I hear you, and I know what it’s like to be ready for the next big level of leverage and impact, not to mention, abundance!

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, and DESPERATE right before you get on the phone with a potential client?
Are thoughts like, “What if I don’t get this client?!” running through your mind?

Are you soooo tired of hearing “I can’t afford it!”
and dreading the moment when you reveal the price of your program?

Do you feel like you have NO IDEA how to handle these objections?
(“I have to think about it” “I don’t have the time” “I’ve got to check with my spouse” “I can’t afford it”) 

What’s worse, I was struggling so much just to get potential clients on the phone, that every call felt like my last chance to bring in money!
(and pay my rent!)

To think that getting a “Yes” could be easy was a bullshit story to me.  Having a steady flow of “ideal clients” (what’s an ideal client anyway? Do ANY clients even exist?) was nowhere in sight.

I was THIS CLOSE to giving up.

I wanted clients, money, travel, and FREEDOM just as much as anybody else, probably MORE, but booking calls and signing clients wasn’t happening for me.

Until, I learned how to LOVE and MASTER every part of my sales process…. from booking calls to hearing “YES!”



I was EXCITED to get on the phone with women and looking forward to genuinely helping them unravel their concerns. I felt so confident on my calls that I actually became UNFAZED by client objections.

Mastering my money conversations without being salesy or pushy allowed my potential clients to trust me and be honest about how much pain they were in, and how desperately they wanted to find a solution.

Today, I have clients lining up to work with me, a waiting list, and I turn down more discovery calls than I used to be able to book in an entire month!
5 - figure, 6 - figure, and multi 6 - figure months are my new normal!

My dream of being able to travel internationally and support women from all over the world has become a reality.

In fact, booking clients from a beach house in the morning and swimming and lying out in the afternoon happens regularly!

I’ve fallen in love with sales, and transforming the negative feelings and beliefs that so many of us have been taught about selling is a MUST in order for your business to succeed. 


To have beautifully transformational money conversations while being yourself?

feel your heart melt when you finally have the courage, confidence, and clarity to allow a client to say Yes

My clients often tell me that our Discovery Call is one of the most powerful conversations they’ve ever had.

Mastering your money conversations means being able to have a super real, deeply genuine heart to heart with your potential client where you are committed to helping them make the best decision that will move them forward.


I’ve designed this course to have you mastering every part of your sales as quickly as possible.

Not only will you feel like an expert from the moment you book your calls to the moment your new clients say YES, but you’ll also learn every single strategy and tool I’ve used to book 20 or more Discovery Calls each month.

Master Your Money Conversations is about creating authentic sales calls that are natural, full of integrity, and soooooo fun for you and your potential client.

Many courses give scripts that can feel contrived and salesy.

Here you’ll get:

  • exact (but customizable) action steps,
  • worksheets, and
  • a supportive community with laser coaching.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to:

  • Get more “Yes’s” right away
  • Feel crazy confident making an offer
  • Charge what you’re worth… and get it!
  • Streamline your sales process and put an end to spending hours chasing down clients
  • Create a luxury lifestyle and a prosperous business
  • Feel BIG gratitude and excitement for the lives and businesses you transform as a direct result of mastering your money conversations


(1 PAYMENT OF $1497 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $597)


Tisha Cullen

Bodyworker & Energy Coach

“My first call with Mel was a Discovery Session and one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever had.  Mel recognized my ability to create wealth.  I felt seen and acknowledged for my value, when I couldn’t quite see it. She made saying yes to myself feel like a gift and in turn, I became willing to hold that space for my clients to thrive and say yes!

Working with Mel helped me value myself enough to ask for and receive what I’m worth! Within the first 3 weeks, I doubled my prices and brought on 4 new clients.”

Joanna Turner

Transformational Life & Success Coach,
Advanced EFT & NLP Practitioner

"My sales process was a big block for me, I knew I could help people and that I'm a great coach, but I wasn't able to show the value of what I do, and I was letting my own fears get in the way.


When Mel showed me the easy step by step process to go through, it all fell into place and made sense. I finally knew what I was supposed to do.

Since I started talking to Mel, my sales calls have transformed! I have nailed every one since we began! I brought on 2 clients in 3 days. That's $7K in 72 hours!!

Plus, the sales calls felt easy, they flowed, and they didn't feel sales-y. I'm so happy right now!! My confidence has increased, and I love how Mel focuses on developing your mindset too.

