Are you tired of feeling like that first 5 figure month is happening for every other coach in the industry EXCEPT you?

Feeling like you’ve invested in your business time and time again, only to find that when the program ends, you STILL need MORE CLIENTS?

Maybe you’ve had some wins here and there, but having consistent paying clients isn’t happening for you, and the amount of revving up it takes to make some freakin’ money, feels exhausting!

Sound familiar?

Perhaps... at the end of each day, you’re NOT SURE:

  • Where the time went (and how many of your hours have been sucked into the social media BLACK HOLE!)
  • What EXACTLY you should be doing each day so you can actually make some MONEY
  • How to book Discovery Calls and get clients consistently

The wisest part of you is certain that your dream biz is possible NOW, and not sometime in the distant future, but you're tired of wrestling with fear and doubt about whether or not you have what it takes.

You KNOW you are meant for powerful coaching that makes a difference in the lives of your clients but you can’t seem to find those perfect clients or put the value of what you do into words!

WHY does it seem like you’re doing everything that everybody else is doing but at the end of the day, you’re up at night worrying about money and the rest of the world is traveling to FIJI and making money from their beach chairs?

You’re a good coach, yeah. But the truth is, you’re missing something.

Somewhere in the mix of your messaging, your sales convos’, your mindset, and the way you’re spending your time trying to build your empire, the ESSENTIALS to making bank as an online coach, have been lost.
What’s worse, it’s keeping you trapped in a self-imposed cycle.

Are you ready... to STOP climbing uphill, and go from UnderEarning to being Unforgettable?

Jodi Bullock

Jodi Bullock generated almost $13K her first month coaching with me while using the U2U modules. Within just 2 months she brought in $28,500

Embarrassingly enough, I was in tears the first 3 months of building my online coaching business. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with my mom, looking for outside validation and trying to believe in myself, just to give my husband a break.

So, do I know how you feel?
Uh huh. I was YOU.

Hi, I’m Melissa Pharr.

I was $29K in debt, with no savings in sight and no faith that the pattern could change

When I first began my online coaching business I watched soooo many of my colleagues celebrate HUGE wins, while I was making $0 a month

My heart hurt, excruciatingly.

I started to worry that I didn’t have what it takes, that maybe I wasn’t as smart or persistent as I thought I was.

I even worried that I didn’t have the passion, or the drive that other coaches had, and that since I wasn’t willing to sacrifice majorly and work a million hours a week, that I couldn’t have my dream business.

Maybe “freedom based” business was just a coined phrase that gets people to pull their credit cards out and chase their pipe dream???

After all, when I first began, I spent $20K of my PARENT’S MONEY on a coaching program and only made a small fraction of it back over an entire year.

What I DID have was CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE. I had promised myself that I would never give up. Eventually a big piece clicked...

In truth, it had me treating my business like a hobby instead of a real business. I had continually invested from a place of fearing failure, instead of what was actually possible with the right support. I came to realize just how much TRUST was missing from my process.

Despite my investing, I became conscious of the penny-pinching mentality I possessed that had me pushing my intuition to the side, and trying to save bucks instead of trusting which program/coach was really the best fit.

Finally finally finally, I began learning to trust my own decisions, my own intuition, my own desires. As I became conscious, that trust grew.

Accompanied by my fear and my debt, some courage and a little FAITH, I invested in my business AGAIN, was relentless with my success mindset (I still am), and got LASER clear on what I needed to do on a day to day basis to stay focused, efficient, and allow myself to achieve my own success, on my own terms.

FINALLY, I was getting consistent clients and making GREAT money EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH!! (I make between $50K- $250K+/month consistently today)

  • I’ve streamlined my day to day efforts and created a REAL freedom-based business that actually gives me loads of, you guessed it, FREEDOM!
  • I raise my prices often and attract super-committed, highly enthusiastic, hard-working, make-it-happen clients, each month, that make me look and FEEL like a freakin’ ROCKSTAH!
  • I can absolutely work from just about anywhere in the world (certain time zones are easier than others) and I travel to multiple national and international locations each year, doing work I love while being geographically free.

