made (that you’’ll want to avoid) for Enjoyable Team Relationships and Unending Success

  • Learn all about the mistakes I’ve made while hiring and managing team members to save yourself the trouble of hiring mess-ups and to have a smooth on boarding process instead
  • Hear straight from my team all about what inspires them, has them loving their work, and makes them feel a part of a team that they can be proud of
  • Hear straight from my team the things you can avoid that might have your team feeling policed, uninspired, and unexcited to be supporting you in your business...wa wa : /

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When I first started my coaching business, like most new biz owners, I was doing everything myself… the marketing, the tech back-end systems, the copywriting, social media… my to-do list was endless! It got to the point where trying to get everything done was exhausting and I was working crazy hours. Mel helped me evaluate what I could delegate and which team members made the most sense to hire; she also provided direction on how to seek out and onboard a virtual assistant. Once I started building my team, everything changed... I was working less and earning more because instead of being stuck in business maintenance, I was able to focus on income-generating activities and growing my business.

Alex Bratty

Online Business Strategist

How many hours are you spending each week trying to do it all?

How well has it been working for you so far? Any clients? If so, how much time are the people in your life getting to spend with you?

How much time are you able to spend on yourself?

What if you were able to free up 5 hours a week? That’s 20 hours a month!

What would you do with that extra time?

What if you spend even 10 of those 20 hours focusing ONLY on money making tasks?

Think you could book your next high level client and make back the entire cost of this program?

And with the skills that you learn in this program, think you can grow your business faster by freeing up more and more hours and working in your zone of genius for the rest of your life an an entrepreneur?

This program includes:

  • Your Orientation & Welcome Packet designed specifically to fast track your success and get you ready for your first or next hire, putting you on your way to Designing YOUR Dream Team! This packet will help you get clear on your intention for the program and make the most out of each module + come prepared to our calls.
  • A Live Orientation Call with Q&A to prepare you for how to get the most out of our time together and have you entering this program with a running start!
  • 8 Downloadable Course Modules to help you dive deep into every part of your journey to creating a support system that allows you to boost your business to the next level in record time
  • 8 Live Q&A Calls with Melissa to receive personal laser coaching, guidance, and support to design your dream team and get smart about using your resources of time, money, and team for speedy growth.
  • Downloadable Recordings of All Orientation/Q&A Calls so you can listen and re-listen anytime and from anywhere you want.
Valerie Jones

Before I worked with Mel, I really hadn't given much thought to building a team. As a Life Coach, I was busy building my business and working to fill my client roster. I believed that when I got too busy, or began to make enough money to afford an assistant of some type, I would look into it then. If I needed help with the technical stuff (I am not a techie!) I would reach out to friends to try and help me. I did hire someone to design my website, but once it was up and running I was on my own with that too. I just believed it was 'the way things are.'

When I first began working with Mel, one of the questions she asked was when I would be hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant). I had no answer for her, as I didn't know what a VA was, and I had no idea why I would hire least not until I was making tons of money!

Now that I've been working with Mel for awhile, my whole understanding about building a team has transformed. I realized that waiting until 'I can afford it' [would] never happen, because my business stalled out and I began to see that the missing piece to making it happen was having the support of a team behind me. Listening to Mel talk about her team really helped me to see why it is so necessary to delegate the tasks that keep me from my zone of genius and keep me bogged down in areas that only frustrate me and drain my energy.

When I finally took the leap and hired a VA, I was excited and scared! I wasn't sure what I was getting into. However, she was so amazing and I felt so cared for! To know that someone has my back, takes care of all the stuff that I'm not an expert in and makes everything run smoothly is a huge game-changer. Now I am free to focus on what I love to do, knowing that everything else is in good hands. My business up-leveled in a major way and I am putting out so much more quality content. I have experienced first hand that growing a business requires investing in myself and a quality team, and I will never go back to being a 'lone wolf'!

Valerie Jones

Life & Relationship Coach

Plus, get these team building BONUSES:

Private FB Group


Join a private online group of amazing women, build incredible relationships, and network within this supportive community as you design your dream teams together.

Bonus Delegation Cheat Sheet


This is my COMPLETE list of every single thing that I delegate in my business to be freed up and growing my business by 300% each year! (No you haven’t seen this before, even if you’ve experienced my free challenges and downloaded my team building freebie!)