Mel is awesome; she's a straight shooter that cares. Her confidence and passion rubs off on you and you feel empowered to get out there and rock your calls! If you’re thinking about working with Mel, Just do it, you'll never regret it! She knows her stuff!"




Removing Money Blocks & Preparing Yourself to Receive (in a BIG WAY!)

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your vision.
  • Release any money blocks that have been holding you back.
  • Stepping into a success mindset so you can open yourself up to receive in a big way!
  • Discover the truth about sales so you can relax and enjoy your calls.


MUST HAVE systems for Sales Calls that Sell

  • Implement and automate the exact biz systems needed to book calls and avoid no shows.
  • Up-level your scheduling process to raise your potential client’s commitment level before you even get on the phone. 
  • Expand your wealth consciousness so you can charge more and close more sales with confidence.
  • Make sure you’re attracting Ideal Clients to your sales calls and avoiding conversations with prospects who are only looking for free coaching.


Structuring Your Calls and Showing the Value

  • Learn EXACTLY how to structure your calls and expertly guide the conversation while BEING YOURSELF.
  • Become an expert at showing the value of what you do to your potential client using authentic, magnetic language that sells.
  • How to allow your potential peeps to open up about how much pain they are in and excitedly see your program as their solution.
  • Design your own powerful questions that have your ideal clients talking themselves into working with YOU!


Masterfully Unravelling Objections without Being Salesy

  • Feel amaze-balls at masterfully overcoming the most common objections WITHOUT feeling salesy or pushy (“I have to ask my spouse,” “I can’t afford it,” “I have to think about it,” and “I don’t have the time”).
  • How to confidently turn their fears and hesitations into reasons they can’t afford NOT to work with you.
  • How to sign on clients who “can’t afford it” by supporting them to “find the money” and invest in your program.
  • Learn the best way to follow up and get more “Yes’s”.
  • Create urgency for your potential clients and get more “Yes’s” on the Discovery Call without having them feel rushed.


Booking 20+ Discovery Calls Each Month

  • Discover EVERY SINGLE simple strategy I use to book at least 20+ Discovery Calls each month.
  • Avoid wasting time on social media and attract discovery sessions with ideal clients even when promotional content isn’t allowed.
  • Learn how to build trust and community quickly to create a pool of potential clients who are eager to become your clients.
  • Learn my 2 brand new DS booking strategies that have clients applying for calls before you even reach out.


Perfecting Your Process and Getting More Yes’s

  • Feel confident and like an expert at structuring and guiding your conversations.
  • Tweak your process and master your money conversations in a way that feels natural for you as you benefit from recorded Q&As.
  • Skyrocket your sales and bring on more clients during your calls by pulling together all of the pieces you’ve learned and feeling like a pro.


(1 PAYMENT OF $1497 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $597)


How many Discovery Sessions have you had in the past month?

0, 1, 5?

If that’s the case, most DEFINITELY get your buns in this course!


If you book 10, and your coaching package is $2500 or more, that’s $12,500 or MORE in sales, and if you know EXACTLY how to structure these calls and handle objections, you should be converting 50% or more of your Discovery Calls, if they are with ideal clients! 

How many have you sold? If your program is even $1K, and you’re a MASTER at your sales calls, that’s at least a $5K month for you.


How many potential clients who need your help are walking away without your support?
How many thousands of dollars are you stepping over every month?

Brianna Nash

Business Coach & Lifestyle Designer

Before working with Mel, I didn’t feel so great about my sales process. Now it feels much better! Mel listens and reflects back to you in a way that helps you completely understand and get to the root of any issue or question you have.

If you’re thinking about working with Melissa, hands down, do it!

Jenn Scalia

Business & Online Confidence Coach

Before working with Mel, I was a little unclear on how to direct the conversation and how to make the most of the time on the phone. When objections came up, I would usually just accept them.


Now, I feel that I can confidently sell my services with my "sexy phrases" that show the value of what I do, and get a yes every time!


Mel is very knowledgeable and was able to deliver that information in a way that I understood and that I can now use to confidently ace my sales calls.


Coaching with Mel was straight to the point and no BS, just like I like it. I wanted direct answers and I got them!

Your Master Your Money Conversations Program Includes:

  • 6 Value Packed Trainings Calls with Recorded Q&A - teaching the latest and greatest sales training, so you can be yourself and learn to love your discovery calls! Plus, you can listen and re-listen anytime and from anywhere you want, and go at a pace that is perfect for you!
  • 6 Course Modules - to help you dive deep into every part of your money conversations and master your sales process.