Are you ready to step into the version of YOU who creates the success she desires in her online coaching business?

Do you CRAVE the kind of support that allows you to feel CONFIDENT and CLEAR about EXACTLY what to spend your time on each day, so you can ATTRACT CLIENTS YOU LOVE and make some serious moola?

Are you prepared to step OUT of overwhelm when it comes to being on social media and keeping up with the day to day of running your business?

Would CONSISTENT income and a BIGGER impact change your life? Your family’s life? Your client’s lives and a small part of the world’s life while growing into a global reach over time?

Get More Clients and Make Consistent Money

It’s time to pull all of the pieces together and get your business running at a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

No, this isn’t about making things complicated.

Let’s keep it simple, let’s be smart with your resources, and add having a LIFE back into your routine by streamlining your day to day process, so you can GET MORE CLIENTS and MAKE CONSISTENT MONEY!



I work with new coaches, and not-so-new coaches who have been in business for a while, but aren’t making the money they want to make. In fact, they come to me constantly, crazy ready for that first $10K month.

Shelley Davidescu

During our time together, Shelley created $17,000 over a span of 10 days and over $46,000 in revenue in her coaching business.

Madeline Rinehart

She took some time to find her true niche and message, but along the way she still had a $6K month as a love coach, and now as a true purpose coach, she’s at $10K/month!

Yes, I’m Ready to become UNFORGETTABLE

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

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Check out the UnderEarner to Unforgettable Game Changing Modules

Month One

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 1

Removing Money Blocks, Preparing Yourself to Receive, and Cultivating a Success Mindset

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your vision
  • Uncover any money blocks that have been holding you back
  • Step into a success mindset so you can open yourself up to receive in a big way!
  • Uncover any patterns that have kept you from achieving YOUR version of happiness and success in the past (especially in previous coaching programs/coaching relationships)
  • Discover what changes you might make within yourself to commit to creating a ROI for yourself throughout the course
  • Receive support and guidance about how to get every ounce of gold out of our time together

Week 2

Find Your Voice + Begin Perfecting Your Message To Magnetize Clients You Love

  • Discover what sets you apart, makes you unique, and magnetizes your dream clients
  • Learn how to lead with your WHY in a way that rallies your potential clients and has them excited to work with you
  • Open the doors to wealth by powerfully using your story to attract more clients
  • Feel confident and clear on your mission and the impact you desire to make

Week 3

Nail Your Target Market & Speak Powerfully To Your Audience for LOTS OF LEADS!

  • Get to know your ideal client like the back of your hand and learn to speak their language
  • Use my super smart practice to get inside of your target market’s head and have them glued to your every word
  • Gain laser clarity around who you desire to serve to more easily attract clients you adore
  • Speak powerfully to your audience to build the foundation for big sexy paydays

Week 4

Packaging & Pricing Your Services So You Fall in Love with Your Offer and Your Potential Peeps Do Too

  • Create packages you love that spotlight your value and set you apart
  • Gain clarity on your offer and structure your services for success
  • Identify your signature system and feel confident in the transformation that you provide!
  • Learn to price your packages and know your worth

Month Two

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 5

Honing Your Voice, Message, and Target Market Like a BOSS

  • Avoid the entrepreneurial epidemic of changing your message repeatedly and going broke.
  • Own your voice to build a community of like-minded followers who are raving fans and ready to sign on with you!
  • Give yourself permission to make necessary tweaks (without continuously changing direction) to the who, what, and why of what you do, so you can commit to a consistent, money-making message!
  • Confidently hone these foundational pieces to create the brand consistency that attracts a steady stream of new clients you love!