Group Training Call and Q&A
with My Attorney, Lisa Fraley

(Valued at $397)

Be informed RIGHT AWAY about how to be a smart woman in business, by protecting yourself legally as you Design Your Dream Team. Learn the MUST haves when it comes to securing your business and legal wellbeing, and how powerfully you can up your vibe and prepare yourself to receive by protecting your business as you bring on incredible team members!

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So what if you ARE just starting, or you’ve been an online entrepreneur for a while, and you have NO clients and NO income coming in?

Even if that’s the case, there are so many ways you can be smart with your time and your resources and STILL get help that will have you making money SO much more quickly than if you DIY it!

I spent so much time trying to do it all and it’s the EXACT reason that I financially plateaued in my business for 4 years! Once I finally started investing in team and putting myself in my zone of genius I was able to grow my business at a rate of 300% in 2015 and 2016 and now am on track for my first 7-figure year!

If you’re an Online Entrepreneur and any of these describe you,Design Your Dream Team is for you!

A: You’re having a hard time keeping up with all of your clients AND continuing to do the things you did to get those clients

B: You have zero to few clients because you’re spending all of your time doing things like formatting newsletters, building leadpages, building funnels, building your website, etc.

C: Other work/life responsibilities only give you a limited amount of time to work on your business and it never seems like enough

D: No matter how many clients you do or don’t have or how much money you’re making, you’re acting like a Virtual Assistant instead of a Coach. That means you’re doing these tasks formatting newsletters, building leadpages, building funnels, building your website, sending out welcome emails and contracts to new clients, etc.

Jodi Bullock, RD

I didn’t have a team when I started working with Mel. I had previously tried using a VA for creating some templates, but nothing on a continuous basis. No one had ever coached me on how to be smart about hiring. I didn’t know who else I would want or need on my team, other than a VA, but I thought that was only for people with huge businesses!

Now I have amazing templates, guides and resources for knowing who to look for and where to start; and I know that being very clear with expectations is key. I know that amazing team members DO exist and you don’t have to settle for unsatisfactory work or behaviors. More importantly, I’m much more clear about what my role is in creating a great team and a great working relationship with all the people I can trust to delegate things to.

I have a VA now who I delegate so much to! I know she is efficient, fast and MUCH better at doing these things that I used to struggle through, (hello Leadpages….) Not only do I have complete confidence in giving out tasks, but I have so much more time to get my content creation done, write better emails and be more consistent with live-streaming! I’ve delegated a new website, gotten new photos done and have completely handed off all client scheduling and payment tasks. And, since I knew I did not feel strong with Facebook ads, I hired a specialist for that as well; which was key to growing my list from just a few hundred to over 3,000 in a short amount of time.

Now, I feel like I’m the coach, not the secretary, and it’s made my business grow so much faster.

Jodi Bullock, RD

Holistic Health Coach

When was the last time you DIDN’T feel overwhelmed, overworked, or unorganized in your business?

What would it be like to feel like there ARE enough hours in the day and enough amazing people to do all of the tasks that you hate doing (that are just taking time away from your family, friends, or YOU time)!

Have you taken a look at your calendar lately and felt clear on how you’re spending your TIME and your MONEY?

If you were clear, and you had guidance about how to be more efficient with your resources, plus you were freed up for more client getting tasks, can you imagine how much more profitable your business would be?

What if I told you that I was confident you could free up at least 20 hours a month, probably more, when you transform like you will in my Design Your Dream Team program?

How much more money could you make in your business? How much more time for yourself and your loved ones would you have? How much will your quality of life improve?

Are you ready to step into your CEO shoes and double your dollars and days off?

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Taylor Manning

Before working with Mel, I had tried managing a team and everything flopped. I totally paid for hours that were never completed, never had systems or structures in place for running my team, never knew what was going on and I started to really think I was the only one who could care about my business enough to get things done right. I fired every one of my team members out of overwhelm and spent months running a six-figure business on my own.