Your Master Your Money Conversations Program Includes:

Private FB Group 

Join an intimate group of amazing women, build incredible relationships, and network within this supportive community.

Client Booking ToolKit

This is a serious GAME-CHANGER, it’s that simple. Here's what's included in the ToolKit:

  • Not just 10, but the 13 different ways I book 20 or MORE discovery sessions each month (learning all 13 is NOT necessary, so no need for overwhelm).
  • Mindset Mastery Practices I use each time I post on social media and before I get on a sales call.
  • Discovery Call Scheduling Process Instruction Manual to position you as a pro.
  • “Hells Yeah, I’m In” Registration Template and Checklist to make sure your new clients stick and are set up for success.
  • No Potential Client Left Behind Follow Up Template to make sure none of your peeps fall through the cracks.

Lauren Joyce

Love After Loss Transformational Coach

“Mel is the most brilliant coach I have ever worked with.  Her insight and intuitive nature is unparalleled.

Working with Mel has given me permission to not only want what I want but to know that it is mine for the taking. I've received so much clarity on how to make money, along with actionable steps that created more money and a healthier belief system around money.
I am constantly inspired by how Mel lives her life and I feel like she gives me permission to go after what I want too.

As a result of her coaching, I'm making more money than I've ever made due to a healthier belief system around money and clarity in the direction of my business!”

Naomi Calderon

Health & Vitality Coach

"Melissa Pharr… Love her energy, her style, her straightforwardness and her coaching BRILLIANCE!"


(1 PAYMENT OF $1497 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $597)





  • A female, service-based entrepreneur,
  • Looking to have deeply powerful heart to heart money conversations with your potential clients,
  • Willing to release your own money blocks and stand powerfully for your clients,
  • Let go of your fear of sales and allow your prospects to say yes to themselves,
  • Sooo ready for big sexy paydays in exchange for the transformational work you do with your clients, and
  • Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable businesswoman...

Then I invite you to get your hands on this online program.

If you ARE into being one more woman in the world who stands for feminine financial empowerment, then heal your money story, stand for your clients in a way that allows them to say yes, and commit to making a decision that gives you the resources to make a difference in the world!

It is time for women to claim their worth and put an end to feeling limited in our ability to make choices. That means believing in ourselves and recognizing our divine power to create wealth, receive wealth, and empower our clients to do the same.


(1 PAYMENT OF $1497 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $597)



"Before being a part of Master Your Money Conversations, I was super unsure of how to do discovery calls, in fact, this was the piece that I was scared of the most!

The way that Mel approaches sales, everything from mindset, to booking discovery calls, to the structures you should have in place to prepare yourself for new clients, to the structure of the sales conversation itself, it's amazing!

Now I feel more confident than ever during discovery sessions and I look forward to doing them. Thank you Mel for transforming one of the most scary pieces for me in business to one of the pieces I look forward to. Mel is an amazing coach and incredible to work with."

Agustina Palacio,

Business & Success Coach for Fashion Entrepreneurs

“I took Melissa’s Master Your Money Conversations Online Course and I’m so thrilled with the results that I got.

Before MYMC, about 2 months ago, I had 25 discovery calls and didn’t sign up a single client. Since signing up for MYMC, just three weeks in, I had two discovery calls and signed up both of them for my new high end coaching program. It’s the highest price I’ve ever charged and they both say YES on the spot.

I’m thrilled! Melissa is a great coach, she knows her stuff, and she takes you through step by step. I more than recouped my investment halfway through the program. I highly recommend MYMC!”

Jan Marie Dore,

Business Mentor for Coaches and Women Leading Change

"I want to give a testimonial to the powers of Melissa Pharr! She's amazing! Before I started her group program, I was having a difficult time holding space for my clients during discovery calls and really walking my potential clients through the discovery calls so that they could have a really powerful, transformative conversation, that lead them to the best decision that they could make for themselves.

Before MYMC I was nervous and a little panicky and after the program, I was able to hold that space and go through that process in a really calm, systematic way, which resulted in me booking $20,000 in 6 weeks of working with Mel in this group program.

What I loved about Mel in particular and her style of coaching is that she is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity. What was cool about the program is that we not only talked a lot about wealth consciousness and who we were showing up as in our businesses, but we focused a lot on the the masculine structures, and on taking action! I can't say enough good things about this program. It did so much for me and my business.

To anyone who needs help with their discovery calls, money conversations, with booking discovery calls, and even being visible on social media, take this program! Thanks Mel, you ROCK!