Week 6

Booking Discovery Calls Like Hot Cakes

  • Discover EVERY SINGLE simple strategy I use to book 20+ Discovery Calls each month.
  • Avoid wasting time on social media and attract discovery sessions with ideal clients even when promotional content isn’t allowed
  • Learn how to build trust and community quickly to create a pool of potential clients who are eager to become your client.
  • Learn my 2 FAVE DS booking strategies that have clients applying for calls before you even reach out

Week 7

Mastering Your Money Conversations Part I

  • Up-level your scheduling process to raise your potential client’s commitment level before you even get on the phone.
  • Make sure you’re attracting Ideal Clients to your sales calls and avoiding conversations with prospects who are only looking for free coaching.
  • Learn EXACTLY how to structure your calls and expertly guide the conversation while BEING YOURSELF
  • Design your own powerful questions that have your ideal clients talking themselves into working with YOU!

Week 8

Mastering Your Money Conversations Part II

  • Feel amaze-balls at masterfully overcoming the most common objections WITHOUT feeling salesy or pushy. (“I have to ask my spouse,” “I can’t afford it,” “I have to think about it,” and “I don’t have the time”)
  • How to confidently turn their fears and hesitations into reasons they can’t afford NOT to work with you
  • How to sign on clients who “can’t afford it” by supporting them to “find the money” and invest in your program
  • Learn the best way to follow up and get more “Yes’s”
  • Create urgency for your potential clients and get more “Yes’s” on the Discovery Call without having them feel rushed

Month Three

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 9

Create Bangin’ Lead Magnets that Attract High Quality Leads Who Want to Buy from You!

  • Create lead magnets that build your list LIKE WHOA with high quality followers who passionately crave what you have to offer
  • Learn to use these free offers not only to build a community of raving fans, but to develop your brand presence and stand out among the sea of online entrepreneurs
  • Develop your lead magnet to showcase yourself as a leading specialist in your industry
  • Produce content that is easily digestible, of high value, and so freakin’ badass to your ideal clients that it gets rave reviews online

Week 10

Implementation Week To Finalize Your Lead Magnet and Craft Your Killer Follow Up Sequence

  • Put the final touches on your lead magnet and start continuously attracting leads
  • Create a follow up sequence for new leads that funnels them straight toward your high level coaching programs
  • Automate relationship building to boost your know, like, and trust factor
  • Warm up and nurture your new peeps for more Yes’s

Week 11

FB Ad Training with Guest FB Ad Expert

Julie Lowe

Social Media Strategist

  • Get access to our live FB ad training with FB ad expert Julie Lowe
  • Learn how to design FB ads using Ads Manager and Power Editor
  • Discover the tips and tricks to getting the most out of your ads
  • Get all of your burning FB ad questions answered

Week 12

SMART & Simple Social Media MINUS the Overwhelm

  • Take the overwhelm out of social media even as you expand your reach and generate more leads
  • Create a simplified online marketing plan that attracts clients and has you clear on exactly what to do each day in the digital marketplace
  • Stop wasting your entire day online with nothing to show for it
  • Diversify online to boost your income and avoid relying on a single social media platform in order for your biz to make money

Month Four

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 13

Copywriting That Magnetizes Your Peeps Like WHOA + Craft Sexy Lead Pages and Sales Pages

  • Learn to grab your ideal client’s attention with language that speaks directly to their deepest desires
  • Use your story to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as an expert
  • Master my secret recipe for SIZZLIN’ HOT social media posts that move your followers to take ACTION and enquire about working with you
  • Discover my ballin’ copy formula for sales pages, squeeze pages, promo emails and MORE that lead to more clients and mo’ money!

Week 14

Marketing Funnels Like a Mothaluvah

  • Develop simple marketing funnels to attract MORE ideal clients with less effort
  • Automate specific biz systems and structures to nix busy work and free up time for money making tasks
  • Learn which MUST HAVE sequences can save you hours of following up with clients and time consuming, individual email communication
  • Get crazy SMART about how to continually ready your peeps (via your funnels) to work with you

Week 15

DESIGN YOUR Killer Online Marketing Strategy + Nurturing Your List So They're Primed To Invest

  • Design a simple email marketing plan to prime your peeps to purchase from you
  • Overcome your fear of your potential peeps NOT liking your message and feel good about spreading your mission to your followers
  • Learn my super cool recipe for delivering amazing content without spending all day crafting your email
  • FINALLY look forward to regularly using your list to build your client base and skyrocket your revenue