After talking with Mel about the burnout I had experienced without having any help, we put a plan in place and she taught me how to hire team members and onboard them so they understand my mission and put in their best effort because they simply love working with me! Now I have a VA who is AMAZING and is helping me grow my online following, managing my Facebook group, taking techy tasks off my hands and even helping keep my clients scheduled and happy.

Before I was bringing in around $12,000 cash each month and totally overwhelmed. This month, I've worked less than I ever have in my business before and have created over $24,000 in CASH (even with a full week vacation, a spa day and starting with my new personal trainer) because I am finally able to focus on two things: money making activities and my clients!

Thank you Mel!!!

Taylor Manning

Marketing Strategist

Valerie Jones

Mel’s training on team building helped me value my time and increase my revenue. I stepped into a mindset of an entrepreneur who runs a multi-6 Figure business with ease. I realized I was spending a lot of time on activities that weren’t even in my “zone of genius”. My efforts of trying to save money were actually costing me. The light bulb went on and I opened up to delegating more tasks. Adding on new team members created a lot more space to bring on new clients, which increased my revenue to generating consistent 5 figure months. I have a better flow in my business and I spend more time doing what lights me up.

Binu Alag

Business and Money Mindset Coach


When does the course begin and end?

Design Your Dream Team begins as soon as you register when you get the Orientation and Bonus Materials! Plus we have an incredible Orientation Call coming up before the first training call takes place. The first training call is scheduled for February 2nd, 2017, and the final training call that ends the course is March 23rd, 2017. During that time and after, you’ll gain access to an incredible online community of fantastic female entrepreneurs like yourself, who are committed to designing their dream teams and making a huge impact.

Will all of the Q&A calls be recorded and do I get to keep the materialsfor LIFE?

Yes, all calls will be recorded and all materials that you receive when you register for DYDT will be given to you for life! You will be able to be on the calls live + download and listen to each Q&A call as many times as you want. The information provided on these calls will help you to master every part of your team building process no matter where you are in the world or what you’re up to in your business.

Will there be a way for me to ask questions?

Absolutely! You’ll have the chance to experience laser coaching with me on every single Q&A call that takes place on a weekly basis. The FB group is also a community of highly engaged women who will be asking many questions that will support and teach you as well, and of course, you will be one of those women asking questions and getting answers from your sisters. WOWZA!

I just began my biz; is this course right for me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just beginning your business or you’ve been in business a while and aren’t making the money you desire, it is mandatory that you begin DELEGATING NOW. If there is one thing I would have done so so much sooner, it’s hire my first couple of team members and hand off non money making tasks. This is one of the biggest things that helped me get my business on track for 7-figures in just 2 years!

I’ve been running my business for a while, but not making a lot of moola, is this course right for me?

Oh hells yes! You’re in a fantastic position, with your business foundations put in place, to start cashing in on all of the hard work that you’ve put forth will be very doable! You just need to start getting smart about where you’re putting your time and resources. YOU are your biggest resources, your mind, and keeping it from multi tasking and focuses on money making tasks in your zone of genius is the fastest way to make great MOOLA in your biz and to make a bigger impact and serve your clients. In fact, I would say that if you’ve been in business for a while and it’s not happening, that you can’t afford NOT to register for this program!

I’m a service-based entrepreneur,but not a coach. Is this course right for me?

Yes! Whether you’re a branding specialist, web designer, photographer, consultant, a coach of AND kind, etc... these skills will serve you well to create and develop your dream team and have you reaping the benefits of more support, more free time, more efficiency, and bigger and sexier paydays for you. If you’re still unsure, email us:

How is your program different from other group courses?

To be honest, I’m hearing questions about team building NON STOP from YOU, but I’ve yet to see a lot, or any, comprehensive programs out there that are helping online entrepreneurs with hiring great team members. In fact, I see way more entrepreneurs trying to do it all and being miserable than I see great examples of entrepreneurs who actually have a life and take great care of themselves as they build and manage stellar teams with great team building and leadership skills!

I realize that some of my challenges come down to a mindset piece, are you covering that?

You bet! So much of what it takes to create a great Dream Team down to what’s going on in our mind, how much you trust others, and if you even believe that there are great peeps our there who are happy to support you. Of course, having the business systems, structures, and know-how is paramount, but your mind has to be in the game too, and I’m covering it all!

Cart Opens January 9th!

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