Kelly Atwood,

Success Coach for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

"I took Mel's course because it was the next logical step for me. I was getting tons of traffic and building my list, but I really wanted to convert more of my potential clients into paying clients. What I liked about this course is that it really flowed.

It actually started from before the conversation and it really sets you up for success, and then it goes into the actual money conversation, so it really flows all the way through from the very beginning of booking calls to the end of the sales conversation.

So if you're not booking enough discovery calls or strategy calls, it definitely helps you get those calls in place, it walks you through how you can master those calls, and really make the most of that discovery session. I absolutely loved the course! I highly recommend it to anyone, I'm so happy that I invested in Melissa's coaching, she is absolutely amazing, and I plan to go over this course regularly because in my opinion you can never get too good at your money conversations. I give it two thumbs up!"

Kelita Kellman,

Digital Marketing Coach & Online Business Strategist


When does the course begin and end?

This course is packaged up as a product that is ready to go as soon as you are! That means you can go at your own pace and do it from anywhere in the world. You will still receive all of the support from the online community and be able to ask questions there as well. What won’t last are the awesome bonuses, so get on this, and transform your biz so you can have big sexy paydays!

These training calls have already been recorded, right?

Yes they have! They are recorded from when the program was run live. The information provided on these calls will help you to master every part of your sales process and be able to utilize every ounce of this incredible information no matter where you are in the world or what you’re up to in your business. If you have questions, you can post in the Private FB Group or email my team at customersupport@melissapharr.com.

Will there be a way for me to ask questions?

Absolutely! You’ll have the chance to experience laser coaching with me via the Private FB Group. Many of these questions that you may have may be asked during the recorded Q&A time from the group of women who took this course live. As stated above, you can always use the private FB group to ask more questions.

I just began my biz; is this course right for me?

Absolutely! Regardless of how many biz systems and structures are in place for you, it is mandatory that you are able to have powerful money conversations where you create the space for your potential client to come to a decision about their next step. In addition, this sales course is unlike others as there are many extra parts that will help you master super important parts of your business foundations, i.e.) a social media calendar, booking discovery sessions, success mindset, etc… Many of my clients bring on new clients in the early stages because they have this piece down!

I’ve been running my business for a while, but not making a lot of moola, is this course right for me?

Oh hells yes! You’re in a fantastic position, with your business foundations put in place, to start cashing in on all of the hard work that you’ve put forth! This may be the missing piece that gives you a quantum leap since being able to facilitate these conversations is the key to opening the flood gates to a higher income and a greater ability to serve.

I’m a service-based entrepreneur, but not a coach. Is this course right for me?

Yes. Yes. And yes! When you get these pieces in place, they will carry over to anything you plan on selling in the service-based industry, AND without being sales-y. Whether you’re a branding specialist, web designer, photographer, consultant, a coach of AND kind, etc… these skills will serve you well and create bigger and sexier paydays for you. If you’re still unsure, email us: customersupport@melissapharr.com

How is your program different from other sales courses?

One of the biggest differences is that this sales course gives you Bonus Orientation Materials that enable you to begin gaining visibility on social media from the beginning of the course, if you so choose, and all you need to be able to book Discovery Calls, as well. These are integral pieces that are often left out. In addition, we go through your follow up process too, so that everything from booking calls to getting that final answer is addressed!

While I realize that there are many amazing coaches teaching sales in a feminine way that doesn’t feel contrived and avoids pushiness, this course has the perfect mix of structure that really supports a natural and heartfelt conversation that provides transformation and clarity regardless or the final answer being Yes or No. It also gives an approach that enables you to lean back and allow your clients to talk themselves into working with you. The mindset work we do allows you to be calm and peaceful before, during, and after your call, because you’re more willing to trust your process and believe in your desires.

I’m not a business coach, and I’m not sure that I can have big sexy paydays without helping women make money. What would you say, Mel?

Many of the women I coach are NOT business coaches. Many are health coaches, relationship coaches, parenting coaches, etc… In fact, I used to coach on sex and intimacy and made a killing at that too. I know a woman who sells $5K day long intensives on how to access your inner beauty. The short answer is, if you genuinely believe in it, you can find ways to be smart in tweaking your offer until it becomes your own and your faith sets in. This mindset piece is something you’ll have fantastic support with in my course.

I realize that some of my challenges with sales is a mindset piece, are you covering that?

You bet! So much of what we create comes down to what’s going on in our mind. Of course, having the business systems, structures, and know-how is paramount, but your mind has to be in the game too, and I’m covering it all! 


(1 PAYMENT OF $1497 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $597)