Week 16

Making Pleasure & Fun a Part of Your Building Building Process, So That Your Freedom Based Business is Actually a FREEDOM Based Business

  • Stand for your desires by adding pleasure and joy to each day so you can raise your vibe and open yourself up to receive in a big new way
  • Create an example and positive impact for other women entrepreneurs by walking your talk about having a true freedom based business
  • Get real about your day to day business building lifestyle and create a schedule that has you excited to grow your empire
  • Move out of feeling like a slave to your business do what it takes master your time and play at a higher level

Month Five

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 17

List Building Like a MOFO

  • Discover my secrets to CONSISTENT online list-building for FREE
  • Uncover all of your options for building your community + developing powerful relationships to advance your business and boost your income
  • Learn the top platforms to invest in for online advertising and grow a following of ideal clients, hungry to pay for your services
  • Learn my simple and secret automated ways to always have potential clients joining your list

Week 18

Brand Strategy with Guest Branding Expert

Hilary Hartling

Brand Strategist for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

  • How to create an inspired brand that captivates
  • A 360 view of branding strategies every entrepreneur should know
  • The top 3 must-have brand elements for your homepage to hook & hold your audience
  • Common branding mistakes entrepreneurs make & how to avoid them
  • What a Brand Journey is and how to consistently elevate your brand to achieve your business goals

Week 19

Website Smarts! Create It or Tweak It So It’s Working Smarter For You

  • Learn the smart places to add calls to action on your site so you’re capturing more leads
  • Create and/or review your site layout to give your visitors everything they need to know and nothing they don’t to entice them to work with you
  • Get your website up for the first time or tweak what you’ve already got so your site works for you more efficiently

Week 20

Perfecting Client Attracting Actions for Success and Beginning to Master the Art of Delegation

  • Receive extra accountability to implement final touches for a smarter website that captures leads
  • Discovery the power of delegation and continue to free up your time for more money making activities
  • Hone your ability to convert leads and attract top clients through your copy and via your list
  • Unveil the best CTA to use with your list to move your potential clients to the status of PAYING CLIENTS

Month Six

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Week 21

High Level Coaching Skills for Powerful Transformation and Results

  • Learn my simple and effective structure for running first coaching sessions that sets you and your new client up for success
  • Create powerful boundaries in your coaching relationships that not only let you love your work, your schedule, and your newfound freedom, but also support your client to be more empowered and self-reliant for greater results
  • Discover and use my stellar coaching practices to help your clients get what they came to you for faster, without taking on client results or emotions and holding a more powerful space for transformation

Week 22

Mastering Your Mental Resilience + Keeping Your Mind in the Game After the Honeymoon Wears Off

  • Learn to put more faith in your desires than in your fear and master money manifestation with less effort
  • Avoid getting stuck in mental ruts by honing your ability to stay focused and in faith even after the honeymoon of business building wears off
  • Build the mental resilience and perseverance required for a millionaire mindset
  • Strengthen your ability to thinks positive thoughts persistently and FEEL and BELIEVE that more money and clients are on their way to open yourself up to your biggest paydays yet

Weeks 23 & 24

Pulling It All Together for $10K Months and Perfecting Your Business Building Process

  • Get every burning question you have about generating 5 - figure months answered so you can create consistent sexy paydays
  • Hone your skills in mindset mastery, sales mastery, and efficient business systems and structures that sell
  • Receive extra support in tweaking your process, message, and marketing
  • Get laser coaching and guidance to bring on more clients and skyrocket your sales

Allie Horner

Allie booked 18 discovery calls in 2 weeks and booked out her 1:1 coaching program for a solid 6 weeks.

She went from burn out, to working with no more than 5 clients at a time, generating 5-figure months, and never working past 1pm so she can spend time with her family. Her husband is starting to talk about how he can retire soon.

Leigha Lake

Leigha went from feeling completely burned out, to working just 15 hours a week and having her biggest revenue month. She passed the $7,500/month mark as a love and relationship coach.

Do you have any idea of the EXACT actions to take on a daily basis to be generating that first $5K or $10K month?

How many times have you ended a day wondering where the time has gone because you were online all day and still, nothing to show for it.

No new clients.

How many hours and dollars are you willing to waste trying to DIY and figure it out on your own, before you get burned out and lose the faith?

It took me 4 ½ + YEARS to create a 6 figure business which was JUST making $100K, totally piecemeal, and NOT freedom-based.

When I learned and MASTERED the EXACT tools that I’m teaching you in this group program, it took me 6 months to create a brand new online business, generating multi-6 figures.

Britny West

Britny grew her FB group to almost 3,000, had 2 X 5 – figure months, went from 3 clients to 13, and traveled the world while she did it, since she quit her 9-5

Angie Lee

Angie created $6K in revenue and then went on to have a $13,000 month in month 1 of U2U

From UnderEarner to Unforgettable Includes:

  • Your Orientation Packet and Welcome Packet designed specifically to fast track your success and get you ready for big sexy pay days! This packet will help you get clear on your intention for the program and make the most out of each module + come prepared to our calls.
  • 3 Live Orientation Calls with Q&A to prepare you for how to get the most out of our time together and have you entering this program with a running start!
  • 24 Live Trainings/Coaching Calls with Q&A time with Melissa to receive personal laser coaching, content delivery, and guidance and support from Mel.
  • Downloadable Recordings of All Orientation/Training/Q&A Calls so you can listen and re-listen anytime and from anywhere you want.
  • 22 Downloadable Course Modules to help you dive deep into every part of your journey to consistent paying clients and bigger, sexier paydays
  • Free Access to the following Shop Products (Includes Videos, eBooks and Worksheets): Mindset Mastery Mini Course, Master Your Money Mini Course, Master Your Message Mini Course, Get Booked Mini Course, Sales Role Play Mini Course, Bangin' Lead Magnet Mini Course!

Indrani Phillips

Indrani was another lady in U2U who booked enough clients during Orientation to make back her investment in the program!

Maura Hughes

Maura says she took her business from JV level to Varsity level and created her first $9K month. She says mastering her story telling and messaging was a game-changer.

Plus I’m also adding in these game-changing Bonuses because I’m doing everything I can to set you up for success.

Get 6 Game-Changing Bonuses!

I know you can have incredible results with these additional bonuses that truly make this course so invaluable!

Bonus #1

Highly Engaged Private FB Group


Join an intimate group of amazing women like yourself who are mastering their business success and upping their game to see results and create big sexy paydays. If you’ve been in a group program of mine you know that my online communities are HIGHLY ENGAGED! We create a community of sisterhood and support that is absolute GOLD for you in terms of speeding up your learning curve and making game-changing connections and discoveries through your fellow female entrepreneurs. What you’ll learn from the other women in the course is hugely valuable along with the relationships you’ll build and the networking that is possible in this supportive community.

Bonus #2

The New and Improved DELUXE Version of my Client Booking ToolKit

(Valued at $397)

This is a serious GAME-CHANGER, it’s that simple. Not only will you get not just 10, but the 13 different ways I book 20 or MORE discovery sessions each month, (learning all 13 is NOT necessary, so don’t get overwhelmed) but you’ll be set up with all the mindset practices and tools I use each time I post on social media and before I get on a sales call. In addition, this toolkit includes how to manage your leads, and instructions for installing your discovery session application process + follow up system to make sure no potential clients fall through the cracks and MORE!

Bonus #3

Free Access FOR LIFE to my Sales Course Master Your Money Conversations

(Valued at $497)

MYMC has received RAVE REVIEWS! You can see for yourself below at the results these women got while participating in the course. MYMC is designed to help you master every part of your money conversations and leaves not one nugget out! Learn to render your potential clients OBJECTIONLESS and start hearing YES far more often. :)

Bonus #4

Group Training Call and Q&A with My Attorney, Lisa Fraley

(Valued at $397)

Lisa Fraley, JD

Legal Coach® & Attorney

Be informed RIGHT AWAY about how to be a smart woman in business, by protecting yourself legally as you build your empire. Learn the MUST haves when it comes to securing your business and legal wellbeing, and how powerfully you can up your vibe and prepare yourself to receive by protecting your business l as you grow!

Bonus #5

Free Access to my Brand New Course Design Your Dream Team

(Valued at $997)

Design Your Dream Team is a BRAND NEW course designed by yours truly, to help you design and build your own DREAM team and so much more! It’s also a GOLD MINE for helping you be efficient with your resources of energy, time, and money by keeping you focused on money making tasks for the fastest growth possible in your business. DYDT is the ticket to helping you step into a CEO mindset right from the beginning, so that you can build you online empire like a lady who means business and is OVER treating her business like a hobby!

We'll be covering:

  • Who to hire first on your team to free you up to be in your zone of genius more often and focusing on money making tasks!
  • Where to look and how to find A Players you can trust who can give you an incredible amount of freedom and joy in your business
  • What exactly you should delegate to free yourself up for those big paydays and huge revenue increases in your business
  • How to cultivate an incredible team culture where you love and trust your team and they love and trust you
  • What to plan for financially when building your team so that you're clear on how much to invest in team to skyrocket your business and impact
  • Creating my first 7 figure year would never be possible without my own Dream Team! If you're ready for your business to soar, it's time to nail this piece that so many business owners struggle to master!

Bonus #6


(Valued at $997!)

It’s happening AGAIN! In 2019 Mel will be hosting this life and business-changing 3 day live event in NYC where she’ll be sharing her best online marketing secrets IN PERSON and perhaps going all out with some crazy dance breaks too! More details to come, but if you’d like a free ticket to hang out with her live in the city, don’t miss your chance to reserve your spot now when you register for U2U VII!

Alex Bratty

Alex is booking assessments and discovery calls like a mad woman.

Taylor Manning

Taylor created her first $16,000 month during U2U

The bonuses ALONE for this program are worth THOUSANDS because I want to make this a no-brainer for you!

Kristi Dear

"I loved your secrets to book clients, and I landed multiple discovery calls in one day because of it! Within 30 days of signing up for MYMC and then hiring Mel privately, I went from making around $500/month as a coach to making $16,000 in the first 5 weeks. I planned to retire my other business within 6 months and have already retired it 7 weeks later!"

Lauren Zink

"In the first 30 days of working with Mel, I made more than $10,000."

Adrienne Dorison

"After joining MYMC, I booked 15 Discovery Calls! I've signed on 3 new high level 1:1 clients into my main offering after raising my prices, and 2 into smaller versions that I was only offering in June. I ended up making $32K in sales in 1 week! BAM!"

Jen Smith

Jen joined U2U and in the first 10 days of orientation, she stepped into her confidence as a coach and made 5K like *THAT* making back her investment in U2U right away!

Karine Laroque

In U2U, Karine began booking high paying clients as a health coach.

Yes, I’m Ready to become UNFORGETTABLE

Pay In Full $5,500 or 4 Payments of $1500

Join the Waitlist

The truth is, to get results like this has never been easier.

The tools that technology has given us to make a huge impact and generate unlimited income is BEYOND anything that’s ever existed. Now, a global market is at your finger tips.

So why does it seem so hard to have this kind of high level success as an online entrepreneur?

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t. That’s why I struggled for 4 years before I found the right course to give me enough time and support to make it happen.

Many group courses only last 90 days or so. And for many of us, unless we’ve been going at it a long time, it’s just not enough time, and not enough support.

If you are:

  • A female, service-based entrepreneur
  • Looking to do deeply transformational work with clients
  • Ready to release your own money blocks and stand powerfully for your mission
  • Let go of your fear of success and get the support + do what it takes to make your dreams a reality
  • Sooo ready for big sexy paydays in exchange for the transformational work you do with your clients
  • Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable businesswoman

Then I invite you to join me in this incredible group program.

Many 90 Day courses can cost anywhere between $2K - $5K, without giving you much time to implement what you’re learning.

They can leave you overwhelmed and confused, as to why you’re not getting clients and making money.

Some courses are an entire year, which can leave you feeling like you’re running a marathon! The investment for these is often between $8K - $20K.

Many group programs also include little NO 1:1 support, and you’re lucky if you get all of your questions answered.

What I’m offering you is a chance to go further, faster.

I’ve tested and tweaked what works, so you have less to do. I’m giving you the very best of what has me creating $30K, $40K, and $50K + months CONSISTENTLY in my business.

A year ago I would have crapped my pants if you told me that was possible for me. (I almost did crap my pants... but I didn’t) All I’d ever known was OVERWORKING and UNDER-EARNING.

Binu Alag

Binu created over 2K right away after joining U2U, and in her 2nd month of U2U had her first 5-figure month, bringing in $11k!

Jo Davidson

In less than 4 months, Jo took her online empire to the next level, completing her first 5-figure group launch and creating $16,000 in sales!

Kelita Kellman

Melissa is the BEST! I love her style, she is so energetic. I remember getting on a call with her one day so down and leaving feeling like I could take over the world. She goes deep to the root of the problem and allows you to come to your own conclusions that feel great to you and you believe in. I highly recommend her!!

I have:

  • Nailed my ideal client.
  • Created a Signature Package my ideal client loves and that is very result focused
  • Hit my Marketing Strategy out of the park
  • Mastered my Mindset Practices
  • Become an even better coach because of working with her

Since hiring Mel about 2 months ago, I have:

  • Added over 1200 new people to my list.
  • Made over $15,000 in sales (I was making zero in new clients before we started)
  • Had 8 new clients come onboard, 2 of whom upgraded to even higher level packages
  • Sold numerous digital products and booked over 50 discovery calls in less than 30 days.

Jen Verharen

Before hiring Mel, my coaching business was a side gig and my revenue was sitting at about $5K a month. Now I am in the process of transitioning my business into 100% coaching and with Mel's help, I've developed a business model to sell both group coaching and private coaching. Mel has taken a stand for my ability to sell high end coaching programs and helped me build a high level of confidence and mastery around my sales process. I have a clear structure for my tele calls as well as for my sales calls that feels authentic and has been very effective. If you're thinking of working with Mel, DO it, especially if sales is an area that you need to develop in order to get your biz to the next level! In my first month as a full time coach, my revenue went from $5k to $15K and in my second, I am on track for $20K! I have filled a group coaching program and so far, have a 100% conversion rate for selling my first high end private coaching program using the discovery call process that Mel helped me develop.

Kelly Atwood

I want to give a testimonial to the powers of Melissa Pharr! She's amazing! Before I started her group program, I was having a difficult time holding space for my clients during discovery calls and really walking my potential clients through the discovery calls so that they could have a really powerful, transformative conversation, that lead them to the best decision that they could make for themselves.

Before MYMC I was nervous and a little panicky and after the program, I was able to hold that space and go through that process in a really calm, systematic way, which resulted in me booking $40,000 in 7 weeks of working with Mel in this group program.

What I loved about Mel in particular and her style of coaching is that she is a perfect blend between masculine structures and feminine creativity. What was cool about the program is that we not only talked a lot about wealth consciousness and who we were showing up as in our businesses, but we focused a lot on the masculine structures, and on taking action!

I can't say enough good things about this program. It did so much for me and my business. To anyone who needs help with their discovery calls, money conversations, with booking discovery calls, and even being visible on social media, take this program! Thanks Mel, you ROCK!

Amy Robeson

In the first 2 months of U2U, Amy booked 41 coaching calls with new leads and signed multiple high end clients!

Valerie Scott

Only three months into U2U, Valerie has attracted 4 new clients and is booking tons of discovery calls!


When does the program begin and end?

UnderEarner to Unforgettable begins as soon as you register when the doors open this Fall in 2018 (September/October)! You'll instantly get access to the U2U VII Orientation Materials, plus lifetime access to my Sales Course MYMC, my Client Booking Toolkit and a load of amazing bonuses, some of which have never been offered before! Right from the start in October, we'll have LIVE Orientation Calls and bonus calls with Guest Experts taking place. Our first official training call will take place on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 and the program will end July 11th, 2019. When joining U2U you’ll instantly gain access to an incredible online community of fantastic female entrepreneurs like yourself, who are committed to being their best and supporting each other in our journey to make a huge impact. You’ll also be learning all of the best game-changing secrets that I've used to create $20K - $100K+ months in my business during my first year as an online entrepreneur. The best part though, is that you’ll have the time and support that is truly needed to create results like these without coming out of one more group program feeling like something was missing and you failed to create the ROI that you desired.

Will all of the training calls be recorded?

Yes they will! You will be able to be on the calls live + download and listen to each training call as many times as you want. The information provided on these calls will help you to master every part of your business building process no matter where you are in the world or what you’re up to in your business. If you have questions, you can post in the Private FB Group or email my assistant at

Will there be a way for me to ask questions?

Absolutely! You’ll have the chance to experience laser coaching with me on every single training call during the Q&A section that takes place at the end. The FB group is also a community of highly engaged women who will be asking many questions that will support and teach you as well, and of course, you will be one of those women asking questions and getting answers. WOWZA!

I just began my biz; is this course right for me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just beginning your business or you’ve been in business a while and aren’t making the money you desire, it is mandatory that you are able to master these business building practices and take your business to the next level. The mindset work, sales mastery, and training around business systems and structures is unparalleled, with crazy bonuses to help you go deeper in all needed areas of business and set you apart from other coaches while you create the income you desire.

I’ve been running my business for a while, but not making a lot of moola, is this course right for me?

Oh hells yes! You’re in a fantastic position, with your business foundations put in place, to start cashing in on all of the hard work that you’ve put forth will be very doable! Refining and tweaking your shizzle at this stage may be the missing piece that gives you the quantum leap you need to open the floodgates to a higher income level, and a greater ability to serve.

I’m a service-based entrepreneur, but not a coach. Is this course right for me?

Yes. I believe so. When you get these pieces in place, they will carry over to anything you plan on selling in the service-based industry, AND without being sales-y. Whether you’re a branding specialist, web designer, photographer, consultant, a coach of AND kind, etc... these skills will serve you well and create bigger and sexier paydays for you. If you’re still unsure, email us:

How is your program different from other group courses?

One of the biggest differences is that this course gives you Bonus Orientation Materials that enable you to begin gaining visibility on social media from the beginning of the course, instead of having to wait too long before you begin attracting money making opportunities. It also has resources that go deep on some of the biggest barriers around making money for coaches, like being able to book discovery calls, feel fantastic at sales, and keep your mind in the game once the honeymoon wears off etc...These are integral pieces that are often left out or lack the depth required.

While I realize that there are many amazing coaches teaching you how to make money as a coach, I’m teaching this material in a way I don’t see done often. We are here to teach this information in a feminine way that doesn’t feel contrived and unlike YOU. This course has the perfect mix of structure that really support a natural and authentic business creation process, and provide transformation and clarity. It also gives an approach that enables you to lean back and use your feminine creativity to be smart, clever, and avoid burnout. The mindset work we do allows you to be calm and peaceful, because you’re more willing to trust your process and believe in your desires. Most importantly, this group program was constructed to take the time it does because it’s the time that is truly needed for so many. While shorter programs exist, we’ve found that many are left feeling unable to implement and rushed to get results before they have time to go through a mature process to making great money.

I’m not a business coach, and I’m not sure that I can have big sexy paydays without helping women make money. What would you say, Mel?

Many of the women I coach are NOT business coaches. Many are health coaches, relationship coaches, parenting coaches, etc... In fact, I used to coach on sex and intimacy and made a killing at that too. I know a woman who sells $5K day long intensives on how to access your inner beauty. The short answer is, if you genuinely believe in it, you can find ways to be smart in tweaking your offer until it becomes your own and your faith sets in. This mindset piece is something you’ll have fantastic support with in my course.

I realize that some of my challenges come down to a mindset piece, are you covering that?

You bet! So much of what we create comes down to what’s going on in our mind. Of course, having the business systems, structures, and know-how is paramount, but your mind has to be in the game too, and I’m covering it all!

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